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Lario International offers its customers the highest quality artisan foods from Europe while bringing only unique products to our Australian shores.

Opening its doors in 2002 in Sydney importing food primarily from Italy, Lario is now a leading importer catering to many of Australia�s finest restaurants and selected retailers.

Constantly travelling to Europe to source the most sought after and finest foods on the market, Lario knows the market and their suppliers well.

Many of their suppliers are family run businesses still using traditional methods of production to create outstanding products.
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Category: Confectionary

Amedei Trinidad 50gr
The Trinidad, a 70% cocoa, single origin, dark chocolate bar, provides a strong flavour profile of warm and…
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Amedei Selezione Toscano Black 320gr
Three melodies for the palate, three different visages, three interpretations of Amedeis chocolates.. Inside the…
+ Shipping: $0.32
Amedei Porcelana 50gr
The Amedei Porcelana, a 70% cocoa, single variety chocolate, is created exclusively from the refined, nutty and caramel…
+ Shipping: $0.05
Amedei Madagascar 50gr
The Madagascar, a 70% cocoa, single origin, dark chocolate bar, provides a refreshingly delicate flavour profile packed…
+ Shipping: $0.05
Amedei Jamaica 50gr
The Jamaica, a 70% cocoa, single origin, dark chocolate bar provides possibly the strongest flavour profile of all the…
+ Shipping: $0.05
Amedei Incontro Milk Hazelnut 550gr
This milk chocolate is certainly amongst the finest of the fine chocolates, with its particularly full flavoured…
+ Shipping: $0.55
Amedei Incontro Dark Hazelnut 550gr
This chocolate is certainly amongst the finest. Created from Trinitario cocoa, it is a full flavoured chocolate, with a…
+ Shipping: $0.55
Amedei Grenada 50gr
The Grenada single origin bar provides a strong and robust cocoa flavour, a warm and balanced aroma with an exotic…
+ Shipping: $0.05
Amedei Ecuador 50gr
The Ecuador, a 70% cocoa, single origin, dark chocolate bar provides an intense aroma to begin with, commencing with a…
+ Shipping: $0.05
Amedei Collezione I Neri 150gr
"Chuao" and "9" are a combination of the ability, the intelligence together with the research in plantations. 1 "Chuao"…
+ Shipping: $0.15
Amedei Pralines x 25
The Amedei Le Praline Selezione 25 piece is a beautifully presented chocolate box. Containing a selection of 25…
+ Shipping: $0.65
Amedei Pralines x 5
The Amedei Le Praline Selezione 5 piece is a beautifully presented chocolate box, containing a selection of 5 superior…
+ Shipping: $0.12
Amedei Crema Toscana 200gr
Using the finest cacao and hazelnuts, which are selected and roasted in house by Amedei, and adding brown sugar, milk,…
+ Shipping: $0.20
White Chocolate and Bronte Pistachios Amedei 100gr
The Sicillan village of Bronte on the slopes of the Mount Etna is famous for its supeb quality pistachios. Cecilia…
+ Shipping: $0.10
Milk Chocolate and Piedmont Hazelnut Amedei 100gr
The famous Amedei milk chocolate with Tonda Gentile hazelnut from Piedmont.
+ Shipping: $0.10
Dark Chocolate and Sicilian Almonds Amedei 100gr
A beautiful combination of Amedei's 63% cocoa, fine dark chocolate with the highest quality Avola almonds. A real mouth…
+ Shipping: $0.10
Chuao Amedei 50gr
Chuao is what is considered by many the best chocolate in the world. Chuoao is the name of the plantation and the…
+ Shipping: $0.05
This chocolate is conisdered the Amedei family "treasure". A blend of cacaos from nine different plantations, which…
+ Shipping: $0.05
Toscano White Amedei 100gr
Toscano White is a concentration of sweetness with the aroma of vanilla. It melts in the mouth, lusciously creamy,…
+ Shipping: $0.10
Amedei Toscano Brown 100gr
The Amedei Toscano Brown is an exceptionally smooth and creamy, 32% cocoa, milk chocolate bar with mouth filling…
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Toscano Black 70% Amedei 100gr
An inviting chocolate with a surprisingly delicate flavour. Notes of tobacco and toasted malt make this chocolate the…
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Toscano Black 66% Amedei 100gr
The Toscan Black 66% brings you aromas of freshly grown forest undergrowth and forest fruits that are the perfect match…
+ Shipping: $0.10
Toscano Black 63% Amedei 100gr
The toscano black 63% is the chocolate Cecilia Tesseri, Amedei maitre Chocolatier, models her philosophy of dark…
+ Shipping: $0.10