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  1. Matrox M9140 512MB Graphics Card

    The Matrox M9140 LP PCIe x16 512MB quad head graphics card with advanced desktop management support to drive business applications with exceptional performance.

  2. Matrox M9140-E512LAF M9140 LP Card 512MB DDR2 PCIe (M9140-E512LAF)

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  3. Matrox M9128-E1024LAF M91281024MB DDR2 2x DisplayPort LP PCIe

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  4. Matrox C420-E2GBLAF C420 2GB Low Profile Quad Display Workstation Video Card

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  5. Matrox DualHead2Go Digital SE [D2G-DP2D-IF]

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  6. Matrox DualHead2Go Digital ME. Input: 1 x Display port, Output: 2 x DVI-D, USB for power

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  7. Matrox TripleHead2Go - Digital SE, Input: 1 x display port, Output: 3 x DVI-D, USB for power.

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  8. Matrox DualHead2Go Digital SE. 1 x Display port input, 2 x DVI-D output, USB for power

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  9. Manufacturer SKU: C420-E2GBLAF Outputs: 4 x mDisplay Port v1.1 (2560x1600) securedMemory: 2048MB GDDR5PCB: PCIEx16, ATX/Low ProfileSingle Slot HeatsinkDimensions: 167.6(L) x 68.6(H) mmPSU Req: Low Power ConsumptionCooling: PassiveIncludes: 1 x LP BracketAvailable separately: Mini Display Port to Display Port, DVI or HDMI all sold separately[C420-E2GBLAF]

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  1. Highlights Gigabyte GeForce GT1030 Graphics Card 2GB GDDR5 Low Profile 3 Years Warranty Dimensions: 5cm x 21cm x 30cm Weight: 1.0kg

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  2. Highlights EVGA GeForce GTX1070 Graphics Card 8GB GDDR5 Black Edition DVI+HDMI+3xDisplay Ports EVGA Black Edition Dimensions: 33cm x 24cm x 8cm Weight: 1.5kg

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  3. Highlights StarTech USB 3.0 to DVI External Video Card Multi-Monitor Graphics Adapter With Built in 1-Port USB Hub – 1920×1200 / 1080p

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  4. Highlights EVGA GeForce GTX1060 Graphics Card 3GB GDDR5 DVI HDMI 3xDisplay Port 3 Years Warranty Dimensions: 6.8cm x 31.5cm x 20.6cm Weight: 1.0kg

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  5. Features: 1. VGA Dummy is an adapter which connects the graphics card output port to realize a virtual display. After you connect an external graphics card to your laptop notebook, you generally need to set to internal screen mode through the DIY EGUP software. And this dummy adapter can make a virtual display for the graphics card, you don't need to install the DIY EGPU. (Note: This adapter only plays a helpful role, if you can't achieve the internal screen performance with this accessory, you still need to install the DIY EGPU. And some models that directly support the internal screen function, no need to use this adapter.) 2. With LED indicator displaying. It will flash once when the graphics card is powered on. And when the graphics card with signal output, the light will be always on, and go off when it is without signal output. Internal Screen Settings: 1. Right click on your desktop and select Graphics Properties to open the control panel, then enter the Physx configuration setting page to choose the corresponding external graphics card. 2. Manage 3D Settings and open the drop down menu for Global Settings. Select the High-performance NVIDIA processor as your preferred graphics processor and click Apply. Package Included: 1 * EXP GDC Laptop External Graphics Card VGA Dummy Plug Virtual Display Dummy Adapter Emulator

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  6. Highlights EVGA SC GeForce GTX1050TI Graphics Card 4GB PCI-E 3.0 3 Years Warranty Dimensions: 20.9cm x 31.8cm x 6.6cm Weight: 0.7kg

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  7. Highlights EVGA FTW GeForce GTX1080 Graphics Card 8GB GDDR5X DVI HDMI 3xDisplay ports ACX 3.0 Cooling system 3 Years Warranty Dimensions: 33cm x 24cm x 8cm Weight: 2.0kg

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  8. Highlights EVGA GeForce GTX1060 Graphics Card 6GB GDDR5 DVI HDMI 3xDisplay Port 3 Years Warranty VR Ready Dimensions: 21cm x 31.7cm x 6.2cm Weight: 1.0kg

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  9. Highlights EVGA GeForce GTX1060 Graphics Card 6GB GDDR5 SSC Gaming Version ACX 3.0 & LED DVI+HDMI+ 3xDisplay Port 3 Years Warranty Dimensions: 30cm x 20cm x 10cm Weight: 2.0kg

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  10. Highlights StarTech USB2DVIPRO2 USB to DVI Adapter Video Graphics Card Weight: 2.0kg

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  11. Highlights ASUS Strix GeForce GTX1060 Graphics Card 6GB GDDR5 DVI 2xHDMI 2xDisplay Ports Dual Fan 3 Years Warranty VR Ready A staple graphics card and VR ready! Dimensions: 6.6cm x 22cm x 30.6cm Weight: 0.9kg

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