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  1. Cook led a scientific expedition to observe the transit of Venus in Tahiti, circumnavigated New Zealand and established that it was two separate islands, and nearly perished when the Endeavour ran aground on the world’s largest coral reef. In 1779, on his third Pacific voyage, he was killed in…

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  2. Forests and the trees within them have always been a central resource for the development of technology, culture, and the expansion of humans as a species. Examining and challenging our historical and modern attitudes toward wooded environments,...

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  3. The ripple effects of the First World War came at an inopportune time for the infant Chinese republic. The country had joined a number of international organisations and ratified the Hague Conventions, but found its diplomatic efforts hampered by its young, inexperienced leadership, its factional…

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  4. Discover - or rediscover - the major achievements of Chinese culture and civilization. Great Books of China offers concise introductions - each of them accompanied by generous quotation (in English) from the book in question - to sixty-six works in the canon of Chinese literature. The books chosen…

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  5. The Battle for Mametz Wood is normally associated with the endeavours of the 38th Welsh Division and was the first of those great battles to secure possession of the woodlands of the Somme. The author looks at events after the 1st July, but also relates the story of the 17th Northern Division who…

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  6. From the mound, or Butte, next to Polygon Wood, one can see all of World War I simply by turning around. The front line never varied more than a mile anna half in any direction from this strongpoint, in a small corner of Belgium that remained in Allied hands throughout the war.

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  7. Coming to the New World paradise of New Zealand the 19th-century colonial settlers did not expect to find the Old World evils of dirt and decay. But this original and fascinating book shows that dirt there was and that over time opinions changed about just what it was, what should be done about it…

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  8. World War II commando, Cold War spy, and CIA director under presidents Nixon and Ford, William Egan Colby played a critical role in some of the most pivotal events of the twentieth century. A quintessential member of the greatest generation, Colby embodied the moral and strategic ambiguities of the…

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  9. From renowned pirate historian David Cordingly, author of Under the Black Flag and film consultant for the original Pirates of the Caribbean, comes the thrilling story of Captain Woodes Rogers, the avenging nemesis of the worst cutthroats ever to terrorize the high seas. Once a marauding privateer…

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  10. The battle for Mametz Wood is normally associated with the endeavours of the 38th Welsh Division and was the first of those battles to secure possession of the woodlands of the Somme. This book relates the story of the battle.'

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  11. This latest book in the Battleground Europe series describes the battles over several years, and in particular 1917 and 1918, for a wood and small village. The Germans stubbornly refused to retreat as the area held a key position in their defence of Arras. In the bitter fighting, thousands of young…

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  12. Buoyed by the success of the 1st and 2nd Australian divisions in the Battle of Menin Road, the men of the 4th and 5th Australian divisions filed into the front line ready for the next phase of the battle. Ahead of them lay the blackened remnants of Polygon Wood, a desolate expanse of splintered…

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  13. Classics of a Golden Era. A compelling company history enriched with modern color photos of restored boats afloat and at speed.

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  14. A handsome full-colour book pairing unique items from the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery with selections of original writing about the southern island. Indigenous dispossession, a cruel penal history, gay-rights battles; exceptional landscapes, unusual wildlife, environmental activism; colonial…

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