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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 i5 4GB 128GB Tablet



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The Surface Pro 4 is Microsoft’s latest and greatest tablet computer, boasting the kind of performance that you’d expect from a laptop but with the added portability and intuitive interface that comes from a tablet.

Is it more than just a big phone?

With a dual-core Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM, the Surface Pro 4 comes closer to performing like a laptop than it does a tablet, let alone a smartphone. This is ideal for those that need a little more power for creative and design-based apps, or for someone who’s after the siimplicity and function of an iPad but wants the power, access and customisability of a Windows device.

How does the screen shape up?

Despite the slimmer form-factor and equivalent chassis size from its predecessor, the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft’s latest tablet powerhouse manages to fit in a larger display with a higher resolution and better luminosity. An impressive 2,736 x 1,824 resolution makes for a pixel density of 267ppi, which more than doubles the equivalent MacBook Air’s pixel density, making for a sharper, crisper display overall.

Any decent accessories?

The Included Surface Pen has been upgraded since the last model, and now interacts with the screen’s 128 levels of pressure sensitivity for more expressive potential. This pen comes with some clever shortcut functionality too, such as taking screenshots, opening OneNote, or summoning the Cortana voice assistant, all using the ‘eraser’ button on the Surface Pen.

Display Size Inch 12.3
Installed RAM GB 4
Hard Drive Capacity GB 128