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  1. The Rival 500 is the first MOBA/MMO mouse designed to function with the natural movements of your hand. Featuring a next-gen button layout, flickdown switches, and tactile alerts, the Rival 500 helps you react quickly and effectively to anything thrown your way.
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  2. Built for battle, the Roccat Kone XTD Gaming Mouse offers superb tracking with no lag, 8 fully programmable buttons and a tough-built 4D mouse wheel. Key Features Fully adjustable 8200dpi Pro-aim Sensor with 41 true DPI settings ranging from 200 to 8200 for precise movement 4 LED light system for customisable colours and effects, with 8 mouse buttons at your command Easy-Aim and Easy-Wheel functions that lets you focus primarily on the gamingShop with Confidence, Quality Products from Leading
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  3. Built for battle, the Roccat Kone Pure Cone Performance Gaming Mouse offers superb tracking with no lag, 7 fully programmable buttons and a tough-built 2D mouse wheel. Key Features Fully adjustable 8200dpi Pro-aim Sensor with 41 true DPI settings ranging from 200 to 8200 for precise movement A solid 2D wheel with 7 mouse buttons at your command Easy-Shift Button Duplicator that lets you set two functions for each mouse button and scroll wheel for quick accessShop with Confidence, Quality
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  4. Roccat Kone XTD - Mouse - laser - 8 bottons - wired - USB Overview How do you improve on a classic? How do you take the edge you already have and hone it into a knife's-edge instrument of victory? ROCCAT's team of designers and testers forged the answer, taking the player-favorite Kone, popping its hood, and adding a ton of muscle and power. Manufacturer Part# : ROC-11-810-AS Dell Part# : A8914271
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  5. Microsoft 500 Mouse - Optical - Cable - 3 Button(s) - Black - USB - 800 dpi - Scroll Wheel - Symmetrical Only from PBTech
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  6. Steelseries Rival 300 Optical Gaming Mouse - White - 16.8 million color RGB illumination, Configurable resolution up to 6,500 CPI , Six programmable buttons Only from PBTech
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  7. Lenovo 500 Wireless Mouse - WW (Black) Specifications: Processor - , Operating System - , Display - , Graphics - , Memory - , Hard Drive - , Hard Drive Interface - , Optical Device - , Warranty - , Pointing Device - , Battery - , Network Card - , Bluetooth - , Finger Print Reader - , FormFactor - , Wireless WAN - , Processor Type - , Processor Number - , Battery Technology - , Battery Cells - , Built in Camera Resolution - , Display Resolution - , Video RAM - , Width - 63.7mm, Depth - 107.6mm,
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  8. Raw performance in a sleek design built for pure power and speed? That’s the all new Kova, forged using the legacy of its fan favourite Kova[+] predecessor as its blueprint. It’s got double the button functions on a streamlined frame with fine lines and angles reminiscent of a high-end sports car. Double-powered DPI for precision gaming, finished off with a world-class illumination suite integrated into an ambidextrous-use, expertly engineered package. The new Kova is double the ROCCAT power in the palm of your hand.
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  9. The Rival 500 is the first MOBA/MMO mouse designed to function with the natural movements of your hand. The side button layout is engineered to the natural contours of your thumb to react accurately and fluidly. With Tactile Alerts, you can FEEL in-game events. Everything comes together to create the most dynamic gaming experience possible for the sole purpose of helping you play better.Armed with gaming’s first flick down switches that are extremely easy to distinguish. It’s more ergonomic and gives gamers the fastest reaction time because your thumb moves faster when you flick down opposed to pressing in. When the battle is the most intense you can ALWAYS find the key you need.Tom's GuideThe SteelSeries Rival 500 is a comfortable, functional mouse with lots of customization potential and a reasonable price for all it offers. Full reviewTechaerisEasy to use, great customization features, comfortable. Has the ability to bind games and applications to configuration setups. Useful for both gaming and office applications. Full review
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  10. Manufacturer SKU: ROC-11-900-AS Details: ROCCAT NYTH MODULAR MMO GAMING MOUSE Nyth meets the demands of MMO play with deep button modularity that fluidly transitions into a MOBA or FPS master tool with ease. Its near boundless customisation extends its use far past the competition. No matter the genre or taste, its catalogue of side-parts and buttons joined with an expertly engineered foundation combine to make a revolutionary device that serves the imagination, creativity and high standards of gamers today. MODULAR THUMB ZONE The Nyth features an evolutionary MODULAR THUMB ZONE where you can individually place up to 12 high quality, tactile mechanical buttons. This custom button area sets a new standard in modularity; completely flexible, it allows you to configure single and double buttons easily in a vast array array of combinations to suit your gaming needs. Out of the box, the Nyth's buttons can be arranged in 18,369 different layouts. Check out the Nyth configurator to see how many ways you can build your victory. HOTSWAPPABLE SIDEGRIPS All gamers are united by a common love for gaming, but a gamer's style is truly unique. To further reflect the individuality of the modern gamer, Nyth features super ergonomic, HOTSWAPPABLE SIDE GRIPS. No matter whether your gaming style is chilled out palm grip or action packed claw grip or both depending on the game you can mix it up on the fly. Adding these hotswappable grips to the modular buttons, the Nyth's hardware can be laid out in 36,738 ways. IMPROVED EASY-SHIFT[+] FUNCTIONALITY EASY-SHIFT[+] lets you assign a secondary function to each of the mouse's 18 plugged-in buttons. This can be activated once the Easy-Shift[+] button is held down, arming you with a total of 39 functions. On the Nyth, this is a dedicated button conveniently located beneath the traditional side buttons. The power of Easy-Shift[+] coupled with the Nyth's deep modularity brings the total number of hardware/software layout and function combos up t
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  11. Manufacturer SKU: ROC-13-170-AS Details: ROCCAT TAITO CONTROL Endurance Gaming Mousepad For serious gamers who thrive on a cloth mouse surface with more control, the Taito Control takes your game to the next level. The expertly crafted surface takes the award-winning blueprint of the original Taito and re-develops it with an emphasis on more precise control. Available at a comfortable mid-size of 400 X 320mm and also at a more compact size of 275 X 220mm, the Taito Control features a design focused on extended durability, and represents a high-spec pad that won't let you down. TOTAL MOUSE CONTROL Most cloth mousepads try to provide gamers with a balance between glide and control, excelling at neither. For gamers who want a cloth pad with more control, they're forced to compromise. No more. The Taito Control features an exceptionally smooth surface with enhanced command, perfect for those who prefer a pad with more resistance. With just the right amount of glide on super smooth surface using only the finest materials, the Taito Control lets you consistently take out your foes time and time again. HIGHLY DURABLE DESIGN Since many cloth mousepads are made using low quality materials, frayed edges and a playing surface that gradually gets worse are problems many gamers are familiar with. Time to say goodbye to wasted money and an inconsistent surface. The Taito Control addresses these issues with an advanced cloth textile chosen only after countless hours of rigorous testing. With thickness of 3mm and a long-lasting stitched border in ROCCAT blue, the Taito Control brings the style and the substance. Specifications: Mid-Size Width: 400mm Height: 320mm Thickness: 3,5mm http://www.roccat.org/en-EE/Products/Gaming-Mousepads/Taito-Series/Taito-Control/
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  12. Microsoft Compact Optical Mouse 500 (Black) Only from Mighty Ape
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  13. 10005002mm Super Large Size Anti-slip World Map Mouse Pad Keyboard MatNoteThis item is an authentic parallel-import and items will be shipped from our suppliers warehouse and may take 1 to 2 days processing after payment confirmation. Parcel will be sent out by International Registered Post Courier Service and may take 4 to 10 working days for delivery. Please click Dpex if 12 character or UBI if 21 character to track
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  14. Roccat ROC-13-107-AS Sense Military Desert Strike Mouse Pad
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  15. Roccat ROC-11-700-AS Kone Pure Laser Gaming Mouse
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  16. OCCAT Nyth Modular MMO Gaming Mouse | Twin-Tech Laser Sensor R1 with up to 12000dpi | 1000Hz polling rate | 1ms response time | 50G acceleration | 3.8m/s (150ips) single axis / 5.4m/s (212ips) both axis |16-bit data channel
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  17. 8200Dpi Pro Aim (R3) Laser Sensor For Precision Gaming At Its Best | X-Celerator Thumb Paddle For Unrivalled Command Capabilities | Fin Switch For Rapid And Instinctive Control | Roccat® Easy-Shift[+]™ Button Duplicator Technology | 16.8M Multi-Colour Illumination Customisable Two-Level Light System
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  18. ROCCAT KONE PURE OPTICAL CORE PERFORMANCE GAMING MOUSE ROCCAT® Kone Pure Optical – Core Performance Gaming Mouse You wanted it, we heard the call, and we made it. The killer performance of the ROCCAT® Kone Pure, now with an ultra-precise, true 4000dpi Pro-Optic (R3) optical sensor. Celebrating the five year anniversary since the award-winning Kone series was born; the Kone Pure Optical is a nod to the community feedback that shaped the series' success story. 4000DPI OPTICAL SENSOR For gamers with a preference for optical mice, the Kone Pure Optical is our finely crafted response. A state-of-the-art 4000dpi Pro-Optic (R3) optical sensor guarantees premium tracking precision on all gaming surfaces, for aimbot-like aiming performance. A 1000Hz polling rate ensures zero-lag mouse movement every single time. EASY-SHIFT[+]™ TECHNOLOGY ROCCAT's breakthrough Easy-Shift[+]™ technology means each button has more winning-edge value with a secondary programmable function, for a wide array of battle possibilities. Intuitive and easy to program, with options for simple commands or complex macros, Easy-Shift[+]™ expands your arsenal, letting you react both rapidly and efficiently in the heat of the battle. CUSTOMIZABLE ILLUMINATION Customize the look of your Kone Pure Optical to fit your style. With configurable LED lighting displaying a brilliant 16.8 million discrete colors, plus a variety of active effects, you can turn the Kone Pure Optical into your signature gaming weapon. SLEEK ERGONOMICS Our ROCCAT® engineers built the Kone Pure Optical for gamers who want the same killer Kone XTD design in a sleeker, more compact package, without sacrificing any of the legendary Kone XTD performance. The Kone Pure Optical delivers all the muscle and features you'd expect from the Kone XTD, expertly packed into a new, slimmer profile that's 91% the size of its big brother. ROCCAT® Driver + R.A.D. The Kone Pure Optical features ROCCAT®'s comprehensive driver suite that provides total contro
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  19. ARMAGGEDDON ASSAULT TYPE MOUSEMAT 14" NIKONOV NANO PILE 1MM FEATURES The Assault series of Armaggeddon mousemats, feature the fastest, sleekest glide, suitable for most users and creates the edge for competitive gamers. The Assault series is currently the only range of mousemats that come with our newest dimensions of 1mm Pile and 13 Parameter. Having a mousemat not only aids performance due to absorption of shocks from friction and bumps, but it also can improve comfort and discourage habits which result in RSIs (Repetitive Strain Injuries). All Assault mousemats come with a combination these 2 features: .Pile refers to the thickness and density of the mousemats. Density is determined by the intended usage, balancing between firmness and shock absorbency. Parameter refers to the size of the mousemat, indicated by diagonal distance from corner to corner. Pile Parametre Nano (1mm) 14" (300x200mm) **PICTURE OF 23" MEDIUM PILE** PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 x Armaggeddon Assault Type MouseMat 14" Nikonov Nano Pile 1mm
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    Free Delivery Worldwide : Of Mice and Men : Paperback : LETTS EDUCATIONAL : 9781843153122 : 1843153122 : 29 Jun 2005 : Providing a thorough analysis of the text, this handy literature guide to Of Mice and Men will help you fully understand the text. Plot and structure, as well as characters and themes, are explored in detail to help you prepare for the English exam.
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    Delux M618 Wired Vertical Ergonomic Mouse USB Upright Laser Comfort Mice WhiteNoteThis item is an authentic parallel-import and items will be shipped from our suppliers warehouse and may take 1 to 8 days processing after payment confirmation. Parcel will be sent out by Internationa
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    Specification: Material: Rubber+Cloth Edge processing: high-precision catcher Color: Black Single-sided or double-sided: Single sided Size: (L)X(W)X(H)90X40X0.2cm /35.43''X15.75''X0.08(appr.) Features: Made of rubber and cloth material, safe, comfortable, good maneuverability. Anti-slip and wearproof rubber bottom gives the mouse pad a great stability to prevent it sliding or moving from your desk when you're using it. Smooth surface offers you the best touch feeling and performance for faster movement while maintaining excellent speed and control during the game. High precision catcher, is not easily dropped. Non-slip bottom, easily fixed. Package included: 1 * Mouse Mat
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    Free Delivery Worldwide : Mice : Paperback : Barron's Educational Series : 9780764118128 : 0764118129 : 01 Oct 2001 : Mice are easy to keep as caged pets, but they are delicate and must be handled carefully by children. This book instructs on all the essentials of keeping mice. Barron's comprehensive Pet Owner's Manuals are heavily illustrated and filled with useful information. They instruct owners on how to care for their dogs, cats, birds, fish, and other animals. Books give advice on purchasing and acquiring, health care, feeding, and much more. Clear, straightforward texts are accompanied by high-quality full...
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    Delux M618 Wired Vertical Ergonomic Mouse USB Upright Laser Comfort Mice BlackNoteThis item is an authentic parallel-import and items will be shipped from our suppliers warehouse and may take 1 to 8 days processing after payment confirmation. Parcel will be sent out by Internationa
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