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Head Phones panasonic viera th l42e30a

  1. Fostex TH-7 Head Phones

    Feel the music! That’s what Fostex TH-7 aspires to offer, the best ever audio experience to you. Engineered using high-end technology, it is an all-new, improved version featuring modern cosmetic design. The Fostex TH-7 headphones feature an improvised set of leather crafted head band and ear pads, designed for offering optimal comfort listening for extended hours. It comes with an attached cord and a mini stereo plug intended to be used with portable audio player. An addition 1.5m extension cable and a 6.3mm stereo adapter make this pair an ideal choice for studio applications. Manufactured using ultra-light material, they are light and comfortable over-the-head. It features an upgraded acoustic-designed diaphragm which not only maximizes the audio performance but also offers all-round capability across all the frequency range. Features: 70 ohm Impedance 40mm Diaphragm diameter 98dB/mW Sensitivity 100mW Max input level Acoustic-designed film Dynamic Drivers 1.5m Extension Cable

  2. Fostex TH-5 Head Phones

    Modernist design and powerful sound, the TH-5 Headphones have been redesigned to offer far better bass, refined notes and treble. The headphones feature a completely new skin-friendly ear pads and headband that allows you to wear them for those extra hours of music recording sessions. These TH-Series ultra-light headphones have been designed by keeping comfort and richer music listening experience of user in mind. The TH-5 features an extended cord with a 3.5 mm mini stereo gold-plated connector that offers break-free signal transmission. Plus, the additional 6.3mm of adapter makes these headphones complaint with portable audio players and other equipments in the studios. The semi-open design of its speakers delivers crystal-clear sound as well as keeps you aware with your surrounding activity. These high definition acoustic headphones are ideal for sound mixing and blending applications in the studios where you need to communicate with your partners as well. Features: Semi-Open…

  3. Fostex TH500RP Headphones

    Fostex brings TH500RP Premium RP Stereo Headphones, which are premium stereo headphones with advanced RP (Regular Phase) diaphragm technology. Experience crystal clear sound and comfort with premium TH500RP headphones that combine the best of design philosophy and flair of the TH900 model. The diaphragm is made of an etched copper foil on the surface with high heat resistant polyimide film as the base material. The unique feature of a planar diaphragm is evolved additionally by newly tuning the whole driver unit. The gold plated plug features the "Fostex" logo. The package includes a quality leather texture pouch for protection during transportation. Unique RP (Regular Phase) diaphragm technology TH500RP Premium RP Stereo Headphones draws the popular RP (Regular Phase) diaphragm technology from their acclaimed headphones models like the T20RPmk2 and the new T-series models. High Resolution Sound You can experience unmatched sonic purity and great conductivity with the use of HiFC…

  4. Fostex TH900mk2 Head Phone

    The TH900mk2 Premium Reference Headphones from Fostex now feature detachable connectors for cable replacement and are compatible with the optional balanced cable. Like the original TH900, the mk2 offer a uniquely designed driver unit with a 1.5 tesla magnetic flux density and bio-dynamic 50mm diaphragm. The housing features a traditional Japanese lacquered Urushi finish on Japanese cherry birch. The included unbalanced cable is made from 7N grade OFC and the 1/4 stereo plug features a gold coating.

  5. Panasonic RPHJE125E Head Phone

    Enjoy full listening comfort with soft, snug earbuds that conform instantly to your ears. Three pairs of included, ultra-soft earpads (small, medium, large) ensure a perfect fit for every ear. Express your individuality while enjoying your favorite music. With nine color variations included, you'll always find one that best matches the day's outfit, your audio player and your mood.

    $11.99 - $14.85
  6. Panasonic RPBTS10E Head Phone

    Natural fit design, deep bass and weighing in at just 22 grams, the RP-BTS10 delivers a rich audio experience during even the most demanding exercise routines. Bluetooth connect with no charge anxiety just grab and go. In-Ear bluetooth sports headphones providing rich sound with bass boost design. Quick charge function give you over 4hrs of battery life with fast charging speeds and the it's water resistant too.

    $60.99 - $99
  7. Panasonic RPNJ300BE Head Phone

    Enjoy great sound in a slender, wireless design. The RPNJ300B is made for the everyday with a perfect fit construction, high quality audio and a helathy, quick charge battery.Forget tangled wires and poor audio, it delivers quality sound by bluetooth. Full bodied bass and crystal clear treble is delivered by the 9mm driver and the lightweight ergofit design quick charges to offer over 4 hours playback.

    $72.95 - $99
  8. Panasonic RPTCM360 Head Phone

    Made to fit your daily style. Carefully engineered to deliver high fidelity audio, the rounded ear pieces offer a close and comfortable fit. Engineered for deep bass with a 9mm driver unit, accompanied with 6Hz to 24kHz frequency range. The rounded long earpiece design fits snugly in the ear with minimum of sound leakage. The tangle free triangular cord features an integrated microphone for mobile use.

    $19.99 - $34.04
  9. Panasonic RPHF300M Head Phone

    Panasonic's high-quality on-ear headphones have a simple and stylish design, in a wide-range of colours. Their 30mm Drivers produces a powerful sound-quality, meanwhile their foldable design makes them easy to carry around with you. The RP-HF300M headphones can be folded flat in two different ways. This allows for compact and tidy storage in your bag and easy carrying whilst you are out and about.

  10. Panasonic RPHF400BE Head Phone

    The RP-HF400BE gives you the best possible audio experience, with 20 hours of playback in a lightweight folding design. Go wireless and enjoy crisp, strong bass and clear vocals. Add the cable with built-in microphone for hands free mobile use. The casually styled HF400BE wireless headphones deliver crisp and clear sounds at home or on the go.

    $80.23 - $99
  11. Panasonic RPHJE290 Head Phone

    The Panasonic In-Ear Canal Earphone for Ipod/MP3 player HJE290 is a bud styled earphone that gives you maximum comfort even during extended use. The ergonomic and sleek design of this pair of ear phone not only gives you wearing comfort but also perfectly matches with your iPOD Nano. This ear phone is extremely portable in nature.

  12. Panasonic RPHS46E Head Phone

    The RPHS46 headphones are developed to give outstanding seem top quality and consolation. The 30mm driver device gives effective audio even though the ergonomic design and style ear hook retains securely and comfortably. Not only do these headphones seem good but with the deluxe high gloss finish, they glance superior as well. They are light and snug to don, i are not able to wear in ear headphones and really don’t like my hair being messed up by standard about ear headphones so these are excellent.

    $13.99 - $17.83
  13. Panasonic RPTCM50E Head Phone

    The TCM50's innovative unit cap design ensures that they fit into your ears extremely comfortably while also making sure that the headphones compact body can reproduce a clear, deep bass sound. The TCM50s support microphone and remote control functionality that's compatible with iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices. That means as well as being great for listening to music from your existing smartphone, they also let you use their mics for smartphone conversation.

  14. Panasonic RPHV094GU Head Phone

    Perfect choice where it has a slim and folding design for easy portability, suitable for users who seek lightweight headphones to enjoy their music. Home listening headphones for long periods of music enjoyment, Lightweight for long time usage, Closed type Hi-Fi headphones with Sound Mode Switch suitable for both Music and Movie Entertainment.

    $5.67 - $10.99
  15. Panasonic RPHF500M Head Phone

    The RP-HF500M is a compact Panasonic model with a foldable design, cushioned ear cups for a comfortable fit, and high 110 dB sensitivity that ensures high-quality, balanced sound. If you are often busy with phone calls, a microphone will come in handy too. There is also an in-line remote volume control to make your audio experience even better.

  16. Panasonic RPHT225 Head Phone

    Get the sound you desire, with the Panasonic RPHT225 headphones. The ferrite magnets of these supra-aural headphones reproduce stereo sound with deep bass effects. The closed supra-aural design of these Panasonic headphones reduces external noise, retaining the originality of the music. You can comfortably listen to music, thanks to the headband and the soft ear-pads of the Panasonic RPHT225 headphones. These supra-aural headphones come with an in cord volume control for added flexibility. With a frequency response of 18 Hz to 22 kHz, these headphones enable you to listen to a range of sounds.

  17. Panasonic RPHT030E Head Phone

    Specially designed to accompany you as you travel for work and leisure, this Panasonic headphone is light in weight. It has a foldable design that makes it extremely portable. The large foam ear pads provide comfort to the ears and are suitable for use for longer period. It's ergonomically design with a wide headband that adds to the comfort feature. You can adjust the housing to suit your convenience and fit.

  18. Panasonic RPBTS30E Head Phone

    The BTS30 wireless headphones have been designed specifically to be worn during the most enduring of sporting actrivities, to deliver premium sound and maximum comfort. The Bluetooth function eliminates cables and thanks to their IPX4 rating are protected from splashing from water or sweat. Neodymium 9mm Driver and Flat Cable for the Touch Noise Reduction.

  19. Panasonic RPWF950E Head Phone

    These closed wireless headphones tick all the boxes. Up to 100m transmission wireless headphones, even through walls and ceilings No longer worry about turning down the volume at night or dragging your music system around the house with these exceptional wireless headphones. This is why we have an excellent range of headphones that use the latest digital technology to offer you the best audio reproduction. Panasonic headphones are ideal for all applications whether you are listening at home or using them with personal or portable audio.

  20. Panasonic Rphdemek Head Phone

    An understated design that's ready for high res audio. The RP-HDE3M  intricately constructed audio technology nestled inside a compact body that comes with a selection of ear pieces and a carry pouch. 11mm HD Axial Driver. 5 Size Ear Pieces Included. Simple One tone Design.

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