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Liebherr Refrigerators

  • Liebherr ECBN6156 Refrigerator

    The Liebherr ECBN6156 Refrigerator features a ground level freezer and comes equipped with 3 doors, which enable more optimally organising your refrigerated food. It features an ice maker, so it optimizes ice preparation to ensure you have cool summers and thanks to the 2 crisper drawers, you can…

  • Liebherr CNPEF4416 Refrigerator

    Liebherr CNPEF4416 Refrigerator Integrating various cutting edge technologies the Liebherr Right Hinge Bottom Mount Fridge provides ideal storage for keeping goods fresh for longer while making maintenance easy. Its VarioSpace interior provides an adaptable interior layout which can…

  • Liebherr ECBN5066 Refrigerator

    The Liebherr ECBN5066 Refrigerator has a bottom freezer and features 3 doors. This enables more optimally organising your refrigerated food. Encompassing 462 litres, it stores loads of refrigerated food. This refrigerator features 2 crisper drawers. The ice maker allows for preparing cool drinks…

  • Liebherr CNPEF4516 Refrigerator

    Liebherr CNPEF4516 Refrigerator Integrating various cutting edge technologies the Liebherr Right Hinge Bottom Mount Fridge provides ideal storage for keeping goods fresh for longer while making maintenance easy. Its VarioSpace interior provides an adaptable interior layout which can…

  • Liebherr SIKB3550RH Refrigerator

    Liebherr SIKB3550RH Ideal for fresh produce Self-Closing Door Superior Storage LED Lighting throughout the refrigerator Bio Fresh

  • Liebherr ECBN6256 Refrigerator

    Experience the joy of owning the Liebherr ECBN6256 Refrigerator. It features 4 doors and side by side doors, made for more efficiently dividing up your refrigerated space. With a 585-litre total volume, you can efficiently store loads of fresh food. This refrigerator has an open-door signal and an…

  • Liebherr PKSBSES7253 Refrigerator

    The Liebherr PKSBSES7253 Refrigerator has side by side doors. With a 679-litre total capacity, families with big kitchens will enjoy this product. It has an open-door signal. The 3 crisper drawers enable you to enjoy crisp fruits. Measurements (mm): 1852H x 1210W x 560D.

  • Liebherr EWTDF3553 Refrigerator

    The audible door alarm alerts the user if the door has been open for longer than 60 seconds for safe protection of the food. The appliances are factory fitted with door hinges on the right. The reversible door hinges permit optimum use of the appliance wherever it is located. The child…

  • Liebherr SICN3356RH Refrigerator

    A massive 283L capacity is divided into a 202L primary refrigeration compartment and a 81L freezer compartment so you can store more fresh foods and perishables.With the Bottom Mount Integrated design, you can hide the Liebherr Fridge behind existing cupboard doors and avoid the inconvenience of a…

  • Liebherr PKSBSBS7353 Refrigerator

    One of the preeminent European brands, Liebherr are a proudly family business who have over sixty years of experience and development behind them. With manufacturing output that includes cranes and machine tools, they have also redefined the world of domestic refrigeration with products blending…

  • Liebherr SICN3356LH Refrigerator

    Liebherr’s NoFrost appliances provide expert refrigeration technology to ensure long-term freshness. The food is frozen with chilled recirculating air, and any humidity is expelled. As a result, the freezer is always free of ice, and food no longer frosts over. NoFrost convenience makes…

  • Liebherr SICBN3366RH Refrigerator

    BioFresh. Fridge/Freezer. Gross 283 litres. Internal IceMaker. LED Freezer Compartment Lighting. NoFrost. Premium. SoftSystem Door Close. SuperCool. SuperFrost. The GlassLine door shelves feature a satin-finished safety glass base, elegantly shaped…


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What to consider when buying a refrigerator The refrigerator, or the fridge, has become such an important part of our lives that we can't to do without one in every household. In a bid to keep our food fresh for longer, manufacturers like Samsung and LG are racing to bring us the smartest refrigerators with the coolest looks. Cheap bar and mini fridges are slowly fading away from the average home, being replaced by the latest French door or side-by-side refrigerator. Stainless steel finishes gain in popularity as iceboxes and freezers fade away. And fridges get bigger as they get smarter, too, with the largest capacity being a whopping 600L.