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  1. LG Force HBSS80 Head Phone

    Engineered for endurance, the LG FORCE is an unstoppable companion for your active lifestyle. The LG FORCE has a stay-put design and is IPx5 rated water and sweat resistant, allowing it to deliver superior sound to power your toughest workouts. Connect via Bluetooth to your phone to manage calls without interrupting your training. The LG FORCE an ergonomic design that conforms specifically to your unique ear shape, providing individualized comfort so you can focus on staying active. Ear gels can be swapped out for a customizable fit. Plus, the wraparound silicone earpiece and strap can be adjusted for improved stability.

    $59 - $69
  2. LG Tone HBS1100 Head Phone

    LG TONE PLATINUM Bluetooth headset is slim, gratifyingly ergonomic, with an anodized brushed aluminium alloy trim. Paired with the LG G5, and enabled with the revolutionary Qualcomm apt-X HD codec, you can bask in the sheer superiority of a 24 bit audiophile experience in total wireless comfort.

    $159 - $159
  3. LG HBS910 Head Phone

    The LG TONE INFINIM stereo headset with Harman Kardon Signature Sound delivers a high-end wireless experience with unrivalled style, near the effortless ease of use, and premium audio quality. The Bluetooth 4.1, this headset is compatible with Bluetooth devices and retractable earbuds. Stereo sound gives the user exceptional clarity whether it be music or calls. Experience superior sound without boundaries with the LG TONE INFINIM and achieve a new level of wireless audio performance. As a distinctive, modern addition to LG's intuitive line of Bluetooth headsets, the TONE INFINIM curves around the neck for a secure, comfortable fit. Surround yourself with Harman Kardon Signature Sound quality and remarkable voice call clarity with dual MEMS microphones.

    $109 - $109
  4. LG Tone HBSW120l Head Phone

    Combining portability and immersion with rich volume and theatre quality sound, the LG TONE Studio is a unique around-the-neck Bluetooth wearable speaker engineered to provide clear personal surround sound, perfect for gaming, movies, music and phone calls. The first-ever DTS-tuned sound neckband has four speakers arranged to create a superior audio experience. And the Wearable Bass speakers allow your body to feel the sound as if you are right there.

    $249 - $249
  5. LG HSSF530 Head Phone

    This premium LG HSSF530 wired mobile headset combines excellent sound quality with minimalistic design. The canal type earphone with aluminum deco comes in sleek black or bright white. Enjoy solid bass with low distortion and a wide, even sound range that captures a vivid, true to life high and low pitch sound balance that is close to hi fi sound.

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  1. Waterproof Smart phone and tablet dry bags - The Dri-Dock and Mirage waterproof pouches rangeLooking for the best waterproof phone pouch or waterproof ipad case? See what we have for sale below.We truly are connected everywhere we go. Even the remotest places, now, in the digital age, have a network somewhere that we can access. With the global coverage as it is I the modern era, our mobile phone and/or tablet never leaves our side. Even without access to a network, our insatiable desire to capture life’s moments on our devices, ensure we never go anywhere without them.With necessity the mother of invention, it became apparent that we need to protect these gadgets from the damaging elements we now thrust on our electronica. Waterproof Smart phone and tablet dry bags are increasingly visible, strapped to arms and draped around necks, as we enjoy our most favourite play grounds.Take a swim at your local beach, a resort pool, a mountain river or the back yard pool. There is a strong likelihood you will see somebody wearing a waterproof cell phone pouch. The phone dry bag is not just mere splash protection. It is an underwater phone case. Your phone can swim with you and remain perfectly functional for recording movies and taking photos.  They maintains full touch screen functions and the crystal clear rear panel allows for taking photos or videos.Imagine taking video of your snorkelling or shallow dive adventure. Recording family moments in the pool, from under the water. You can do it with your phone, safely contained in an underwater phone case. Your own underwater video and photography without the need to spend thousands on underwater video equipment. For what equates to pocket change, you can take photos and video while under water.While the underwater gig is the obvious, exciting application, there are very practical reasons for owning a phone dry bag. A waterproof cell phone pouch will also protect from dust, sand and mud. This is perfect for fun on the beach, carrying your phone in heavy rain and doing things like setting up camp in the rain, changing a tire in the rain or digging your 4WD out of a bog as it buckets down. They’re ideal for kayaking, kayak fishing and canoeing down the rapids.The Dri-Dock and Mirage waterproof pouches for sale now are not just about phones. There are sizes dedicated to you tablet as well. A Waterproof iPad air case or the Tablet dry bag achieves all that mentioned above for the phone dry bag, it is just bigger to handle a larger device. Many people love the screen size of a tablet and therefore will carry them everywhere, as we do with or cell phones. A tablet waterproof case provides foolproof protection from the elements.Both the Dri-Doc and the Mirage are waterproof to 10 meters. The both have lanyards with the Mirage also have Velcro arm straps. Dri-dock is SE Asia’s most popular waterproof pouch brand. Dri-dock also offers two sizes of camera bag. Perfect for those that prefer to use their camera under water as opposed to the phone. There is also a water proof bag available for your head phones as well.Check the specs for each listed below. You can say for certain, this is a piece of kit you absolutely have to own, practical, affordable protection for your expensive digital equipment. Go anywhere and keep your electronics with you, fully functional, safe from the elements, while you record your experiences, having the time of your life.Features and SpecificationsFEATURES ACROSS THE DRI-DOCK WATERPROOF RANGEPatented easy to use triple Ziploc roll sealUV protected PVCIPX8 certified to a depth of 10m (30ft)Supplied with desiccant sachet to absorb waterWater, dust &a

    + Shipping: $10.00
  2. OPPO A57 - Unstoppable Selfies: The A57 sports a 16MP flagship-level front camera. The all new Beautify 4.0 will help capture your best look in breathtakingly detailed photos, giving you bright, head-turning shots even in low light.

    FREE shipping
  3. OPPO A57 - Unstoppable Selfies: The A57 sports a 16MP flagship-level front camera. The all new Beautify 4.0 will help capture your best look in breathtakingly detailed photos, giving you bright, head-turning shots even in low light.

    FREE shipping
  4. Bulk Lot x 12 Full Head Toothbrush Medium With Antislip Handle Brand new Size: 19cm Standard tapered brush head Soft bristles Comfortable and antislip handle Color mixed by orange, pink, blue, and green

    + Shipping
  5. OPPO A57 - Unstoppable Selfies: The A57 sports a 16MP flagship-level front camera. The all new Beautify 4.0 will help capture your best look in breathtakingly detailed photos, giving you bright, head-turning shots even in low light.

    FREE shipping
  6. TT Jig head value packs For SaleValue packs pretty well do all the sorting and guessing work for you. TT Jig Head Value packs take a heap of the mystery out of selection for the appropriate Jig head for your favourite soft plastics. Their compiled by the experts for specific targets but allow for the ever changing conditions and the varied locations in which these little gems will be deployed.The weights and hook sizes are very well considered, and the list bellow will go a long way to covering all of your common inshore species. From the Bream packs to the River and Estuary Pack, you can rest assure there is a jig or two for your target, your soft plastic fishing lure and your application. Each selection of Jig heads comes contained in a very handy, clear plastic reusable container. They fit perfectly into your tackle box or tackle bag and provide easy access for quick changes when the tide turns, current changes, wind gets up or a bright idea takes you.The name says it all. TT Jig Head Value Packs are just that. Plain old good Aussie value. There is a fantastic assortment of well designed, quality jigs that will see your soft plastics swimming to the absolute best potential. So whether you need jig heads for bream, flathead or general river fishing TT and Fishing Tackle Shop have you covered.

    + Shipping: $10.00
  7. TT Jig Heads Rev Head Colorado BladerThe TT Rev Head Colorado Blade jig heads add new life to your soft plastics adding flash and vibration with its unique blade system. The TT Rev Head Colorado Blade jig heads can be added to almost any soft plastic style and brand and dramatically increases your chances at hooking the big ones! You also use the TT Rev Head Colorado Blade jig heads with spinner bait skirts.The TT Rev Head Colorado Blade jig heads have the same high quality we have come to expect from TT and are renowned for standing up against tough fighting Australian sportfish. The TT Rev Head Colorado Blade jig heads add flash and vibration when cast and retrieved and also slows down the sink speed, giving larger soft plastics a more enticing sink that resembles a wounded baitfish.The TT Rev Head Colorado Blade jig heads are great on a vast number of species including Bream, Flathead, Bass, Trout and Mulloway. TT Rev Head Colorado Blade jig heads come in a pack of 2 heads ready to rig.

    + Shipping: $10.00
  8. TT Jig heads head hunter series(Packet, most sizes have 10pcs - some have 8pcs see more details below)TT Lures provide an awesome selection of quality jig heads designed for just about every soft plastic lure application. The TT Head Hunter series are all about providing excellent value for money, particularly for the newbie or for those that spend an enviable ocean of time out on the water. The design is classic, built on Mustard Aberdeen hooks. The hooks are fine wire, and are ideal for hunting such species as Bream, Bass, Flathead, Whiting perch and many other light application fish species. They are perfectly weighted so as to achieve peak performance from your soft plastic lure every time you cast.Balance is critical. Your TT Lures jig head needs to have the right combination strength and weight distribution to; 1, ensure your lure is swimming to spec and 2, ensure you can cast the appropriate distance and rig according to wind, tide and current. This is where the fantastic selection comes into its own. With a broad selection of Head Hunter Jig sizes and weights in your tackle box you can adjust to target and, importantly, adjust to the ever changing conditions. So, in saying this as long as your budget allows you to then make sure you purchase a selection of sizes that we have for sale.Matching Jig head to plastic to application can be approached with some basic pragmatism but ultimately it will come down to experimentation and understanding ‘the moment’ and your options. The TT Head Hunter Jig heads are accessibly priced so you can stock up, hit the water and try lots of jig/plastic combinations to identify which options best suit your application and fishing locations.

    + Shipping: $10.00
  9. The Aspera F24 is a simple yet tough flip mobile phone. Featuring a 2.4 display, 3G network, Bluetooth, WAP, 0.3 megapixel rear facing camera and 65MB RAM. It's memory can also be expanded with a MicroSD card up to 16GB Compatible with all 3G networks

    + Shipping: $8.80
  10. Intruder squid jigs are fitted with quality sharp hook sets and a versatile keel design suitable for anywhere around the country. Six colours are available across sizes 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.

    + Shipping: $10.00
  11. Konka U3 - Works on all Australian 3G Networks.

    + Shipping: $8.80
  12. All guitars need to look there best and with the Alice guitar fret and machine head kit you will achieve the shine and sleek look you are after for your acoustic or electric instruments.

    + Shipping: $10.22
  13. Play with Thomas & Friends and learn about fun with the Thomas The Tank Engine Flip & Learn Phone!  A chunky, classic flip-up phone with a backlit answer screen. Call Thomas and his friends and hear their greetings. Pretend to take pictures. “Say cheese” Click! Quiz key to hear questions, press a number or colour key to answer.Thomas The Tank Engine Flip & Learn Phone Features:Call your favourite Thomas The Tank Engine characters Quiz mode teaches numbers and colours, use the keys to answer Suitable for children 18 months +

    + Shipping: $9.96
  14. QuietComfort wireless headphones II are engineered with world-class noise cancellation. And now they're even better. With the Google Assistant built in, you can play music, receive texts and get answers without glancing at your phone.

    FREE shipping
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