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The annual Strawberryland baking contest is only a few days away and everyone is eager to create the berry best cake of all. This year Strawberry Shortcake has teamed up with her girlfriends to try to win the coveted strawberry-cup, given to the winner of the contest. They decide to create something completely new: a berrylicious four seasons cake - the biggest cake Strawberryland has ever seen! To make the cake they must travel through the four seasons to collect the ingredients they need as well as... what else - lots of strawberries! That's where you come into the picture... The Four Seasons Cake is a traditional jump'n'run game spiced up with lots of funny and challenging elements. Players are invited on a colourful journey throughout Strawberryland where they are able to step into the footsteps of Strawberry Shortcake and all her girlfriends to play a unique adventure that's all about friendship, fantasy and fun! Features - Travel around Strawberryland in Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter to collect the ingredients for the biggest cake of all time! - Collect all the strawberries throughout the game in order to win the baking contest - you can replay levels if you didn’t get them first time around. - Explore 4 submaps based on different seasons, each represented by unique moods and weather conditions. - Play through a total of 32 fun levels of jump’n’run gameplay with lots obstacles and collectibles. - Unlock an additional 4 secret levels. - Complete 4 tough challenges with the help of Strawberry Shortcake’s girlfriends including flying on a butterfly, river dancing on a floating tyre and driving on a snowmobile! - Use your special abilities to avoid tricky enemies.

Type Game Kids