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JVC GY-HD201E (HD201) Professional HDV (ProHD) Camcorder with firewire in / out The GY-HD200E is targeted at independent filmmakers and stringers, while the GY-HD250U is intended for studio use as well as electronic news gathering. The GY-HD200U has the "Compact-Shoulder" form factor popularized by the GY-HD100U. Due to the implementation of JVC's new "Super Encoder," developed for the latest line of ProHD products, it is capable of HDV720 / 50P true progressive image acquisition. The GY-HD200 utilises all of the accessories currently available for the GY-HD100, including the new 1/3" mount HD lenses being introduced at NAB 2006. To further enhance the HD200's ability to utilise multiple types of lenses, JVC created an exclusive optional lens adapter - HZ-CA13U - specifically designed for the 1/3" bayonet mount of JVC ProHD camcorders and enabling the use of 16mm film prime lenses with a PL (Positive Lock) mount to address the needs of the cinematography community. The GY-HD200 is also capable of inverting the image from a prime lens, rendering special editing functionality unnecessary. Additionally, the GY-HD200 has Enhanced Cinema Gamma capability, which allows the photographer to enhance the captured image. The camcorder also records in both SD - including 25P and 25PA - and HD It has JVC's patented focus assist function, which enables the user to focus precisely on each scene by highlighting details in the viewfinder. The HD200U features 2 XLR connectors for each audio channel and records CD quality audio at 384Kbps in the MPEG1 Layer 2 format. Audio level indicators are visible on the viewfinder and the flip-out LCD display.

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