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  1. Blue® Microphones YETI - The Ultimate USB Mic for Professional Recording. Best Performance, Reasonably Priced.
    + Shipping: $11.62
  2. Taking the same elements used in their studio condensers, Blue Microphones have introduced the enCore 300, a microphone…
    + Shipping: $10.58
  3. With a rugged yet stylish machine ridged grip for high pressure handling, and a well crafted finely tuned interior, the…
    + Shipping: $10.58
  4. The Yeti Pro is the first USB microphone to combine 24 bit/192 kHz digital recording resolution with an analog XLR…
    + Shipping: $11.62
  5. The Tiki is a unique, high quality, USB condenser from Blue® microphones that is perfect for recording meetings,…
    + Shipping: $4.84
  6. Go to work or go shopping, the Jenn will get you there in total comfort. The soft upper and shock resistant PU unit…
    + Shipping: $33.69
  7. The plug-and-play simplicity is perfectly suited to recording podcasts, web conferences, or adding voiceovers to video…
    + Shipping: $8.21
  8. The Blue 100i has a specially designed capsule and a custom tuned diaphragm that results in a much tighter polar…
    + Shipping: $10.22
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Getprice compares prices across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and Brisbane.