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Global Star Close Combat First to Fight



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First-person shooter from Destineer. Players lead a four-man fire team of US Marines through the perils of modern urban combat in Beirut. Gamers can play through the campaign as either a single player or a co-op experience through the use of online, LAN, Xbox Live or split screen. In addition, gamers can go head-to-head in the fire team arena with as many as 8 players simultaneously competing. Close Combat: First to Fight utilizes authentic Marine urban military doctrine, tactics and assets to save lives, take down insurgents and restore order. With direction from the US Marine Corps and a beautiful new engine from Destineer, Close Combat: First to Fight is as close as you can get on a computer or Xbox to being a Marine fire team leader in modern urban combat. Features: - Cutting-edge graphics engine delivers amazingly realistic graphics, facial animations, volumetric real-time shadows, dynamic lighting and more - In-game psychology model makes ais behave as though they were humans with wills of their own - Developed in conjunction with the US Marine Corps - Use authentic Marine urban military doctrine governs how marines maneuver through urban environments - Use the Marine Air Ground Task Force to destroy enemies: call for fire and support from Cobra helicopters, mortar, other fireteams, tanks, AAVS - Lay suppressing fire, flank enemies, separate leaders from enemies, etc.

Type Game Shooting