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Majesco Nanostray 2



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A top-down, sci-fi shooter, Nanostray 2 features six game modes, including two-player co-op, two-player vs, Challenge (with 30+ different missions) and the brand new Simulator (go high-score hunting in four futuristic games). With both horizontal and vertical viewpoints that offer more variety between levels, Nanostray 2 also includes multiple control schemes and configurable weapons that are a necessity to defeat the game’s 16 formidable bosses. In addition, players can upload their scores via Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection so they can see how they rank against the best. Features: - Play 6 unique game modes - Adventure Mode: Unravel the story behind the mysterious Nanostray virus while experiencing beautiful cutscenes, extensive voice acting and new special effects - Arcade Mode: Play through all Adventure Mode levels without the story. Added combos and extra statistics enable maximum high scores each time you play. - Challenge Mode: Master 32 challenges, each located in a unique environment. Complete a set of 8 challenges to unlock one of the four Simulator games. - Simulator Mode: Designed in a unique futuristic style, each game is a completely new experience of arcade-style, high score hunting. - Two Player Cooperative Play Mode (multi-card) - Two Player Duel Mode (single and multi-card) - Blast your way through more than 16 gigantic bosses, 100 unique enemies and seemingly impassable obstacles - Unlock and configure your ship’s six different weapons to adapt your armaments to a particular challenge. - Choose from three control styles: Classic (no Touch Screen necessary), Left Handed or Right Handed Touch Control - All new Nanogauge lets you earn multiplier bonuses for each enemy shot. Fill the gauge as you eliminate swarms of enemies simultaneously - Features more than 30 energetic songs and over 200 unique sound effects

Type Game Shooting