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  1. IBM 8GB Fibre 24 Port SAN Switch SAN24B 8GBps 2498-B24 2498-B24

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  2. J8705A HP 20-port Gig-T 4-port Mini-GBIC zl Module POE

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  3. WS-C2960-24PC-L Cisco 2960 switch 24 Ethernet 10 100 PoE ports and 2 uplinks

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  4. J9534A HP ProCurve Switch zl 24-port Gig-T PoE v2 Module

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  5. 5510-48T Nortel Baystack 48 Port Gigabit RJ45 Mini GBIC Ethernet Switch

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  6. The fanless EdgeSwitch 8 is a fully managed, high-performance, PoE+ Gigabit switch. It delivers powerful performance and intelligent switching with its 10 independent switching ports. A DC input option is included for flexibility.

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  7. 24 Port Ubiquiti UniFi Managed Gigabit Switch with SFP PN US-24

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  8. Manufacturer SKU: C1-WSC3850-12X48UL CISCO (C1-WSC3850-12X48UL) CISCO ONE CATALYST 3850 48PORT (12MGIG+36GIG) UPOE LAN BASE

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  1. Ensure your devices are getting enough power using the Laser Hub USB3.0 4 Port. Perfect for USB 3 devices Backwards compatible with previous USB types Full 900mAmp of power capabilities for your devices Comes with USB 3.0 cable Charge various USB 3, USB 2 and USB 1 devices and give them the power they need with the Laser Hub USB3.0 4 Port Powered with Cable. This Laser Hub USB port can provide your devices with full 900mAmp of power that you simply cannot receive from laptop USB ports.

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  2. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Anker A8302H41 USB-C Hub Premium USB-C Hub with Ethernet from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350,000 customers - Appliances Online, Legendary Service!

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  3. Turns1 USB-C port into 3 USB3.0 ports and 1 USB-C port LED indicator to show data transmission activity Support USB3.1 Gen 1 with up to 5Gbps transfer speed Hub. Grab this product fast at Syntricate offer free shipping Australia.

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  4. Highlights ADATA USB Type-C HUB with Power Delivery HDMI/ 2 X USB 3.0 HUB for Macbook And Other Devices Dimensions: 9cm x 22cm x 3cm Weight: 0.1kg

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  5. This simple 4-port USB hub can extend the USB capacity of any laptop or PC, adding 4 channels of USB connectivity to the computer. Utilizing the standard USB 2.0 connection, this hub is compatible with most USB hard drives and thumb drives on the market.

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  6. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Crest PWA04977 USB Compact Power Hub from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350,000 customers - Appliances Online, Legendary Service!

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  7. Belkin USB-IF Certified 4-Port Mini USB-C Hub with Two USB-C & Two USB-A Ports 2x USB-C Ports 2x USB-A Ports 5Gbps Data Transfer Speeds (shared) Powered through USB-C host device Tethered Type-C Cable for easy access Ultra-portable / Slim design Charge peripherals with 900mAh (shared) Please note this product does not support pass-through charging

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  8. USB 3.0 Hub Aluminum Alloy Casing 8 LED Indicator 7 USB 3.0 Out, 1x Charging Port Transfer Speed up to 4.8Mbps USB 1.1 / 2.0 Compatible Windows/MAC/Linux Compatible Connects to Flash Drive, Peripherals, Keyboard, Mouse, Camera, etc… Specifications Type: USB Hub Ports: 12 Port Plug and Play: Yes USB Standard: USB 2.0 Data Transfer Rate: 480 Mbps Interface: USB 1.1 / USB 2.0 Power Interface: DC 5V 3.5A LED Indicator: Yes Compatibility: Windows / Mac / Linux Working Conditions Working Temp: -10 Degrees C ~ 50 Degrees C Working Humidity: 20% RH ~ 85% RH Dimensions (W x H x D): 160mm x 53mm x 20mm Weight: 136g Package Contents Contents: USB 2.0 Hub

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  9. SATECHI ALUMINIUM USB HEADPHONE STAND HOLDER USB 3.0 PORTS AND 3.5mm AUX PORT -SPACE GREY Universal headphone stand – compatible with any and all headphones USB 3.0 hub – Three USB 3.0 ports for data transfer, backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices Cable organiser – cable organiser located behind the arm ensures your cables stay neat and don’t get tangled Rubberized grip - Located on the top of the arm and base of the stand keeps headphones and stand in place 3.5mm port – allows you to plug in your headphones at the base of the stand

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  10. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Crest PWA04978 USB Corner Power Hub from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350,000 customers - Appliances Online, Legendary Service!

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  11. Never be short on USB ports! The D-Link 7-Port USB 2.0 Hub (DUB-H7) provides seven additional USB 2.0 ports to your PC or Mac, allowing you to connect USB devices such as digital cameras, external hard drives, flash drives and printers. Providing data rates of up to 480Mbps, this 7-port hub is the ideal solution for transferring data between your computer and external USB storage devices. Fast-charge your devices The DUB-H7 features two black Fast-Charge ports that are designed to provide an increased charging current of 1.2 A to connected devices when the DUB-H7 is in Fast Charge Mode. This makes it perfect for charging power-hungry mobile devices like the iPad, as these devices have high-capacity batteries that require higher charging currents to recharge quickly and effectively. The DUB-H7 does not require a PC to charge your devices, so you can take it with you on the road and leave your mobile device chargers at home. Simple Plug-and-Play for easy access Designed to provide quick and easy access, the DUB-H7 is equipped with seven type A downstream ports for connecting USB peripherals or other USB hubs. The DUB-H7 does not require any software or complicated installation process. It is a Plug-and-Play device that provides seamless connectivity to both PCs and Macs. You can simply connect the DUB-H7 to your computer and start connecting your USB devices. Take it with you anywhere The DUB-H7 is designed to fit into any notebook bag, and the compact size of the device will allow you to conveniently carry it with you wherever you go. Experience the freedom and convenience of portability and expandability with the D-Link DUB-H7 7-Port USB 2.0 Hub.

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  12. Connect and charge up, no matter where in the world you are! The perfect accessory for every holiday, the Korjo USB Power Hub allows you to charge up to 4 USB devices at once. Plug the Power Hub directly into a mains socket, and with its fast charging 100-240V power, larger items such as iPad’s, can now charge quickly and efficiently. Highlights 1 x AUS plug 1 x US/Japan plug 1 x Europe plug 1 x UK plug

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