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  • Hotpoint HPC200 Heater

    Enjoy the comforting warmth of this Hotpoint HPC200 heater. This is a freestanding electric product, which removes the need to worry about any gas lines. Thanks to the sleek design, Hotpoint HPC200 brings an understated elegance to your home. This is a 2000-watt heater, enabling you to efficiently…

  • Hotpoint HPCR15 Heater

    Enjoy the blanketing warmth of this Hotpoint HPCR15 heater. This freestanding heater is an electric space heater, which eliminates the need to deal with any gas lines. This is a radiant space product, made for quick heating. It has castors and features 3 comfort settings, which allow for enjoying…


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What to look out for when shopping for your next heater Heaters vary quite extensively in a number of ways — price, size, efficiency and source-type to name a few — so make sure you’re getting the right model for your space to avoid overwhelming electricity or gas prices, or a cold and dreary room. Heaters can rely on gas, oil, electricity or fan-powered energy in order to heat your house or room, and each of these comes with its own perks and drawbacks. Most significantly, the initial cost as well as the cost of running these heaters will vary considerably between these different types, as will their impact on the environment. Where applicable, you should check out the energy star ratings for an indicator of this. If you’re planning on heating outdoor areas, or larger indoor spaces, you’re obviously going to need a more powerful unit and the costs will reflect this. If you’ve got a large outdoor space, it could be worth considering a portable heater that you can place near your outdoor table and chairs, and move around the patio as you please.