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Horse Supplies cosequin equine powder 700g

  1. Introducing the Paw Blackmores Cosequin Equine Powder. This is a unique, scientifically researched, nutritional supplement designed to help horses maintain healthy joints and cartilage. The superior quality and specific combination of ingredients in Cosequin help to support cartilage structure while inhibiting the enzymes that break down cartilage. Key Features: Contains a unique combination of Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Chondroitin Sulphate, Manganese Gluconate and Calcium Ascorbate to help support joint function in horses. Has been shown to be safe, effective, and bioavailable in peer-reviewed, published, controlled, U.S. veterinary studies. # 1 Veterinarian recommended brand in the U.S. Supports healing post joint injury or surgery. Active Constituents: Each 3.3g level scoop of Cosequin® Equine powder contains: 1800mg Glucosamine Hydrochloride 600mg Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate Manganese Glutonate Calcium Ascorbate Directions and Dosage: Cosequin should be given daily added into horses moistened feed. The powder can also be mixed with water or molasses and given in a syringe by mouth. The initial administration period is 4 - 6 weeks. Most horses will respond during this time. If the horse shows little or no improvement in motion after 30 days, extend the initial loading dosage a further two weeks or revise diagnosis of the horse’s condition. Initial Administration (loading dose) : Adult Horse 500kg: 5 level scoops twice daily Transition Period: Do not lower dose until horse has begun to respond to supplementation. After a good response is achieved, reduce the total daily dosage by one level scoop each week. Gradually reducing the daily dose in this manner will help find the individual maintenance level more easily. Always observe the movement and attitude to ensure that the horse is still comfortable after each transition. Maintenance Administration: Adult Horse 500 kg: 1 level scoop twice daily. Dosage may be increased at any time to maintain desired comfort level
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    Man has always been fascinated by Equus caballus, recasting horse power into many forms: a hunk of meat, an industrial and agricultural machine, a luxury good, a cherished dancer, a comrade in arms and a symbol of a mythical past. From the wild tarpans sought by the Nazis to jade-laden treasure steeds in Ancient China, broken-down nags recycled into sausages and furniture stuffing, stallions that face fighting bulls and brewery horses that charmed the founder of the Sikh Empire, The Age of the Horse knits the history of the horse into that of humans, through revolution, war, social change and uneasy peace. It also uncovers new roles for the horse in the twenty-first century as a tool in the fight against climate change and as a therapist for soldiers damaged in unwinnable conflicts.In this captivating book, Susanna Forrest takes a journey through time and around the world, from the Mongolian steppes to a mirrored manege at Versailles, an elegant polo club in Beijing and a farm, a fort and an auction house in America, exploring the horse’s crucial role and revealing how our culture and economy were generated, nourished and shaped by horse power and its gifts and limits.
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    “The Complete Equine Emergency Bible” offers comprehensive advice on exactly what to do should you, your horse or a friend become injured when out riding or at the stable yard. Many different topics are covered from minor horse injuries such as surface wounds to more serious accidents such as broken bones or eye injuries. Rider accidents discussed include sprains, concussion and shock. Accident prevention, both in the stable yard and on your horse is also discussed in detail, including safety at home and when out hacking, what to wear and how to avoid problems.
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    Free Delivery Worldwide : Horse Speak: An Equine-Human Translation Guide : Paperback : TRAFALGAR SQUARE : 9781570767548 : 1570767548 : 29 Nov 2016 : Horse Speak is not a training method or technique—it is a practical system for “listening” and “talking” to horses in their language, instead of expecting them to comprehend ours. Horse Speak can be used by anyone who works with horses, whether riding instructor, colt starter, recreational rider, or avid competitor. It promises improved understanding of what a horse is telling you, and provides simple replies you can use to tell him that you “hear” him, you “get it,” and you have ideas you want ...
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    Free Delivery Worldwide : Horse Conformation : Paperback : ROWMAN & LITTLEFIELD : 9781592284870 : 1592284876 : 01 Sep 2004 : The most comprehensive guide to the horse's body- inside and outside-ever published.
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    Equine Behavior: A guide for Veterinarians and Equine Scientists is the quintessential reference for all who really want to know what makes horses tick.Research in horse behavior has made great strides in recent years. This book examines the truth behind modern trends and ancient traditions. Full of insight, it rounds up the latest findings of practitioners and researchers from all over the world, drawing on both cutting-edge research and best practice. With more than 1,000 references, the book explores equine behavior from first principles, by considering the behavior of free-ranging horses and focusing on ways in which management and training influence the responses of their domestic counterparts. Equine physicians, trainers, handlers and owners all need to be students of equine behavior, because the first sign of a problem is often a change in behavior. So, whether you own, ride, lead, groom, feed or heal horses, what you observe is vital to your understanding.Behavioral problems in the stable and under saddle are a grave concern for equine veterinarians worldwide, because they can lead to poor performance, welfare issues, abuse and, ultimately, wastage. Traditionally, veterinarians gave priority to the physical health of their equine patients. This book is a unique attempt to demonstrate the way science can throw light on how and why problems and unwelcome behaviors arise. It also offers ways to bring about change for the better.Beautifully illustrated with more than 500 photographs and line diagrams, Equine Behavior: A guide for veterinarians and equine scientists is an essential resource for practising veterinarians, students and enthusiasts with a specific interest in horses, ponies, and donkeys. Professional trainers and handlers, equine scientists and behavior therapists will also find its contents invaluable.Paul McGreevy is Senior Lecturer in Animal Behavior at the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Veterinary ScienceFeatures a practical, hands-on approach to all aspects of equine behaviorDiscusses all factors that effect equine behaviorContrasts normal behavior with abnormal behaviorReviews all behavioral problemsLists and reviews the latest drug therapiesAddresses difficult-to-treat clinical problems such as head-shaking, with insights from the leading researcher in this areaProvides a brief clinical evaluation of ‘horse-whispering’Illustrates the key behavioral differences between horses and donkeys
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    The breadth and depth of expertise essential for equine veterinary nursing today is provided in this definitive textbook. Thoroughly revised and updated in its second edition, and now fully illustrated in colour. This book covers the content of the ever-expanding equine nursing syllabus, while still succinctly covering all the basics that veterinary nurses specialising in other species need to know. The key subjects included are: basic equine management, medical and surgical equine nursing, nutrition, reproduction and foal care, emergency first aid, and the theory underpinning these and other important topics. Equine Veterinary Nursing Second Edition is presented in a clear and user-friendly manner, appropriate for all those involved in equine nursing. A practical approach is used throughout and procedures are illustrated with a large number of line diagrams and clinical photographs. It is an essential manual for all student and qualified equine veterinary nurses and all those involved in the care of horses. KEY FEATURES Includes a new chapter on the equine nurse?s professional responsibilities Major revisions to the chapters on diagnostic imaging and surgical nursing to reflect advances in technology and techniques All information on health and safety management updated in keeping with new regulations Authors include both vets and experienced equine nurses Endorsed by the British Equine Veterinary Association “With the increasing demands of equine practice has come the need for well trained and competent equine nurses. There have been significant improvements in and expansion of the equine Veterinary Nurse training syllabus over the past few years to meet these demands. This new and updated edition of Equine Veterinary Nursing covers all aspects of the new syllabus with well written and illustrated chapters from a wide range of knowledgable and experienced authors. The British Equine Veterinary Association is pleased to endorse this text as a ‘must have’ for all trainee equine veterinary nurses and their training practices.” – Deidre M Carson BVSc(Syd) MRCVS Immediate Past President, BEVA
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    Get FREE Shipping Today. Lightweight powder that volume and texture Creates intensive, long-lasting volume Seals in moisture and smooth the hair for a natural, textured finish
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    This feature-laden 700KG Automatic Sliding Gate Opener offers high-quality construction, plenty of safety measures, and a smooth & silent sliding gate for your home or business. Full hardware and easy-to-follow DIY instructions are included. Features: Powerful die-cast aluminum alloy motor Soft, smooth and silent openings and closings Alloy baseplate 4m steel reinforced nylon gear rack Stop and reverse mode in case of obstruction (customisable sensitivity) Auto-close function is fully adjustable Auto warm-up for low temperatures Emergency release keys for manual operation in case of power failure 2 x remote controls (433.92 MHz); operation at up to 30m 2-button operation: close, open, stop and pedestrian open Gate is NOT included Specifications: Voltage: 240V AC Output power: 300W Current: 2 amps Overload protection Travel speed: (7.9/second) 20CM/SECOND Maximum weight of gate: 700kg Operating temperature: -30°C to +55°C CE/EMC approval model Carton dimensions and approximate weights: 38 x 28 x 24 cm (13kg) 110 x 12 x 11 cm (5kg) NOTE: Final assembly and adjustments will need to be carried out by a professional before use.
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    Free Delivery Worldwide : Equine Stud Management : Paperback : The Crowood Press Ltd : 9780851318363 : 0851318363 : 01 Feb 2003 : Equine Stud Management is designed specifically as a first textbook for equine students and prospective horse breeders. As a practical foundation text, this book covers the syllabuses for both NVQ and BHS related examinations.
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    Balboa ML700 overlay, 8 button .  
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    Get FREE Shipping Today. Create amazing texture and fullness. Gives hair a modern matte finish. Shake directly onto roots for targeted volume. Highly concentrated formula, so only a small amount is needed to achieve noticeable results.
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    Let’s face it, what kid doesn’t want a pony? The Rovo Riding Pony is soft, plush and lovable, and is sure to be the new favourite toy! By gently bouncing up and down in the saddle, the pony's legs and head move forward and backward, propelling it a smooth galloping motion. With a press of the a button hidden in the ear fun sounds ring out that will set their imaginations running wild! The Rovo Pony the ideal way to ensure they use up all their excess energy, while honing their motor skills! It's the perfect addition to any rumpus room, and is designed to be used on smooth hard surfaces, as well as short loop carpet.
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    Sizes: 700g @@Source.meta_description.
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    Free Delivery Worldwide : Equine Internal Medicine : Paperback : Apple Academic Press Inc. : 9781482225358 : 1482225352 : 27 Aug 2015 : Written by well-respected experts from the UK and USA, Equine Internal Medicine: Self-Assessment Color Review Second Edition presents more than 200 interesting and challenging cases encountered in equine practice, complete with photographs, imaging, or endoscopy findings; blood or fluid smears; other ancillary tests; and, in some cases, pathologic findings. Completely revised and updated, this new edition of a bestseller contains entirely new cases, presented in random order, just as they would ...
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    Highlights *Segotep GP-700G 600W 80+ Gold PFC ATX 12V Power Supply (3 Year warranty, MEPS ready) Dimensions: 30CM x 20CM x 12CM Weight: 2KG
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    Uvex Sportstyle 700 Sports GlassesShaded or clear, the lenses protect your eyes against harmful UVA, UVB or UVC rays to 100%. Always be protected with these classy sportsglasses and enjoy the comfort of wearing this model.Featureslitemirror direct lens ventilation adjustable, cold formable soft earpieces adaptable soft nose pads 100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection - Uvex Sportstyle 700 Sports Glasses
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    The iSK BM-700 Condenser Microphone is perfect recording microphone for studio's and home recording set-ups . Great for recording both vocals and instruments and delivers an accurate and true sound never heard before on a mic of this price. Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic The large 34mm diaphragm on the BM-700 is ideal for recording full range sounds such as vocals, acoustic instruments and electric guitar amps. The pick up range on this mic is also very strong and will pick up sounds from a wide distance with amazing authenticity. Ideal for use in studios and recording rooms that the luxury of a silent recording space. Cardioid (Uni-Directional) Pick Up The uni-directional pick up pattern means the BM-700 can be used effectively in live scenario's where there are other sounds on stage. Also great for studio use, especially for recording vocals. With a gold-plate diaphragm capsule, exacting FET, low self-noise, high output and authentic reproduction of sound, the BM-700 is built to professional standards and is perfect for many recording/performance situations. Item Includes: - 1x microphone - 1x shock mount - 1x mic case - 1x wind shield - 1x carry case Features: Uni-Directional Pick Up Pattern Large pick up range Specifications: Type: Large Diaphragm Condenser Element: 34 Pressure Gradient Transducer Frequency Response: 20hz - 20khz Polar Pattern: uni-directional (cardioid) Sensitivity: -34dB/2dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1khz) Output Impedance: 150/30% (at 1kHz) Load Impedance: 1000 Self Noise: 16dB A Max Input SPL: 132dB (at 1kHz1% T.H.D) S/N Ratio: 78dB Electrical Current: 3mA Net Weight: 346g Body Dimension: 46x150mm Power Requirement: 48v DC Phantom power (through balanced XLR cable) Recording Samples:
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    Get FREE Shipping Today. Can be layered with virtually any other American Crew styling product. Anti-gravity volume powder with a matte finish. Weightless powder gives hair lift and thickness.
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    Nutri Infusion 700 Blender Only $59.00 from JB Hi-Fi
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    Stainless Steel Kitchen Laundry Sink 700 X 450mm
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    Free Delivery Worldwide : Equine Exercise Physiology : Paperback : John Wiley and Sons Ltd : 9780632055524 : 0632055529 : 29 Oct 2002 : Aims to show how to achieve the highest standards in your competition horses. This book is useful for horse enthusiasts and students, as well as experienced trainers.
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    When it comes to securing your home in a stylish, durable, and safe way, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than this 700KG Auto Double Swing Gate Opener. Features: Aluminium alloy actuator with a powerful motor inside Soft, smooth and silent openings and closings Stop and reverse mode in case of obstruction (customisable sensitivity) Can operate in dual gate or single gate modes Customisable interval between opening of master gate and slave gate Auto-close is fully adjustable between 0 and 99 seconds Over-current protection Alarm for openings and closings Manual operation in case of power failure 2 x remote controls (433.92 MHz); operation at up to 30m 2-button operation: close, open, stop and pedestrian open Easy-to-use digital control board with status and menu settings Waterproof and dust-proof control box Full user manual and all installation hardware included Gates are NOT included Specifications: Voltage: 24V DC Gate limit type: Intelligent Positioning System Speed of actuator: 16mm/s Max piston travel: 385mm Maximum weight capacity of each gate: 350kg Width range for gates: 1.5 - 3.5m 90 degree time of rotation: 8 -12 seconds Maximum opening angle: 0 to 110 degrees Operating temperature: -25°C to +55°C Protection class: IP44 CE/EMC approval model Carton dimensions: 89 x 45 x 18cm Gross weight: 17.6kg (carton)   NOTE: Final assembly and adjustments will need to be carried out by a professional before use.
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    BN 350 x Zoom Reflector Astronomical Telescope 700mm x 76 mm Brand new Focal Length: 700mm Diam: 76mm Coated Lens for enhanced image brightness 2x Barlow barlow Eyepiece: SR4MM,H12.5MM,H20MM Max manification : 350 x zoom Come with aluminum tripod, tripod tray and instruction Lightweight and durable design Full sized adjustable tripod Protective lens cap Quick screw type, assembly with no tools required. Great for star tarcking and astronomical viewing Basic assemble would be needed , come with instruction CAUTION: When mounting the parts ensure that the securing screws are nottightened too firmly.This could damagte the parts or the internal thread of the holder with the result that the screws can no longer be tightened. DO NOT view the sun directly with this Telescope as it can cause serious eye damage. PLEASE Read the Manual Carefuly Before use the telescope
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