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Microsoft Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection Xbox 360



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Standing on the green, you think about the perfect strokes that brought you to this moment. Your ball lies just a few feet from the hole, but you're not taking any chances. You crouch down to get a better reading of the green. You position yourself in the correct stance, take a few practice swings and then tap the ball and watch as it rolls slowly toward the hole, pauses on the lip of the cup for a second, and then drops. You switch gears and find yourself staring down a 250-lb. linebacker. The ball snaps and you smash into action, fighting your way toward the end zone. You are the ultimate sports champion. Step up to the plate, the green or the courts with Kinect Sports: Ultimate Collection that includes Kinect Sports and Kinect Sports: Season Two. Try your hand at one of 13 exciting sports, including basketball, soccer, American football, bowling, beach volleyball, table tennis, boxing, golf, tennis, skiing, darts and baseball as you use your body as the controller. Use voice commands to navigate menus, switch clubs on the course with ease, hike the ball in football, call an objection in tennis and more. Keep the games going with bonus content, like night ski runs and additional golf holes, and invite your friends and family to play in Party mode. Features: - Blast through volleyball games using your hands like powerful paddles to spike the ball over the net and past your opponent and run, jump and fly through the air in exciting track and field competitions that really test your body's limits - Step up to the green on the Maple Lakes golf course with classic turn-taking stroke play with up to four players, or you can return to the hole of your choice to try to top your personal best - Shoot with nerves of steel in a game of darts in the 180 Arena, featuring authentic gestures and pinpoint accuracy - Step onto the field at Galaxy Park and slam a home run out of the stadium as you take on a friend's team in a simultaneous, two-player showdown

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