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Blinx 2 puts players in a pitched battle for the shards of the Big Crystal, a powerful icon that's sought after by the pig-run Tom Tom Gang, but only truly understood by the feline-run Time Sweepers. In a change from the original, players take control of both the Time Sweepers and their mastery of time, and the Tom Tom Gang, who control space, switching to and fro between the two groups as the game progresses. But you don't actually play as Blinx himself. Artoon's game has expanded into non-traditional platform territories and plays more like a light-weight action game. The moderate use of stealth, the heavy use of gadgets and weapons, and the constant switch between the feline and the pig teams creates more varied gameplay. Play the role of a heroic cat and control time to face tough battles and puzzling challenges. Pause, slow, fast-forward, and rewind it's just like using a VCR remote control on the real world; become a sneaky pig and control the space continuum in stealth missions. Make warp holes to transport past guards, create bottomless pits to trap enemies, and more. Controlling space means having wormholes and black holes available on command; get a teammate to play through the story together in two-player cooperative mode. Overcome tough enemies and unique two-player challenges with strategy and teamwork; compete in the new battle mode to use time and space powers against friends. Up to four players can simultaneously battle on one xbox; customize the face, body, and clothing of characters. This is a first among action-platformers. More than 25 characteristics can be adjusted in up to 100 ways, so gamers can make the characters as unique as they are.

Type Game Platformer