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Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration



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Developed by ACES Studio, this new expansion pack to the recent AIAS award-winning Flight Simulator X will allow gamers to race against each other in highly-detailed locations around the world. Aviators will also enjoy three new aircraft and be able to experience Flight Simulator with the most advanced graphics fidelity ever using Microsoft DirectX 10. Features: - Multiplayer Racing Mode -- Flight Simulator X: Acceleration will offer the thrilling new multiplayer racing mode that will allow gamers to compete against friends with four types of racing including real-world and fictional Red Bull Air Race courses, the unlimited Reno National Championship course, as well as cross country, competition sailplane courses and fictional courses like the Hoop and Jet Canyon course. Gamers will be able to test their skills in three different levels of difficulty from simple pylon racing to racing very challenging courses in a variety of weather conditions. Up to 16 can compete in a race (16 in Sailplane events, 8 in Reno events, and 4 in the Red Bull Air Race), and 32 players can fly free together across the skies. - DirectX 10 -- Flight Simulator X: Acceleration will continue to build on the rich visual foundation of Flight Simulator X, taking advantage of Windows Vista and DirectX 10 to deliver breathtaking graphics and dynamic environments for a truly immersive experience. Use of DX10 graphics is optional. - New Missions -- Flight Simulator X: Acceleration will offer more than 20 new missions that will allow gamers test their skills at tasks ranging from a fighter jet test pilot to search and rescue. - New Aircraft -- Flight Simulator X: Acceleration will allow pilots to fly through highly detailed scenery in three new aircraft including the F/A-18A Hornet, P-51D Mustang, EH-101 helicopter

Type Game Simulation