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Intel SSDSC2BP240G4R5 240GB



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Maximize your computing experience with the Intel SSD 730 Series built with a specially qualified 3rd generation Intel controller, 20nm NAND and optimized firmware. Intel has taken storage a step further by factory overclocking these components to push the limits of performance with a 50% increase in controller speed and 20% increase in NAND bus speed. Intel SSD 730 Series are optimized for the most demanding tasks including digital content creation, video capture/editing, extreme gaming and other client usages where storage performance improves the user's experience and efficiency. Applications will benefit from the 50µs read latency, up to 550MB/s sequential reads and 89,000 IOPs random reads. Intel SSD 730 Series also delivers excellent endurance to support the needs of the most demanding client usages. Support for up to 70GB writes per day for five years (compared to the industry typical 20GB) provides piece of mind for digital content creators and PC enthusiasts who demand dependable up time from their workstations and gaming rigs. The Intel SSD 730 Series drive also brings greater performance consistency to the client market in both single drive and multiple drive RAID arrays. Intel's advanced firmware algorithms allow Intel to deliver client SSDs with data center efficiency and dependability throughout the life of the drive.

Drive Capacity GB 240