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  1. Order Slimline Handtowel is large and absorbent, perfect for use in shared or public bathrooms. They're designed to fit in a variety of dispensers to make it easy to replenish your supplies and keep your bathrooms stocked up.
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  2. This Tork Advanced Slimline Hand Towel can be used to replenish paper towel in your Tork H2 Dispenser. It is folded which makes it ideal for 1 at a time dispensing, reducing waste and consumption.
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  3. This twin 62L bin unit comprises two 31-Litre bins for optimal waste separation. It fits in a standard 450mm wide cabinet. Features high quality ball bearing runners, soft-close mechanism, and an odour eliminating lid.
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  4. The Provedore Pull-Out Under-Bench Storage Units are suitable for cabinet sizes between 150-300mm and are the perfect storage solution for wasted kitchen space. Built from durable stainless steel with a sturdy timber base, the Provedore Pull-Out Under-Bench Storage Unit is an easy DIY installation and enables you to optimise your kitchen storage possibilities.
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  5. Paderno Blade 1.0mm For Food Mill 370mm Only from Grand Cucina
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  6. Paderno Blade 2.5mm For Food Mill 310mm Only from Grand Cucina
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  7. The Staub Wood Magnetic Trivet enables you to transfer hot pots and pans from stove to counter with ease and safety. Fitted with a magnetic surface to connect seamlessly to the base of any pan, the wooden trivet is perfect for manoeuvring, serving and presenting food safely. This firm attachment means that you can pick up the pot or pan safely with both hands and avoids accidents caused by multitasking. The Staub Wood Magnetic Trivet creates a heat resistant barrier to protect benchtops and tables from damage caused by heat or water during preparation and when serving.
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  8. The Trudeau Set of 3 Silicone Lids for Bowls is an easy way to keep your leftovers fresh. You will no longer have to struggle with cling wrap as these reusable lids simply fit over your existing bowl. Made from silicone, you simply press them onto the top of a size appropriate bowl to create an air tight seal. The silicone material resists stains and odours plus it is heat resistant to 220 degrees, meaning you can use them as covers in the microwave. When not in use they stack together for compact storage and the colourful set will brighten up your kitchen. The set of 3 come in three sizes that are 28cm, 23cm and 18cm to suit different sized bowls. With a five year manufacturer warranty you can feel confident that the Trudeau Set of 3 Silicone Lids for Bowls will perform exactly how you want them to.
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  9. MH - 884 6kg 3.5 inch LCD Screen Digital Scale for Kitchen
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  10. z16 LCD Backlight Display Digital Scale for Jewelry Diamond
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  11. Replacement lid gasket for Fagor Duo 8L & 9.5L pressure cooker Diameter Size : 25cm **NOTE : Once the packaging is opened, we are not able to accept the return/exchange
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  12. Replacement lid gasket for Fagor Duo 4L & 6L pressure cooker Diameter Size : 22cm **NOTE : Once the packaging is opened, we are not able to accept the return/exchange
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  13. The Richmond Mill Set by Cole & Mason features modern lines and functionality and is an elegant addition to any dining table. Designed to accommodate coarse sea salt and your preferred dried pepp
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  14. Following in the iconic footsteps of her mother, Margaret Fulton OAM, Cordon Bleu graduate and accomplished food author Suzanne Gibbs has compiled a comprehensive guide to the much loved art of pressu
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  15. FREE Delivery & Removal as well as Price Matching*! Best value is guaranteed when you buy the KitchenAid 90295 Flex Edge Beater for Tilt-Head from Appliances Online. Trusted by over 350000 customers - Appliances Online Legendary Service!
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  16. Whether you want to drain the cups and saucers or wash the fruit and vegetables, this super versatile stainless steel roll mat will transform your sink into a handy over basin strainer. The roll mat conveniently folds up for easy storage in the drawer or cupboard after use. Use it as a strainer or a coaster – just put it flat on your kitchen bench to protect the surface from heat or scratches. Made from durable 304 stainless steel it is both rust resistant and meets high food grade standards. It really is a fantastic addition to your kitchen, caravan or mobile home where space is precious! Features Steel roll mat strainer Use as a strainer or coaster Made from heavy duty 304 stainless steel Comes with food grade rubber grips Anti slip and anti scratch - benchtop protection Multi-purpose - coaster, draining mat or protection layer Foldable design for easy storage Specifications Material: 304 Stainless steel Overall dimensions: 45 x 25.5cm Package Content 1 x Stainless Steel Roll Mat
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  17. Ever been caught at the kitchen sink with a handful of scraps but no way of opening the bin without making a huge mess? Make mess no more with this super smart stainless steel rubbish bin that comes with a built in motion sensor that opens the bin lid for you! Great for the kitchen, bathroom or office, stash away rubbish quickly and conveniently. Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included), so need for a power point. Reduce unwanted odours, flies and pests with the soft closing lid. Stylishly presented in stainless steel with a huge 58 litre capacity, it will look just as good in the corner as under the counter! Features 58L large capacity Stainless steel body Hands-free operation Sensor-operated Open and soft close Fingerprint resistant Powered by 4 AA batteries (Not included) Can be operated manually Noise free Odour free Base w/ floor protection Specifications Material: Stainless Steel Capacity: 58L Power supply: 4 x AA Batteries (Not included) Overall dimension: 27 x 37.5 x 68cm Package Content 1 x Sensor Bin
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  18. There's so much to be said for understated confidence. Frank Sinatra had it. Audrey Hepburn had it. And now Villeroy and Boch has it. Villeroy and Boch's New Cottage Basic range is the dinnerware collection that exudes style, quite effortlessly. No gaudy colours, no flashy trimming - just the kind of self-assured good looks and quality that you would expect from Europe's greatest manufacturer of fine china. Designed in Germany, each piece in this beautiful range is meticulously finished with smooth curves, subtle lines and a rich cream colour. Perfect for presenting minimalist nouvelle cuisine or serving up a hot cuppa on a cold morning, New Cottage Basic is fine dining at its best. Don't be fooled in to thinking that flashier is better. Experience true style with New Cottage Basic from Villeroy and Boch. After all, if you exude understated confidence, people will sit up and take notice. Salad Plate features: Designed in Germany. Made from fine china. Liquid dishwasher safe. Diameter: 21.5cm.
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  19. The wine glass has a long history, stretching back through centuries untold. Then, thirty years ago, Claus Riedel revolutionised the wine glass, with the realisation that the shape of a wine glass has a profound effect on the way you experience the wine inside. The aroma, the balance, the taste.every aspect of your wine is enhanced when the right glass is used. This simple idea completely changed the glassware industry forever. A unique glass brings out the best in every wine - that's what sets Riedel glassware apart. The 'O' Series is Riedel's most revolutionary wine glass - ever. You'll notice at first glance that there are a few things the stem and the base, for example! There's nothing lacking about the 'O' Series, though. Dare to be different, and find out what makes these stunning, completely unique glasses so special! Here's a deal that'll be sure to make you go O - Riedel's new "Pay for 3, Get 4" packs are wonderful value. Just like the name says, you get four top quality Riedel O Series glasses.while only paying for three! It's that simple. 'O' Series Chardonnay & Cabernet Merlot Pay for 3 Get 4 Set features: Machine-made in Austria. Made from non-leaded glass. A set of glasses recommended for viognier, chadonnay, cabernet, merlot and similar varieties. Hand wash recommended. Presented as a set of four in a Riedel box. Care & Cleaning: All Riedel glassware is dishwasher safe, and has been tested by Riedel to ensure a longer lifespan when washed in this manner. If you do need to wash your Riedel glassware by hand, wash the glass under warm water with detergent and rinse the glass very carefully. To avoid any staining of your Riedel glasses, you should wash them using only soft water - that is, water with a low mineral content. If stains emerge, you can use white vinegar to remove them. Avoid scratches to your glassware by not allowing your Riedel glasses to come in contact with any other glasses or metal. Polish your glasses using two towels, an
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  20. Now you can enjoy great tasting water that is safe, clean and clearer with this amazing water filter, which removes harmful contaminants while keeping your drinking water full of essential minerals such as Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium that are vital for good health. The multi-stage filtration elements ensures you clean, healthy and great tasting drinking water that is bursting with life. Features: Multilayer filter ensures complete water purification Eliminates chlorine, fluoride, ammonia, nitrogen, and harmful substances Effectively removes bacteria & parasites Release essential minerals Total water processing: more than 200 L Treated water flow: 200 ml/min Advanced & Durable Design CERAMIC FILTER The main content of the ceramic filter consists of highly compressed ceramic diatom, its competent resistants is increased through high temperature and quality manufacture, it functions as filter for dirt solids and dangerous bacteria such as typhoid, cholera, bilharzia and amoebas. ACTIVATED CARBON & SILVER ACTIVATED CARBON Removes chlorine, THMs, organic chemicals and unpleasant odours and colours, the end results is pure crystal clear mineral water. NATURAL MINERAL BALLS Natural Mineral Balls with sterilizing power that sterilize the water by absorbing ammonia, nitrogen, and harmful substances . They kill any bacteria and prevent the water PH stroage tank from re-pollutions. SILICA SANDS Removes acidic components from the water and thereby brings about a PH balance. ZEOLITE Removes heavy metal such as lead mercury, gold and silver, heavy metals can accumulate in our bodies, high levels of heavy metal lead to a wide range or terminal illnesses. MINERAL SAND Release mineral, adjust the HP of water to mild alkaline which helps restore the PH balance of the body fluid. MINERAL STONE Mineral stone are mined between 330 and 600 meteres below sea levels on an unpolluted resources. The mineral stone contains Germanium which promote health and prevent cancer. Germani
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    Black Eagle 21quot Mulch Catch Self Propelled Lawn Mower features a commercial grade 4 Stroke Multi Function powered with 5.5HP Briggs amp Stratton Genuine USA Manufactured Engine with all the features you need. Apart from all the best features that are present in the market this unit has some added features that make it different from other lawn mower.Mulch Catch Self propelled Lawnmower is way more superior than an ordinary mower - just relax and let this powerful grade machine do the job for you. Plus it has a huge 75L Catcher that catches all your waste grass stopping you from having to stop and empty half as often. Invest your money which fulfills your need so choose the right lawn mower for every lawn mowing jobs which comes with some of the special features 150CC engine with brake device 8 height easy adjustment strong frame and Round disc 4 swing blades.Its heavy duty sealed wheel bearings will rollover on any lawn or backyard surface large grass area or big property this heavy duty mower has all you need to rely on. 4 Swing blades meant for perfection amp a cutting width of 530mm gives you a clean cut and have 8 cutting heights 20-80mm giving you more control over your lawn mowing. Its onoff lever is very easy to switch between mulch and catch no more need to have a mulch plug.
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    Sizes: US12 The Targhee Collection'S Fit, Durability, And Performance Have Earned It A Loyal Following. With A Bold New Design, This Update Is Tough, Lean, And Ready For The Next Chapter Of Epic Adventure..
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    Add an edge to your casual appearance with the Morrison Mid Ankle Boot by KEEN. A non-marking rubber outsole ensures that no scuff marks are left on the ground. The leather footbed with arch support and heel cushioning provides superior comfort, and a durable polyurethane midsole enables extra cushioning. Expertly paired with a breathable mesh lining, the Cleansport NXT™ technology offers a natural solution to odor control. Non-marking rubber outsole Leather footbed with arch support and heel cushioning Polyurethane midsole Cleansport NXT™ technology Breathable mesh lining.
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    Sizes: US8 The Targhee Collection'S Fit, Durability, And Performance Have Earned It A Loyal Following. With A Bold New Design, This Update Is Tough, Lean, And Ready For The Next Chapter Of Epic Adventure..
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