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LG KG288



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Laser Cut Keypad Laser cut keypad has improved durability of keypad a lot compared to rubber keypad of previous model and It also accomplished beautiful shape at the front design White LED Backlight With adaptation of white LED, KG288 shows luxurious appearance when backlight is on One Piece Back Cover One piece back cover has improved physical strength on the back side and It also has formed neat design for KG288 FM Radio KG288 offers FM Radio function, which we believe is the most welcomed function for VLT User. Most of user of this tier use FM Radio function to enjoy music and getting news while moving or traveling and entertainment needs is continuously increasing. Variable Font (40 /22 Font) KG288 has adapted variable font and offers better visibility when an user make phone call. It support 40 dot font size when a user push down keypad and 22 dot font size for other purpose. Speaker Phone Speaker phone function has enabled KG288 to be used conveniently for any environment (lunch, driving,...etc) an user may experience. Sudoku Puzzle KG288 offers interesting sudoku game, which is famous as hardcore brain training platform.

Features FM Radio
Colour Radio
Phone Type Candy Bar
Operating System GSM 850, GSM 2100