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CD Micro System with USB Recording LG Compact CD Micro System offers Auto EQ that lets music come to life by enhancing the surround sound effect. USB direct recording allows the user to record music directly from a CD to USB with a touch of a button. Auto Equalizer - Bring your CD Music to life by enhancing the surround sound effect and creating clear distinctions between the different audio frequencies. Portable Audio Input - A useful 3.5mm input jack so you can listen to the full collection of music from your MP3 player or other audio devices. USB Direct Recording - Record CD audio music directly to USB memory or MP3 player as well as converting audio files from CD Audio (.CDA) to .MP3 format in one process. USB 2.0 Port - Playback MP3 music as well as charge your MP3 player. Disc Playback Capacity - Disc Capacity 1, CD-R/-RW, MP3 CD, WMA CD, MP3/ WMA ID3 Tag Tuner - Tuner Range FM (50kHz /100kHz) 87.5~ 108.0 MHz, Preset Stations (RAN. 50), Auto Seek/Scan Amplifier/Audio - Power Output (front) 5W x 2, 2 Channel Stereo (bypass), XDSS, LG Auto EQ Master, Normal/Rock/Classic/POP Special Fatures - USB Direct Recording, Auto Master EQ, MP3 Battery Charge USB, Portable In (3.5mm) Front Panel Connections - USB Port (Ver.2.0), Portable in (3.5mm) Rear Panel Connections - Speaker Terminals L/R (2), FM Antenna Dimensions - Main Unit 149x210x210mm, Front Speakers 132x210x174mm

Disc Capacity 1