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Magellan GPSMAGPND100



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Crossover to the next generation of vehicle navigation with the Magellan CrossoverGPS. Changing the way Australia navigates, the Magellan CrossoverGPS takes you over streets, over land and over water, allowing you to use the one sat nav unit for voice prompted street directions, GPS capabilities and topo mapping with 4WD trails, as well as outback tracks, and marine GPS features with marine charts. No longer do you need a separate unit for each application, with the Magellan CrossoverGPS, you can cross over with ease. Preloaded with Australian Navteq street mapping, giving you turn by turn directions to your destination. With both voice and visual guidance on the 3.5" touch screen, you'll be able to find your way easily. SmartDetour automatically routes you around sudden slow freeway traffic using your own custom settings. The CrossoverGPS also auto re-routes, quickly getting you back on track whenever you take your own detour. You can choose from four different routing methods - shortest time, shortest distance, least use of freeways and use of freeways. You can also include multiple destinations (up to 20) and entering addresses is easy with the auto complete feature. You can create and store personal points of interests, and addresses, as well as show your location in one touch (quickly advise roadside assistance or emergency services to your current location). A database of Points of Interest are also preloaded - easily find service stations, restaurants, parks and more. The CrossoverGPS also includes a digital music player - play your favourite tunes (MP3 or WMA) through the integrated speakers or use your own headphones, and it also features a picture viewer, to view your photos. The SD card slot allows you to add optional topographic or marine maps to the GPS, or can be used for storing your MP3s, photos, waypoints and tracklogs.

GPS Type Automobile
User interface Touch Screen