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Microwaves smeg range hood classic591ss

  1. Smeg SA987CX2 Microwave

    Microwave34 litre net capacityGrillConvectionCombination OvenSatin stainless steel faciaSilver frost housingFINISH Satin stainless steel facia, silver frost housingINTERIOR Stainless steel panelling and two trivet standTwo microwave tuned enamel turntablesCAPACITY 34 litre netTURNTABLE 345 mm diameterSIX LANGUAGES Digital display, English, French, German,Dutch, Italian, SpanishSCROLL MAIN CONTROL Scroll knob for setting / correcting times, weights and quantities.DIGITAL CLOCK 24 hour and 12 hour digital framing

  2. Smeg SAM34CXI Microwave

    Smeg Freestanding Inverter Microwave with Convection. Defrost by weight or defrost by time. Digital LED display. Traditional microwave ovens only operate at full power, regardless of the power percentage selected. With inverter technology, the power level selected is the power level achieved.

    $489 - $679
  3. Smeg SAM34XI Microwave

    Smeg Freestanding Inverter Microwave with Grill. The addition of Inverter technology allows for cooking, reheating and defrosting at different power levels. Traditional microwave ovens only operate at full power, regardless of the power percentage selected. Defrost by weight or defrost by time.

    $388 - $397
  4. Smeg SBIM30X Microwave Oven

    800W Power, 5 Power Levels, Touch Control, LED Display, Grill and Steam Functions, 60 Minute Digital Timer, Grey Enamel Cavity with Ceramic Glass Base for Easy Cleaning, 25 litre Capacity, Power Output: 800W Microwave, 950W Grill, Current: Suitable to Plug Into Standard 10amp GPO Make:SMEG, Model:SBIM30X, Colour:Stainless Steel,

    $885 - $1156
  5. Smeg SA34MX Microwave

    Smeg SA34MX 34L Microwave Oven, Microwave ovens are the most efficient appliance for cooking or reheating small meals.Several studies have shown that if properly used, microwave cooking does not change the nutrient content of foods to a larger extent than conventional heating, and that there is a tendency towards greater retention of many micronutrients with microwaving, due to the shorter cooking time. A microwave oven converts only part of its electrical input into microwave energy.

    $259 - $295
  6. Smeg FMI120 Microwave

    This Smeg FMI120B built in microwave and grill offers superb versatility. Finished in stunning white glass and with a range of matching ovens available it's the perfect addition to your new kitchen.

  7. SMEG MP122 Microwave

    Microwave Oven with electric grill, Silver Glass 320mm depth allows installation in wall unit Microwave + circulaire Child lock Illuminated controls SurfacePlus 6 functions including pizza Side opening door Controls positioned at the bottom Electronic timer Tilting grill Quartz Grill (1.2kW) Microwave Output Power 850W Oven Capacity: 22 litres ceramic base St/steel interior Cooling system Auto calculation of defrosting by time or weight Child safety lock> Standard accessories.

  8. Smeg SFA4125M Microwave

    Smeg built in microwave is one of the most versatile and convenient appliances in the kitchen for heating food quickly and efficiently. The defrost option by time or by weight ensures perfect results without over cooking superior quality of Smeg patented Ever Clean enamel, which is highly durable and easy to clean, is the result of nearly 70 years of enamelling expertise ensuring long life performance of every Smeg oven.The new soft close mechanism on Smeg oven doors ensures a two stage soft and quiet close. Smeg quality hinges also ensure the door will not drop on opening, an intrinsic safety.

    $1269 - $1915
  9. Smeg FMIA120 Microwave

    Smeg FMIA120 Microwave Silver Stopsol glass, Linear Aesthetic design, TFT display, 9 cooking functions, 21L cooking capacity, 800w microwave, Child safety lock. OZappliances.com.au , a strong player in the online home and commercial appliances in Australia. OZappliances provides big range, best brands at best prices Get massive discounts on Fridges, Ovens, Cooktops,TVs, Air Conditioners and much much more.We also have best prices on commercial appliances.

  10. Smeg FMIA320X Microwave Oven

    800W microwave and 1000W grill, defost by time and weight, 5 power levels, 5 cooking functions, 3 auto plus 1 memory program, electronic touch pad control panel and child safety lock. Smeg microwave oven, which features electronic with electric grill, 5 variable power levels and 8 auto menus for great, even heating.

  11. Smeg FMI320X Microwave

    This stainless steel classic microwave oven and grill have a beautiful design with eclipse glass. With a net capacity 20 liters and with seamless touch controls including electronic timer makes it a must have for any one looking for a new microwave. This microwave also has a massive 8 automatic programmes.

  12. Smeg MP822PO Microwave

    Smeg MP822PO  microwave oven is designed for cooking, preheating ready meals, as well as for defrosting semi finished products at public catering establishments, trading and at home. The possibility of embedding solves the problem of limited space. The model is equipped with tangential cooling, which allows to protect from overheating the oven and kitchen furniture. The case and the inner chamber are made of stainless steel.

  13. Smeg FMI020X Microwave

    This new FMI020X is ideal for rapid cooking and browning of foods. Best results can be obtained by using the top shelf for small items, the lower shelves for larger ones, such as chops or sausages. For half grill heat is generated only at the centre of the element, so is ideal for smaller quantities. The circulation of air enables quicker thawing of frozen food, without the use of any heat. The microwaves power will be automatically varied to achieve the best thawing results. The pizza function is ideal not only for pizza but also for cookies, quiches and flans. Ideal microwave oven for a variety of cooking methods.

  14. Smeg MP6322X Microwave

    The Smeg Classic MP6322X Microwave with Grill makes a prudent choice for hassle-free microwave cooking. In addition to variable power levels and 850 watts power, the Smeg Classic MP6322X Microwave with Grill has 6 different functions and 22 litre capacity. It also features digital display and easy to use knob controls. The stainless steel interior of Smeg Classic MP6322X Microwave with Grill can be wiped clean effortlessly. Other useful features include electronic timer, child lock and pizza function.

  15. Smeg FMI325X Microwave

    Smeg FMI325X built in Microwave Oven with Electric Grill, TFT Display, 25 liters, finger friendly stainless steel and Eclipse black glass. It is 6 functions including defrost by time and weight.

  16. Smeg MP422X Microwave

    The Smeg Cucina MP422X has six functions so you can alter the settings to cook a variety of different types of foods. It includes a pizza function, so you can crisp a pizza in no time at all. Not only does the appliance offer superb quality, but it has a distinctive modern style that seamlessly fits into any kitchen design. You can effortlessly cook dishes of any size with the 22 litre capacity. The unrestrictive space allows you to be flexible, especially when cooking for a group of people.

  17. Smeg MI20X1 Microwave

    The Smeg Cucina built in microwave and grill MI20X1 is a 800w micrwave with a 21 litre capactiy. In an attractive contemporary design, the built in Smeg MI20X1 is a wonderful oven and microwave and would look great in a modern kitchen.

  18. Smeg FMI025X Microwave

    Smeg New Microwave Oven With Electric Grill, Finger Friendly Stainless Steel FMI025X. 8 automatic programmes, LED display, push button controls and electronic timer Grill. This stainless steel classic microwave oven and grill have a beautiful design with eclipse glass.

  19. Smeg FMI017X Microwave

    This Smeg built in microwave and grill offers superb versatility. Finished in stunning stainless steel and with a range of matching ovens available it's the perfect addition to your new kitchen. It is 17 litre capacity, it’s the perfect size to help with the cooking in smaller households. With an 800 Watt power output, it easily defrosts a frozen casserole or heats-up a delicious bowl of soup in no time too.

  20. Smeg FME20TC3 Microwave Oven

    3 cooking functions Ststeel with fingerproof treatment Digital clock 5 Microwave power levels Cooking and defrost automatic functions Electronic programmer Programmable memory functions Auto calculation of defrosting by time or weight Ststeel interior Cooling system Safety children security system Microwave output power 850 W Oven capacity: 20 litres

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