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Based on the real-life New Orleans ghost story and the disturbing tale of 19th-century socialite-turned-serial-killer Delphine LaLaurie, Deadtime Stories first invites players into a gothic cemetery run by Edward Blackgate, your guide through the spirit world. Explore 26 eerie locations brought to life through amazing artwork and brain-bending puzzles as players free trapped spirits, cast spells and unlock secrets hidden in the paranormal world to reveal the story of a misguided voodoo queen, Jessie Bodeen. In this cryptic adventure, players are drawn into the story through reflections in the spirit world as they discover hidden objects, forage for mysterious plants and untangle spirit riddles to cast potent spells and overcome obstacles. Through the game's engaging voiceover narrative, animated scenes and cameos of ghosts, players will become part of the story like never before. Features: - Explore 26 eerie seek & find locations brought to life by optical illusions and paranormal activities. Find hidden objects, unique plants and solve riddles to cast potent spells. - Experience the story through art, voiceovers, scene animation & ghost encounters. - Created by the award winning team who brought you the Women's Murder Club series.

Type Game Adventure