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Kenwood HB890



Kenwood HB890 Mixer

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The Triblade is the first stick mixer to market with reduced suction technology. Six specially designed blending ribs and castellation create a break in the natural vortex and help push food towards the blades. This reduces the suction area resulting in less operating effort. Unique Triblade The Triblade system is fitted with durable stainless steel blades; each is angled to sweep through three different cutting paths giving optimum blending performance and efficient controllable results. 5 Speeds + Turbo The variable speed settings allow you to blend soups, fruits, nuts and more, while the added pulse setting is ideal for coarser foods such as salsa and finely chopped onions. 700 Watt Motor The powerful 700 watt motor delivers outstanding efficiency, perfect for blending chopping or blending any ingredient. Food Processor 1L capacity food processor with stainless steel reversible slicing/shredding disc and chopping blades. Ergonomic Design Ergonomic, easy one-handed operation provides greater user control. Pan Blender Attachment A super wide stainless steel pan blender is perfect for blending directly in the pan. Whisk Attachment Durable stainless steel balloon whisk for easy whisking. Storage System Convenient and compact storage system.

Type Handheld