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Klipsch RP160M Speaker

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Klipsch RP160M speaker exclusive Power Engine chipset, it uses a constant gain PLL modulator circuit, a cross feedback loop circuit, an Active Power Control system, a highly efficient power supply and the highest quality parts. It delivers exceptionally high levels of power and sound quality, yet with low power consumption and compact size. The 25 cm cone diaphragm is made of Yamaha developed F.B.P., which is paper with a blend of carbon fibers and aramid fibers. Its extreme stiffness and extra long stroke prevent distortion from occurring even during large, deep bursts of sound.

Speaker SystemSubwoofer Speaker System

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  1. Klipsch RP-160M Reference Premiere Monitor Speakers Ebony only $1,280.00 from Video Pro

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    Video Pro
  2. The Reference Premiere RP-160M monitors provide bold, theater-quality sound in a compact, bookshelf speaker - making them easy to place in almost any room layout. 90x90 HYBRID TRACTRIX HORN Redesigned Tactrix (r) Horn utilizes a circular horn throat pair

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    Apollo Hi Fi

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  • The Klipsch RP160M Speaker was added to the Speakers category in November 2017.
  • The lowest price Getprice has found for the Klipsch RP160M Speaker in Australia is $1,280.00 from Video Pro.
  • The Klipsch RP160M Speaker is also stocked by Apollo Hi Fi.
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