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The popular Hidden Object phenomenon is here ? bringing the best-selling I-Spy books to life on Wii! Ultimate I Spy offers a revolutionary I Spy experience that?ll have you up on your feet and moving! Solving riddles uncovers a mysterious machine and unlocks heart-stopping games that will reveal an astonishing surprise! The game features classic Hidden Object gameplay, puzzles and multiplayer mini games. Hunt and scavenge for hidden objects that will help bring a mysterious machine to life! Players will solve 40 riddles with interactive elements - fly rockets, juggle, race and more. It's an action-based experience, you'll navigate and solve puzzles in 360° and 180° across beautifully detailed riddle screens - a first for the series. There are 32 mini-games within ten distinct themes, taking in Music, Science, Space and magic! There's plenty of fun to be had, too. The four player competitive mini-games offering well over 20 hours of gameplay. In case you were in any doubt about Ultimate I Spy's pedigree, rest easy in the knowledge that it is based on the popular series of books and CD-Roms, which have sold in excess of 36 Million and 60,000 units respectively. Time to get scouring the screen.

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