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  1. PA-A6-OC3-SML Cisco PA-A6-OC3SML 1-Port OC3 STM-1 ATM Adapter Card Switch Option

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  2. Juniper M5BASE-DC-E Router with 1 PSU and STM-1/OC-3 SONET MMF - STM-1/OC-3 ATM2 SMF-IR plus Tunnel Services M5BASE-DC-E M5BASE-DC-E

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  3. SPA-2X0C3-POS Cisco 2-Port OC-3C STM-1C Port Adapter SFP Fiber Module 7604

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  4. J8434A Switch Opt HP 10GB Cx4 DP

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  5. NETGEAR 16-Port Smart Managed Plus Switch, 16 10GBASE-T, 1 SFP+ XS716E with 10-Gigabit ethernet | Simple setup | Essential Networking | Easy monitoring |

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  6. Networking W-WAP PoE Midspan 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet, 1 port 802.3af, 15.4 Watt - Kit

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  7. Manufacturer SKU: GS-1008P-V2 The Edimax GS-1008P V2 is an Eight PoE+ Port Gigabit switch designed for use in home, small or medium sized network environments. With eight DIP switches, PoE ports can be manually set with on/off control, extending PoE delivery distance up to 200 meters and port-based on/off control for VLAN and QoS is also supported. The switch easily connects and supplies power to PoE-enabled devices such as wireless access points, network cameras and IP phones as well as other Ethernet-enabled devices such as computers, printers or network attached storage (NAS). The compact size and fan-less design make the switch an ideal solution for expanding home and small business networks. Power over Ethernet (PoE+) Auto Detection Features eight IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE+) ports which supply up to 30 watts of electricity per port. It can convert standard 100240V AC power into lowvoltage 50 - 57V DC electricity to power IEEE 802.3at compliant network accessories via existing LAN cables. With PoE detection capability, the GS-1008P V2 is able to verify whether the connected device is IEEE 802.3at compliant. In the event that a PoE device is not detected, only network data will be transmitted through the LAN cable meaning easy setup and management of network devices such as access points and network cameras. CCTV Mode The unique CCTV-mode DIP switch function is ideal for surveillance networking environment. Switching all DIP switches to on enables CCTV mode which gives multi-function PoE + data extension, Port Isolation and QoS on the GS-1008P V2. When using video surveillance systems for homes, business or institutions, the CCTV mode provides better speeds for multicast viewing and easier installation. Setting all DIP switches back to off quickly changes the GS-1008P V2 back to normal for general-use data transmission. Power and Data Distance Extension The built-in DIP switch provides extended operation modes on switch 1, 2, 5, 6 & 7. The GS-1008

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  8. WIC-1BS-T Cisco 1-port ISDN BRI WIC with S/T interface

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  9. WSM6-1 Foundry Web Switch Management MGMT Card Module Switch Option

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  10. IMediaCenter-18 IMC Networks iMediaCenter 18-Slot Managed Chassis 1 x PSU IMediaCenter-18

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  11. NTFN20BA08 Nortel Passaport 1 Port E1 MVP FP

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  12. DPN-100 Nortel Telelcom Model DPN-100/1 Access Concentrator Switch Option

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  13. HWIC-1ADSL Cisco WIC-1ADSL 1 Port ADSL WAN Interface cards

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  14. The Edge-Core ECS2000-18P is an entry-level PoE managed switch with 36Gbps switching capacity. It consists of 16x 10/100/1000Mbps Copper ports and 2x SFP Ports supporting both 100M and 1000Mbps SFP Modules.

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  15. P10636-01-06 Fortinet FortiSwitch 5203B Networking blade with 8 x 10GE SFP Fabric slots 2 x 10GE SFP Base slots 1 x GE RJ45

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  16. New 3C16960 3Com SuperStack II Matrix Module Switch Option 1696-000-000-1

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