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Fitness accessories mprousko series - Knee Pads

  1. The Force USA Dogsled is the ultimate high intensity training tool. Push and pull your way to explosive strength and enhanced athleticism. Used by professional athletes and high performance trainers. Push or pull the Dogsled with with included posts or add a harness to the carabiner positions and drag the sled to create powerful legs. The 400mm weight holder can carry an immense amount of weight. Load up with your steel, rubber coated or bumper weight plates and use on variable terrain. Heavy duty skis on the Dogsled are ideal for high volume commercial gym usage. An ideal addition to any functional training, circuit training and WOD session. Expansion ports have been added to the Force USA Dogsled for optional attachments and future upgrades. Extremely heavy gauge structured rolled steel. Only the best grade steel is used in the Force USA Dogsled for strength and lastability.
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  2. The Phoenix Series Upright Bike is exactly what you want in an upright bike, sleek, comfy and easy to use. With its built in display and easy to use functions all the way to the comfy seat this bike ticks all the boxes. KEY FEATURES: Adjustable seat Aesthetically pleasing design Soft Touch Sensor Control Buttons with graceful LED illumination 15” integrated HD digital TV and displays OSD (On Screen Display) workout information on 3 different modes based on user’s preference during workout. Ergonomically designed to provide natural movement and to maximise effectiveness Walk through design for easy access Dual handles with pulse sensors Ergonomically designed saddle helps user to feel comfort with excellent stability Workout intensity 1 - 20 13 Programs Contact/Telemetry heart rate system
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  3. Resistance Band SystemFull-Body WorkoutTargets and sculpts every muscle group of your body: shoulders, arms, chest, back,abs/core, hips & thighs. This system will allow you to effectively train both upper & lower body parts in the one workout or isolate certain muscles.Total Gym in one...Extremely adaptable, recreates the most popular gym workout routines (as shown in the exercise guides).Great value for just a fraction of the cost of the local membership gym!Incredible Fitness , Strength and Toning ResultsThis System will allow you to build incredible core strength, tone up your entire body, increase your energy levels, develops bone mass and improve your balance. The Resistance Band System works upon 3 key aspects: increase muscle mass, full body toning & increase your fat burning potenial. Depending on the level of resistance you use, you can focus on muscle building or toning up. Assists in weight loss by elevating your bodys metabolism (this will help your body burn calories faster)No vertical force from Elastic Resistance TrainingOnly the very best Premium latex tubing provides a safe workout and no excess force of gravity involved like in weight training.Training against the pull of elastic resistance bands will build strength; it also provides much more support to the joints, which in turn, has known to increases joint flexibility. This system is perfect for rehabilitation purposes...helping your recovery time after injury.Range Of Resistance LevelsFind your personal starting level of resistance and have plenty of room for progression; whether you are a beginner, seasoned gym goer or professional athlete, you can be sure to find the right level of resistance to challenge you every workout.Anyplace, AnytimeYou can use your equipment at home in the office or outdoors and even while on the go travelling.The carry bag provided makes our equipment easy to carry around.Space Required is MinimalThis stackable resistance band system is very compact and w
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  4. Complete with three levels of resistance, a starter guide and carry bag. Loop bands are beneficial for general fitness and physical therapy purposes.Black Mountain Products loop bands are manufactured using high quality rubber ensuring they are a durable, and hassle-free product to meet your workout needs.Whether youre seeking to improve your general fitness, for assistance towards injury rehabilitation or physical therapy, or for day-to-day exercising, these bands are an ideal addition to your workout. The loop bands provide three levels of resistance by colour coding: yellow (light), blue (medium) and green (heavy) ensuring you have a wide range of resistance options to tailor to your specific general fitness or rehabilitation requirements.3 top quality, 99% latex free bands measuring 2 x 10 (~5 x 25cm) in length The set includes a carry bag and starter guideVersatile with ability to be used at home, in the gym, at work or while travellingManufacturers 12 month maximum warranty for non-commercially used Black Mountain Products.
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  5. Genesis Sports Towel - 100% Premium Cotton! Is Training YOUR Religion? Our premium quality Sports Towel is the perfect way to stay looking fresh in and out of the gym! Conveniently sized to fit perfect on any lifting equipment yet small enough to take anywhere, our 100% Cotton Sports Towel is a gym bag must have. Key Features: Premium Quality 100% Cotton Training is my Religion embroidery! Super Soft Feel Our Thoughts: It's incredibly hard to find manufacturers who get the " Quality Standards'". We literally spent 2 years tracking down a company that could provide a product that completely matched our requirements yet remained affordable enough for the end consumer. We truly believe this is the softest 100% Cotton Sports Towel on the market. Directions: Apply to sweaty area in towel like manner to provide reduction in moisture. Seriously though, it's a towel - but obviously much better looking than most and it lets people know not to steal your machine in the gym! ;) Genesis 400ML BLACK OR PINK Shaker Bottle - BPA Free! This ultra stylish, well constructed, high grade BPA Free Shaker Bottle is perfect for mixing your sports drinks, protein shakes, pre-workout formulas, amino acids, and anything else that requires blending on the go! Gauranteed Leak Proof! Key Features: Semi Transparent Appearance BPA Free!, Non-Leak, High Grade 400ML Capacity Shaker The Plastic Blending ''Turbine'' mixes powders with incredible effectiveness Leak proof screw-on lid Extremely durable Wide opening for ingredients Convenient pour spout Guaranteed Leak Proof! Our Thoughts: We searched high and wide for a manufacturer that could produce such a high quality product for us that represented the brand properly. We truly believe this is the highest quality 400ML BPA Free Shaker Bottle available on the Australian Market. Directions: Open Lid, Remove Turbine and fill with Water or Liquid of your choice. Powder can then be scooped in on
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  6. Knee Wraps by Vantage Strength! Joints are a weakness for every athlete attempting heavy lifts, but they don't have to be! Mitigate your weaknesses and face your fears with these high quality knee wraps by Vantage Strength. Made with a heavyweight cotton elastic for maximum support, these Vantage Knee Wraps will keep you strong during leg day. Key Features: 3" wide x 75" long Ideal for weightlifting, power lifting or bodybuilding Heavyweight cotton elastic for maximum support
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  7. Dr Cool Active Support Patella Knee Strap - Adult� � Reduce symptoms of common knee ailments with Active Support patella knee band. We started with�Dr Cools�moisture-wicking technology and added Comfortex, a neoprene alternative, for ultimate breathability. A compression pad absorbs shock and alleviates stress while you move, making this a knee brace perfect for both support and recovery. � Features: Mechanically-engineered, chemical-free cooling technology never washes out Comfortex technology prevents heat retention and excessive sweating Adjustable compression pad absorbs shock Adjustable closure strap ensures proper fit Latex and neoprene free � Usage: Place compression pad in comfortable position under patella joint. Adjust strap so that it fits comfortably around knee and does not cut off circulation. � ►View all Dr Cool Products �
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  8. Nexcare - Soft 'N Flex Knee & Elbow 8's � Fabric For a Flexible, Comfortable Fit. � Soft, Breathable material allows sweat and moisture to evaporate Unique shape designed for better seal around pad Latex free materials � ►View all Nexcare Products
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  9. *Strong synthetic webbing with neoprene inserts for comfortable use. *Well stitched for reliability, pads made from a strong non slip material. *Good wrist support with velcro fastener to secure.
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  10. Key Benefits\ Secure, screw-on lid Wide opening for ingredients Large drink/pour spout Stay Open flip cap Easy-grip design
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  11. Enjoy the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing benefits of a traditional Shiatsu massage in the comfort of your own home with the Beurer Shiatsu Back And Neck Massager. Key Features Rotating massage heads imitate the pressure and kneading of a traditional Shiatsu massage The Beurer Shiatsu Back And Neck Massager offers both clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation methods for the ultimate soothing relaxation and wellness benefits An optional belt extension and a heat and light
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  12. MLD LF1125 Sports Knee Pad
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  13. MLD LF1125 Sports Knee Pad
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  14. Genuine HPF chin up bar Manufactured from industrial-strength steel Enables dips and a wide range of pullupsand chinup exercises Fits in door frames 24-32 inches (60-80 cm) wide Converts to dip bar on floor in seconds Padded grips prevent callusing Foam-coated bar keeps walls and door frames protected CE certification 12 month Australian warranty
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  15. Genuine HPF bar Manufactured from industrial-strength steel Enables dips and a wide range of pull- and chin-up exercises Fits in door frames 24-32 inches wide Offers six different grips for maximum muscle isolation and effect Converts to dip bar on floor in seconds Padded grips prevent callusing Rubber-coated bars keep walls and door frames protected CE certification 12-month Australian warranty
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  16. A useful tool widely recommended for use by children with ADHD, the Balance Cushion (35cm) has a dimpled surface which activates sensory perception. The active sitting exercises are thought to stimulate and strengthen those areas of the brain responsible for learning and attention span in young children.Research shows that students with sensory issues, ADHD and Asd can concentrate better when they are allowed to fidget. The controlled range of rocking allowed by the the Balance Cushion enables children to access the comfort and calmness they need to fulfill tasks (without being as dangerous as rocking an entire chair). It also has the added benefit of being used on a chair as a disk seat or used whilst standing.Its great 3 in 1 benefits have also been proven effective in improving posture, core stability muscle strength and balance and is suitable for beginners to intermediate users.Suitable for children, adults andis also often recommended for use during post-natal care. Portable, easy to inflate and comes with inflation pump included. Wipe clean.
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  17. This comfortable and adjustable brace both supports and stabilizes your knee. Maintain cool comfort while your knee muscles stay loose and warm with this flexible and adjustable knee support. The secret to the effectiveness of this brace is the internal heat that it generates which provides warmth to your knee, increases circulation and reduces aches and pain. Further comfort is added by the Neoprene soft cloth lining. Tender, swollen or injured knees all benefit from the unique wrap-around design. A double layer of Neoprene and the donut shaped padding in the patella protection area provide extra comfort and support. The brace is designed for whole knee support as well as for ease of application and removal. This sturdy brace provides durability and reliability with its stretch nylon-trimmed ends and lock stitch seams. Strong Velcro straps keep your brace where you need it. Its slim design is perfect for everyday use and won’t appear bulky under clothing. There is no substitute for the advice of a physician who can provide a diagnosis for your injury or condition and who can be called upon in an emergency. The brace should be worn according to your doctor’s advice. Since legs often swell during the day, the optimum time for applying your knee brace is in the morning. New or expectant mothers or individuals who wear pacemakers or other electronic devices should avoid magnetic therapy. If the brace causes rashes or itching or any other condition discontinue use and consultant a physician. Features: One size fits most Adjustable up to 38cm knee circumference Soft and comfortable Neoprene Comes in black Directions for use: Place the brace around the knee while sitting or standing with leg straight and thigh relaxed Position over the knee cap Fasten behind the knee for maximum comfort Adjust the knee strap with both hands as necessary Adjust to firm at all times but not overly tight Do not wear overnight or while sleeping Always seek the guidance of a physic
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  18. Interested in using your Smart Tennis Sensor with more than one of your compatible tennis rackets? This attachment allows you to use your Smart Tennis Sensor without having to remove the attachment each time you want to change rackets. By having an attachment on each of your rackets, you have the freedom to choose which racket you want to use each time you step onto the court.
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  19. IDMSports store quality Steps to Success Series
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  20. IDMSports store quality Competitor or Well Done Sports Day Ribbons
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    The Wahoo Fitness desk is the desk for multi-tasking. Use it with your KICKR or as a standing desk in your office. It's fully adjustable to allow you to easily optimize for and switch between standing, sitting upright, riding with hands on hoods, in the drops or in aero bars. The desk has built-in tablet and smartphone stands and built-in holes to connect all your computer technology. A steel frame makes it sturdy and a slip-resistant surface will keep everything in place - no matter how much you sweat. The Wahoo Fitness Desk is compatible with all indoor cycling trainers and most tablets and smartphones (compatibility depends on device and any aftermarket cases in use). - FEATURES - FULLY ADJUSTABLE With the push of a button, you can lower or raise the desk to sitting or standing position. WHEELS FOR EASY MOVEMENT Easily move the desk out of your sweat zone. The desk can roll through most doorways. DURABLE STEEL FRAME Get maximum stability and sturdiness with the formed steel tube frame and baked-on polymer finish. BUILT-IN TABLET AND SMARTPHONE STAND Prop up and secure your tablet or smartphone in the desk and see your cycling app while on your KICKR or screen while working. BUILT-IN CORD HOLES FOR CABLE ORGANIZATION Keep all your technology untangled and out of the way with cord holes integrated into the tablet/smartphone stand. SLIP RESISTANT DESK SURFACE Rubber mat keeps everything in place on the desk, no matter how much you are sweating or how hard you are working. - SPECIFICATIONS - Physical Dimensions (Base) - 71.1 cm x 76.2 cm Dimensions (Desk Top) - 71.1 cm x 35.6 cm Dimensions (Adjustable height from floor) - 84 cm to 122 cm - INCLUDES - Desk table top Removable non-slip table mat Adjustable legs Lower frame with Wheels Hex assembly wrenches (2) Assembly Instructions
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    Fitness Flat Weight Bench Black
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    Equipped with advanced technology and state-of-the-art features, the Apple Watch Series 3 will revolutionise the way you live. Intelligent activity tracker helps you achieve your fitness goals Waterproof build for swimming in pools and the ocean Spectacular design with a stunning display Speak to Siri with built-in speaker No matter what your fitness goals are, the Apple Watch Series 3 is the perfect companion for you. The smartwatch is equipped with advanced activity tracking capabilities that help you get the most of your workouts and aid you towards achieving your fitness goals. With features like GPS tracking the distance you cover and swim-proof design allowing you to wear it underwater, the Apple Watch Series 3 is the best coach you’ll ever have. The future of staying connected The Apple Watch Series 3 is your phone away from phone. Receive notifications and access your favourite apps – without even having to use your phone. Enhanced performance Equipped with a processor up to 70% faster than its predecessor and a W2 wireless chip that boasts superior performance and power efficiency, the Apple Watch Series 3 is taking the world of smartwatches to the next frontier. The Apple Watch Series 3 also allows you to stream music directly to your AirPod ear buds (not included).
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    HUAWEI Honor A1 Fitness Band - Black Only $29.99 from Catch
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