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Her Interactive Nancy Drew The Phantom of Venice



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In the 18th installment of the award-winning adventure series, the Italian police have asked Nancy Drew for help in unraveling a crime ring that is threatening to steal all of Venice’s priceless artifacts. Assuming the role of Nancy, players arrive in Venice during Carnival and begin taking on a series of challenges, including an undercover spy mission for the Italian police. Along the way, players must take advantage of the unique Venetian culture such as learning the language and navigating the transportation system (gondola or walking) to accomplish the mission at hand. Features: - Play as Nancy in Venice and go undercover to solve the mystery. - Snoop in the thieves’ headquarters, intercept messages, and stake out suspects. - Immerse yourself in Venetian culture—learn Italian, ride gondolas, and eat gelato. - Earn money by selling flowers and finding coins to buy costumes for Nancy. - Take risks without starting over – the game will automatically return the player to the point before the fatal mistake. - Choose from two difficulty settings (Jr. or Sr. Detective) to allow players of all skill levels to solve the mystery.

Type Game Adventure