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Linksys Hubs & Switches

  • Linksys LGS308 Networking Switch

    Numerous QoS features prioritize traffic to deliver the best possible user experience for real-time voice and video applications as well as high bandwidth graphic/video file uploads and downloads.Linksys Smart Gigabit Switches include features for quickly expanding and growing your network…

  • Linksys LGS326-AU Networking Switch

    The Linksys LGS326 26-Port Business Smart Gigabit Switch delivers the management, security, speed, and quality of service business networks demand. Numerous QoS features ensure that traffic is prioritized properly to deliver the best possible user experience, with IGMP snooping so your network can…

  • Linksys Cisco SE2800-AU Networking Switch

    Description Cisco Linksys 8-Port Gigabit Switch Quality of Service, Power saving features. Features and Benefits 8 Gigabit Ethernet auto-sensing ports Quality of Service (QoS) traffic prioritisation Power saving features Plug & Play

  • Linksys LGS108 Networking Switch

    The unmanaged switch offers Gigabit speeds to minimize transfer times and greatly enhance the ability to stream high-bandwidth files to connected devices without interference.The Linksys unmanaged switch offers a quick and easy solution to extend your office network with plug & play…

  • Linksys LGS326P Networking Switch

    Linksys Smart Gigabit PoE+ Switches support the latest 802.3at  standard while offering 802.3af (PoE) standard backward compatibility. Power over Ethernet Plus integration eliminates the need for additional power cables and nearby power outlets, making installation simple and inexpensive while…

  • Linksys LGS318PAU Networking Switch

    Linksys LGS318PAU Networking Switch Build a mesh of switches easily with features like Spanning Tree Protocol and Storm Control. They help control planned or inadvertent cable loops so you can expand your network with confidence. Ensure data passes to authorized clients only with Port…

  • Linksys LGS552-AU Networking Switch

    Advanced features include Layer 2 Switching and Layer 3 Static Routing between different VLAN communications without any performance degradation for a more efficient network. Layer 2 MAC and Layer 3 IP Flow-based Policies and Rate Limiting Control prioritize traffic, offering an ideal solution…


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