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Microsoft Links 2002 Championship Edition



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Links Championship Edition 2002 for Macintosh is the biggest upgrade in more than a decade to the Links for Macintosh golf series. It includes a course designer, new physics engine, 15 golfer personalities, and 13 championship golf courses. This edition also features a new rendering engine that creates terrain surfaces including cliffs, arches, and bunker overhangs. Trees, panoramas, and golfers are now antialiased for seamless transitions between onscreen elements. Images have a new higher resolution, and the courses come alive with flying birds. Mac golfers can now re-create their home courses with the same tools used by the Links development team. The included Arnold Palmer Course Designer provides users with the ability to accurately re-create courses in a real-time 3-D system. Players can adjust every inch of fairway and create tunnels and arches with full control over each point on the course. A library of trees, shrubs, and other vegetation allows players to sort for the climate and season that fit their home course, or they can import their own custom trees. In Links Championship Edition, 14 new golfer animations are captured at the highest resolution possible. New tour players and a variety of other golfers are built with lifelike, preshot motions including waggle, aiming, and preshot fidgeting. Each new golfer has a unique personality and will comment on players' games as if you were out golfing with buddies.

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