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LG 55UH650T 55inch UHD LED TV



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HDR Pro adjusts the brightness of your screen to bring a life-like clarity to the images it projects.With LG UHD TV, you can enhance the colours by adjusting the brightness of your screen to bring out every detail. Now, you can enjoy vivid and vibrant content with HDR Pro. ColorPrime Pro creates vivid images using a wide range of colours. The LG UHD TV brings true excitement with richer colours. Due to the nature of the display, the image on the screen maintains its integrity from any viewing angle. This allows you to enjoy dynamic, vibrant colour from every seat in the room. ULTRA Luminance sends excess current from dark areas to brighter areas to enhance contrast. Combine the LG UHD TV’s excellent ability to express darkness with its distinct contrast between dark and light, and you have an image that is as sharp and clear as real life.

Type Of Screen LED, Smart TV
Screen Size inch 55
Digital TV Standard Ultra Definition
Display Resolution 3840 x 2160