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Lenovo ThinkPad X270 20HNCTO1WWENAU2 12.5inch



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Power, performance, and portability that's what you get with the ThinkPad X270. The latest Intel Core processor and plenty of storage and memory ensure you'll never be waiting on apps to load or the system to boot. And coming in at 1.3 kg, with up to 21 hours of battery life, it doesn't get much more mobile than that. That's a flight from New York to Mumbai, with more than a half a day left to spare Plus with our legendary ThinkPad support, this ultralight 12.5inch X270 is destined to give your business the edge. With the responsiveness and efficiency of 7th generation Intel Core processors, you can switch effortlessly between your favorite apps. What’s more, with a solid state drive (SSD) unlike with a regular mechanical hard drive there are no moving parts and it performs faster. Boot up time is nearly three times quicker, while opening files is up to 30% faster. Even transferring files takes significantly less time. So in addition to delivering powerful performance, the X270 is quieter and more reliable.

Display Size Inch 12.5
Processor Speed GHz 3.5
Installed RAM GB 8
Hard Drive Capacity GB 256