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  1. Rheninghaus 220mm Commercial Meat Slicer Anvil‘s top-quality range of aluminium slicers offers total safety, quality and hygiene. The motors of these slicers are behind the blade, making them ideal for small cuts and processed meats. APPLICATION COMPACT IDEAL FOR CATERERS, SUB SHOPS, RESTAURANTS,…

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  2. The Apuro meat slicer combines impressive cutting strength and commercial reliability. With its large 220mm blade and numerous safety features, you can easily cut through ham, beef, poultry or vegetables with the minimum of fuss - perfect for deli counters, restaurants or farm shops. The adjustable…

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  3. Save time and reduce waste with the sturdy and reliable Apuro meat slicer. Featuring a large 300mm blade with integral sharpener, you can easily and precisely slice large quantities of beef, ham, poultry or vegetables with the minimum of fuss. The built-in guards and non-slip feet promote safe…

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  4. Cut large volumes of cooked and cold meats with Birkos meat slicer. You can choose the thickness you cut with the controlled side dial and the blade stays sharp as there is an integral blade sharpener. The meat slicer is also easy to dissemble for thorough cleaning and the anodized aluminium body…

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  5. Powerful and accurate, the Noaw NS250HD Manual Meat Slicer allows you to regulate your portions perfectly and reduce wastage. With heavy duty design throughout, the slicer is exceptionally hard-wearing and is ideal for everyday use in delicatessens, supermarkets and other similar high turnaround…

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  6. Medium duty gravity feed slicer with ergonomic style handle. It has a permanent blade ring guard and blade is shielded even when sharpener removed. Borazon stone sharpener. The contoured carbon steel blade improves yield. Anodised aluminium base with curved corners ensures easy cleaning. Cuts up to…

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  7. Designed to suit large restaurants, supermarkets, butchers or sandwich shops, the Noaw NS350HDS Semi-Automatic meat slicer is perfect for high volume slicing with minimal fuss. As both the blade and carriage have independent motors, meats such as ham, poultry or beef can be precisely cut at…

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  8. The Noaw NS300HD heavy-duty manual feed belt driven slicer uses a large single piece anodized aluminium base and other robust components to ensure maximum stability, reliability and performance. Ideal for accurately controlling portion sizes, the Noaw slicer is perfect for handling larger volumes…

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  9. Ensure perfect portion control and reduce waste with the heavy duty Noaw NS350HD Meat Slicer. Perfect for use in delicatessens, sandwich shops, supermarket counters or restaurants, the slicer is incredibly powerful, reliable and accurate. Designed for quick, tool-free cleaning and user safety, the…

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  10. Slicing delicate cuts of meat is effortless with the Noaw NS300V Manual Vertical Meat Slicer. Designed and manufactured in Italy, this high quality slicer easily shaves and slices meat incredibly accurately to ensure perfect portion control and reduced wastage. Due to its power, performance and…

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  11. Strong, robust and incredibly powerful, the Noaw Manual Heavy Duty Gear Driven Slicer has been designed to be able to easily shave and slice tough, heavy loads such as cheese, bacon and other tough meats. Unlike belt-driven slicers, the whole slicing mechanism is geared, meaning no chance of belt…

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  12. Ideal for slicing large quantities of food, the Noaw NS350HDA fully automatic slicer is a heavy duty appliance which takes the hard work out of slicing. Fast, precise and incredibly powerful, the unit features two independent motors which power the blade rotation and the carriage mechanism. The…

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  13. A high quality fully automatic meat slicer, the Noaw NS350HDX makes slicing simple, fast and hassle-free. The intuitive touch control panel ensures slicing is ultra precise, meaning consistent results, reduced waste and effective portion control. Once youve finished slicing, the machine is…

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  14. Beautifully designed, the Noaw retro flywheel slicer is fantastic for front-of-house slicing in traditional butchers, farm shops or historic villages. Whilst its looks are traditional, the slicer is still incredibly effective and effortlessly slices delicate cold or cured meats such as prosciutto,…

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  15. A real show-stopper, the Italian-made Noaw Heritage Flywheel Slicer NS330M is beautifully designed for front-of-house use in traditional butchers, farm shops or even historic re-enactment villages. As a manual slicer, no electricity connection is required, yet it still produces artisan results. The…

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  16. This genuine Noaw slicer stand is designed to comfortably and safely fit Noaw vintage style flywheel slicing machines, models NS300M and MS330M. Helping to raise the slicers to a comfortable working height, this stand acts as an incredibly strong and stable base, allowing you to concentrate fully…

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  17. Exceptional cutting strength for large volumes of cooked and cold meats. The food carriage is mounted on ball bearings to ensure smooth gliding action and thickness is manually controlled with side dial. Variable cutting thickness. Blade removal kit for easy cleaning. 250mm Blade.

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  18. Gravity feed meat slicer offering a forged steel blade capable of slicing the variety of foods essential to restaurants, kitchens and fast food outlets. Belt driven with blade sharpener, as well as safety cut out switch on the blade cover. The Safe Guard Safety System reduces the potential for…

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  19. Perfect for smaller restaurants, delis and retailers, the compact Noaw NS250 medium duty manual feed slicer delivers perfect, consistent results every time. Precise slice control is regulated by robust side mounted dial, ensuring accurate slices of meat up to 13mm. Maintenance is easy thanks to…

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  20. Perfect for smaller restaurants, delis and retailers, the compact Italian designed Noaw NS300 medium duty manual feed slicer delivers perfect, consistent results every time. Precise slice control is regulated by robust side mounted dial, ensuring accurate slices of meat up to 13mm. Maintenance is…

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