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  1. Sennheiser CX 2.0G Headphones

    The Sennheiser CX 2.00 G headphones deliver a rich, bass-driven sound and are optimised for use with Windows Phone and Android devices. They feature an in-line remote with an integrated microphone so you can easily stop your music to take a call, and then switch back at the push of a button. The…

    $65 - $129
  2. Thermaltake eSports SHOCK Headphones

    - Stereo Surround Sound - Quality Speaker Driver - Noise Cancelling Microphone - Control Box - 10 Levels of Adjustment - Foldable Design - Gold-Plated 3.5mm Connector

    $49 - $55
  3. Logitech G933 Headphones

    Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum RGB 7.1 Surround Wireless Gaming Headset

    $194.95 - $325
  4. Logitech G533 Headphones

    Logitech G533 Gaming Headset's patent-pending Pro-G audio drivers using hybrid mesh materials deliver audio performance normally found in high-end audiophile headphones. Logitech G533 Gaming Headset has advanced lossless digital audio transmission. It is designed to maintain a strong connection…

    $159 - $309.95
  5. Logitech G231 Headphones

    Sports mesh cloth on ear cups slips off for washing, keeps it in top shape Easily fold the headset.A pin drop. A bomb blast. Hear it all: Games aren’t just about graphics. Sound completes the picture. Using 40 mm neodymium drivers, Logitech G231 Headset delivers high-quality stereo sound to keep…

    $64 - $116
  6. Sennheiser CX200G Headphones

    The Sennheiser CX200G Headphones deliver rich and vibrant, bass-driven sound in an adaptable, in-ear design so you can enjoy your music in comfort. They come with a 3 button in-line remote with integrated microphone which is perfect for use with your smartphone or MP3 player so you can control your…

    $58.1 - $89.95
  7. Sennheiser HD230G Headphones

    Elegant and compact, the Sennheiser HD 2.30G On-Ear Headphones let you listen to music on your mobile device in style. The on-ear headphones’ minimalist construction has a beautifully-crafted design that’s suitable for life on the go.The Sennheiser HD 2.30G On-Ear Headphones features in-line…

    $109 - $129
  8. Logitech G35 Headphones

    Features: 7.1 surround sound powered by Dolby technology Delivers a detailed soundfield - hear your enemies before they see you. Ear-enclosing design: Shields you from distractions and immerses you in the game. 40 mm laser-tuned speaker drivers with neodymium magnets: High performance components…

  9. Logitech G330 Headphones

    TECH SPECS: Frequency response: 40 Hz18 kHz (-10 dB) Impedance: 32 ohm nominal Sensitivity: 94 dB SPL Ref: 1 mW (-18.2 dBV = 1m W), 1 kHz Microphone: Pickup pattern: Unidirectional (cardioid) Frequency response: 100 Hz10 kHz Sensitivity: -44 dBV/Pa re: 0 dB = 1 Pa, 1 kHz Test conditions: 3.0…

  10. Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Headphones

    Perfect for serious gamers with a love for audio, the Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset delivers superior performance and clarity. Key Features Never miss an audio cue in game with cinematic sound powered by Pro-G drivers. Compatible with all gaming devices that support USB, the G633 is…

    $169 - $275
  11. Logitech G430 Gaming Headset

    7.1 Dolby Headset surround sound delivers a detailed, positional sound field that lets users hear their opponents before being spotted by them. Lightweight design with washable, cloth-covered padding provides soft, comfortable fit in long gaming sessions. Flexible, noise-cancelling, folding…

    $98 - $119
  12. Logitech G930 Headphones

    This headset delivers a fast wireless connection so you can level up without being tied down. Add 7.1 surround sound, three programmable G-keys and a comfortable, adjustable fit and you’ve got everything you need to win. Features: -2.4 GHz wireless connectivity -Three programmable G-Keys -Plush,…

  13. Sennheiser HD430G Headphones

    These Sennheiser Headphones have a compact, minimalistic design making them ideal for taking on the go. They have a 3 buttons inline remote with a microphone so you can control your music and take calls. The wired design allows you to connect them to your device via a 3.5 mm plug. They have an over…

  14. Sennheiser OCX686G Earphones

    Sennheiser is known for their high performance earphones and headphones that take your audio experience to a new level. The OCX686G is an addition to the SPORTS series of earphones by Sennheiser that is dedicated to provide the best level of audio quality along with superior comfort and durability.…

    $69 - $108.68
  15. Sennheiser MX686G Earphones

    Sennheisser has been in the audio equipment industry from a long time and are world renowned for their high-quality headphones and earphones that deliver astounding sound quality without compromising with wearer�s comfort. The MX 686G SPORTS earphones follow the same legacy and promise to deliver…

    $38.49 - $99
  16. Logitech G433 Headphones

    Take PC Performance With You. PC gamers expect immersive audio performance. And for good reason as each new title brings ever greater sound design. G433 is a new breed of headset with all of the advanced features for gaming-in a lightweight, comfortable design that fits the rest of your life, too.…

    $114 - $208
  17. Logitech G233 Headphones

    Take PC Performance with You. PC gamers expect high quality, immersive and explosive audio performance while playing. And for good reason as modern games provide incredible sound design and effects. Crafted for long gaming sessions, our sports-mesh ear pads surround the ear and provide just the…

    $89 - $165
  18. Logitech G230 Headphones

    Games aren’t just about graphics. Sound completes the picture. Using 40 mm neodymium drivers, G230 delivers high-quality stereo sound to keep you immersed in your game from start to finish. Marathon gaming sessions mean heat and sweat. We covered the G230 ear cups with carefully selected sports…

  19. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Headphones

    Nano-precise, stainless-steel sound tunnel.Three-button multifunction remote with integrated microphone.Designed for a clear, consistent language.Outstanding design also extends to their fit, with comfortable tips that sit just right.Top-quality materials with superior craftsmanship.Acoustic…

    $108.39 - $269
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