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  1. Handle grooming yourself to save money and bond with your dog Brush, bathe, and clip your dog like a pro! Whether your dog is destined for a career in the show ring or a spot on the living room couch, good grooming is important. This friendly guide shows you how to develop a grooming routine that will keep your dog clean – and strengthen the bond between you. It includes detailed, step-by-step grooming instructions for all types of coats. Discover how to Train your dog for grooming Care for nails, teeth, and ears Use clippers and scissors Groom specific types of coats Prepare a dog for the show ring
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  2. When a horse needs cleaning at the Saddle Pals stables, they can go to the Grooming Station. It is fully equipped with everything you would need to keep your horses and foals clean and happy. With a water pumping feature that really pumps water onto your horses, which makes sure no part of your lovely horses is left dirty. You can paddock fence up an area around the grooming station for your horses to dry themselves out in the open and prevents them from running away from the cleaning. The set comes with a Paint horse, Grooming Station stable with roof, walls and water pump, 5 paddock fences, a lockable gate, a bucket, a sponge, grooming box for the spray bottle, hoof pick, comp, curry comb and when the Paint horse shows good manners while you are cleaning it, you can reward is with a carrot or apple treat. The set also includes 2 square bales of hay, a pitchfork, 2 troughs that hooks onto the fences and a sack. After you clean the horse you can then clean the stable with the broom and shovel that is also in the set. The Paint horse is scaled 1:12, hand painted and sprayed. The size of the grooming station is L 34 x W 26 x H 27 cm.
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  3. Free Delivery Worldwide : DIY Dog Grooming, from Puppy Cuts to Best in Show : Paperback : Quarry Books : 9781592538881 : 1592538886 : 01 Mar 2014 : DIY Dog Grooming, From Puppy Cuts to Best in Show teaches you how to groom your dog, simply and safely.
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  4. It’s late on Friday night when Casey’s mobile starts to ring. She is expecting it to be her daughter Riley. But it isn’t Riley. It’s a woman from the Emergency Duty Team. So begins Casey and Mike’s latest fostering challenge – a fifteen-year-old girl called Keeley who’s run away from her long-term foster home 25 miles away. The Jonathan Ross Show has just started when Casey gets the call. She thinks it will be Riley – telling her that her favourite actor is going to be on TV. But it’s something far more urgent: a fifteen-year-old girl who has run away from her foster family and accused her foster father of sexual abuse. The family deny in vehemently, but such an allegation can never be taken lightly, so a new home must be found for Keeley.Keeley is polite, but she’s sharp, and she has all the hallmarks of a child who has been in the system a long time, and knows how to play it. Whether the allegation is true or not, Casey knows there will be no winners here. If it is true, then a young girl’s life has been torn asunder. If not, then the heartache for the family will only be surpassed by the bleak outlook for Keeley.In the short term, it’s a case of providing a safe, supportive home for a vulnerable child. But with the dangerous world of the internet at her disposal, it seems this strong-minded youngster has her own ideas of where that safe place should be…
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  5. This Home Ready Black quotDELUXE-Squot 78cm Pet Grooming Table with Adjustable Arm is a must have tool in order to give your loved pet the groom they deserve in order to make them look better than ever. It not only makes them look great but it also helps pet owners perform a much better as it really makes life easier with a table. The table is also very easy to assemble and it can be dissembled once finished using if space is limited.The boards is made of high quality easy to clean rubber textured surface which is also scratch and slip proof so it is safe for your pet as they are able to stand stably. The edges of the table are rounded for safety in case you or small children hit the corner of the table. The table comes with a 50cm to 70cm height adjustable rod where you can secure your pet so it can stay in a comfortable position while you work on it. The table frame is made of high quality durable stainless steel and the legs come with anti-slip rubber in order to add stability to the table. There is also a convenient basket under the table to store tools in order to make grooming more convenient.If you are tired of running around your pet or leaning down to reach it when grooming this table will definitely help you make grooming an enjoyable time with your loved pet
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  6. Pet One Medium Grooming Mitt - Grey/Yellow Only $11.99 from Catch
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  7. Meant To Be Mine – Marie FerrarellaHe’s a `gift’ – a referral from the Matchmaking Mamas – sent by Tiffany Lee’s mother to do her bathroom remodel. But Tiffany already knows Eddie Montoya. When they were little, he was her playground protector. When they were in college, Eddie was her campus competition. And now she’s a teacher and he’s her handyman?Well, just on weekends. On Monday morning, Eddie shows up at Tiffany’s school – as the new third grade teacher. When a fundraising contest between classes is announced, the old rivalry heats up. Except as the competition intensifies, so do their feelings for each other. And Eddie begins to wonder if they might work better…as a team.The Groom’s Little Girls – Katie MeyerFather to tenacious and adorable twin girls, business owner, friend – that’s plenty for Tyler Jackson to juggle. Did he really need to add mentoring a troubled little boy to that list? Yet he knows he can make a difference and maybe help the child’s guardian, Dani Post, too. Because something about the lovely lawyer sends the widower’s heart skipping…After several difficult months, Dani is finally getting her career and life back, while learning to deal with her PTSD. Her heart is even opening up, thanks to handsome Tyler. But can she learn to trust again – and open her heart to Paradise?
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  8. Free Delivery Worldwide : World-Class Grooming for Horses : Spiral bound : TRAFALGAR SQUARE : 9781570766909 : 1570766908 : 09 Nov 2015 : When owning, training, riding, and showing horses, there is a certain “look” to which one aspires. World-class “turnout”—a horse in peak condition, perfectly coiffed and luminous with health, outfitted with gleaming and well-fit tack appropriate for his sport—can take your breath away. And while it can certainly play a significant role in a competitive rider’s success, it is just as appealing to have any horse “groomed to the nines,” whether he’s headed for an afternoon ...
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  9. Economical and efficient this dog grooming set will give you all the necessary power to get the job done. Weight less than 1kg it is cordless with rechargeable built-in battery for more flexibility and maneuverability. Comes with 4 different sizes combs you can find the right one to do the trimming anytime when your pet needs a grooming. Works with 3000 strokes per minute and ultra quiet design it helps pet feel at ease by working super efficiently to get it done in the quickest time. Made with stainless steel and ceramic blades you dont have worry that itll get rusty and always have it sharp. Most importantly it is GS and GE approved. You can now put your pet in good hands.
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  10. Free Delivery Worldwide : Grooming the Next Generation for Success : Paperback : Destiny Image : 9780768431551 : 0768431557 : 01 Dec 2009 : Raise successful kids today! You can raise successful kids who mature intosuccessful adults by using the right grooming techniques. Its easy and he lps parents become more successful too! Mother of five and successful entrepreneur Dani Johnson has coached and mentored tens of thousands of clients to become successful and without exception, their biggest stumbling blocks to achievement were the things they learned while they were kids. Dani is uniquely qualified to write this book because of her first hand perspective and experience as a success coach and speaker. The book will help adults discover solutions to why they've struggled throughout their lives to reach the success they desire and also show them how to groom their own kids for success in life. This book is jampacked with easy-to-understand and apply principles and proven practices that give parents, and anyone involved with young people, practical ways to raise children who are successful now and will continue to be as adults. Teaching virtues such asrespect, honor, obedience, and financial responsibility while young guarantees lifestyle success in adulthood. Instead of fumbling through life, success becomes a natural occurrence rather than an accident that they hopefully run into.
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  11. Economical and efficient this sheep grooming set will give you all the necessary power to get the job done. This clipper sits perfectly in your hands providing easy maneuverability. It features a convenient blade pressure adjustment knob so you are able to have the perfect cut every time. The set comes with extra accessories and a carry case for easy portability.With advanced cooling system and stainless steel blade it is made for heavy duty usage. Never worry about breaking down half way shearing.
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  12. VitaPet Cord/Cordless Pet Grooming Clippers Only $69.95 from Catch
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  13. Free Delivery Worldwide : Dog Grooming for Dummies : Paperback : John Wiley and Sons Ltd : 9780471773900 : 0471773905 : 10 Apr 2006 : Handle grooming yourself to save money and bond with your dog Brush, bathe, and clip your dog like a pro! Whether your dog is destined for a career in the show ring or a spot on the living room couch, good grooming is important.
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  14. Sizes: One Size With Biome Active Freshness: a specially designed technology which helps to keep your socks fresh and odour free.Cotton/nylon/lycra elastane..
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  15. Economical and efficient this dog grooming set will give you all the necessary power to get the job done. Weight only 0.4kg it is super light to handle but with 35W powerful motor for small to large sized pets. Comes with 4 different sizes combs you can find the right one to do the trimming anytime when your pet needs a grooming. Although it is normal for the machine to be a little hot during the operation however this pet clipper is designed with advanced cooling device so you dont have to worry about over heating. Most importantly it is GS GE and RoHS approved. You can now put your pet in good hands.
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  16. Complete your pets bath routine with the new and improved AEOLUS Cyclone Grooming Dryer with Heater Featuring one-click easy operation this pet dryer allows the operator to remove nozzle head with use of just one finger with a simple click of the attachment. Also equipped with a heating function to ensure your pets comfort for the entire bath time regimen
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  17. Get FREE Shipping Today. Lightweight formula provides soft texture Tames hair for additional manageability Great for textured/coarse hair and styles that need moisture and light hold Same great formula, new packaging
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  18. Bulk lot of 12 Double side 2 in 1 Side Shedding Brush Comb Rake Pet Grooming Dog Cat Short Hair Reduces shedding up to 90%. Quickly and easily removes undercoat and loose hair. Comfortable handle to prevent sliding. Color: Black and pink 100% Brand New size 10cm Long x 4cm W Package Including : 12 Bruses
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  19. Take your clean, classic style with a double shot of fun in the SKECHER Street Prima - Groom Service Sneaker. Smooth leather upper in a two strap front sporty casual vintage court-style sneaker with stitching and overlay accents. Double faux-fur pom pom accents, hidden wedge heel. Smooth leather upper Two strap front casual court-style sneaker design Stitching accents Shiny patent leather overlays at collar and heel panel Soft faux fur double pom pom accents on straps Classic-look SKECHERS logo detail on side and tongue Metallic accents on strap ends for unique look Dual adjustable hook and loop closures for ideal fit Padded collar and tongue Soft fabric shoe lining Cushioned comfort insole Shock absorbing midsole Hidden wedge internal heel Vulcanized rubber midsole with textured toe bumper front 2 inch total heel height with internal wedge Flexible traction outsole.
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  20. Electric Sheep Grooming Clipper Comb Set
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  21. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Dyson 921000 Vacuum Groom Pet Tool from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350,000 customers - Appliances Online, Legendary Service!
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  22. Rufus and Coco Back in black wash is a professionally formulated darkening shampoo designed to restore black colour to your pet's coat. It is PH balanced, soap free and contains colour enhancers and a hypoallergenic fragrance. Features: -Colour: Black.-Free from sulphate, paraben and ethoxylate.-Leave coat shiny and conditioned with fresh scent.-Provide show quality clean.-Restore colour to black and dark coats.-Made in Australia.-Animal: Dog; Cat.-Product Type: Fur & Skin Treatment.-Distressed: No.-Country of Manufacture: Australia.Dimensions: -Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 19.-Overall Width - Side to Side: 4.5.-Overall Depth - Front to Back: 4.5.-Overall Product Weight: 0.24.
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  23. The Remington’s Groom & Go Precision Kit contains everything you need to stay looking your best on the go. It also comes with a premium storage case to carry all items easily. Stainless steel blades Battery operated (1x AA batteries required, not included) Adjustable comb with 5 length settings (1-5mm) The Remington Groom & Go Precision Kit features a battery operated versatile groomer with two interchangeable heads plus additional grooming accessories to maintain your facial hair and nails on the go. The washable heads and cleaning brush makes cleaning easy and effortless. Includes: Groomer Handpiece Detail Trimmer Head Rotary Head (For Nose and Ear) Nail Clippers 3.5” Scissors Tweezers Haircomb
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  24. Free Delivery Worldwide : Persian Cats - The Complete Owners Guide from Kitten to Old Age. Buying, Caring For, Grooming, Health, Training and Understanding Your Persian Cat. : Paperback : CWP Publishing : 9780992784324 : 0992784328 : 28 Apr 2014 : Wouldn't it be incredible if expert Persian breeders combined to create the ultimate owner's guide? Well here it is! This one-stop 'instruction manual' is the essential companion to your lovable Persian. In addition, many top breed experts make contributions, including two special bonus chapters written by breeders who show their Persians.
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