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Garmin GPSMAP 695



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The GPSMAP 695 is your all-in-one navigator designed exclusively for aviation. Featuring a large screen and detailed electronic charts, this is the ultimate portable MFD! The large, 7inch high-definition screen is sunlight readable, making it easy to see day or night. You can even view an entire approach plate on the large-format display. The bezel around the screen includes soft keys and a joystick control for easy operation. The fast 5 Hz GPS update rate renders graphics and presents flight data smoothly and continuously. IFR map mode allows the GPSMAP 695 to display victor airways, jet routes, minimum enroute altitude and leg distance, much like found on paper enroute charts. The GPSMAP 695 features a high-resolution terrain page showing hazards relative to your altitude and a vertical profile of terrain along your route of flight. Smart Airspace automatically highlights airspace close to your current altitude and de-emphasizes airspace away from the current altitude, which gives you increased situational awareness. Includes Pacific basemap and Pacific Jeppesen database and includes an SD card slot for extra memory and updates.

GPS Type Avionics
User interface Keypad