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  • Miele DGC6800XL Ovens

    Key Features for 60CM MIELE COMBI STEAM OVEN DGC6800XL XL oven cavity 48L Oven capacity Perfect results thanks to MultiSteam technology Sets new standards in terms of brilliance and user convenience - M Touch Ample space for creativity - XL cabinet Extremely convenient - water container concealed…

  • Miele DGC6865 XXL Oven

    Miele DGC 6865 XXL Steam Combination Oven. With a host of operating modes like grill, bake, fan plus, and more, this oven lets you prepare a variety of dishes without having to use a separate appliance. Enjoy the tradition of convential cooking with the benefits of steam cooking with this sleek,…

  • Miele H6800BMX Oven

    Miele H6800BMX The inner cabinet of a microwave combination oven is made from stainless steel with a special linen-weave finish; this surface is also finished with PerfectClean making it less sensitive to scratching and considerably easier to clean than a conventional stainless steel oven interior.…

  • Miele H6860BPX Oven

    Miele H6860BPX The fully telescopic runners allow easy removal of baking trays, racks and gourmet oven dishes from the cooking compartment and hold them securely in position. You can comfortably baste a roast or turn food over without the risk of burning yourself on the hot oven interior. Versatile…

  • Miele H6400BM Ovens

    Key Features for 60CM MIELE BUILT-IN SPEED OVEN H6400BM 43L Oven capacity 4-line TFT text display with dial controls - DirectControl Simple cleaning - cabinet with PerfectClean and linen-weave pattern Fast food preparation - microwave combination modes Achieve perfect results with ease - Automatic…

  • Miele H6461BP Oven

    Create delicious, wholesome meals for the whole family with the Miele Pyrolytic Oven. This 60cm, pyrolytic, 76 litre-capacity oven has 11 cooking functions, LCD touch control screen and 3 pyrolytic cleaning programs. Expand your culinary horizons and create delicious meals effortlessly.

  • Miele H2661B Oven

    Stainless steel/CleanSteel Built-In Oven 7-segment display with dial controls - EasyControl Easy cleaning - PerfectClean features Fewer finger marks and easy to clean - CleanSteel Room and flexibility - 76 Litre oven capacity Protects against burning - Cool front EasyControl Display Retractable…

  • Miele DGD4635 Oven

    The Miele steam oven with pressure allows you to steam cook food using pressure at temperatures from 101 - 120°C, in addition to steam cooking at lower temperatures without pressure. Up to 50% time can be saved in comparison with pressure-free steam cooking. Key Features Achieve perfect results…

  • Miele H6267BP Oven

    Easycontrol With Retractable Dials ''Turn & Confirm'' With Sensor-Touch Controls 9 Functions Incl. Moisture Plus 25 Automatic Programmes Hbbl 71 Perforated Tray 76 L Capacity 5 Rack Levels Three Pyrolytic Cleaning Programmes Pyrofit Accessories One Set Of Hfc 72 Flexiclips…

  • Miele DGC6805XL Ovens

    Key Features for 60CM MIELE COMBI STEAM OVEN DGC6805XL XL oven cavity 48L Oven capacity Perfect results thanks to MultiSteam technology Sets new standards in terms of brilliance and user convenience - M Touch Ample space for creativity - XL cabinet Best operating and cleaning convenience with mains…

  • Miele DG6401 Ovens

    Built-in steam oven DirectSensor Display Steam cooking 38L Oven cavity 4 rack levels Precise temperature regulation from 40 – 100°C Menu cooking with no transfer of flavours between different foods Automatic programmes with programmable level of doneness Keeping warm function Automatic…

  • Miele H6260BP Oven

    The Miele H6260BP is perfect for anyone looking for a thoughtfully designed, high quality integrated fan oven. With its PureLine design and glass fascia with a sensor control panel, this oven will look the part in any modern kitchen. It features 8 cooking functions and a powerful variable grill,…

  • Miele H6461BPX Oven

    Certain kitchen tasks only work perfectly if a particular temperature is chosen or a particular climate is present in the cooking compartment.  So, for example, proving dough and drying fruit. handleless kitchen design and convenient door opening Touch to open, TFT text display with…

  • Miele DGM6401 Oven

    Miele DGM6401 MultiSteam is the combination of powerful steam generation and optimum steam distribution via 8 inlet ports. The steam generator with 3.3kW ensures fast and even steam distribution, and short heat-up times of the oven cavity. The incoming steam completely fills the oven cavity and…

  • Miele DGC6660XXL Oven

    Fully fledged steam oven and fully fledged oven for discerning connoisseurs. Perfect results thanks to MultiSteam technology. Maximum flexibility – Miele's XXL steam combination oven cabinet. Extremely convenient – water container concealed behind motorised…

  • Miele DG6200 Ovens

    Perfect results thanks to MultiSteam technology Simultaneous cooking on 3 levels without flavour transfer Particularly flexible and efficient thanks to extra large trays Success guaranteed - intelligent automatic programmes Easy cleaning with flush control panel Type of appliance Built-in steam…


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What to consider when shopping for the perfect oven Considering how much of a central role ovens play in the modern kitchen, you’ll want to make sure you’ve picked the right one for the job. They come in a variety of sizes and specialities, and can use either gas or electricity to power them. Things like pizza ovens and steam ovens are a nice luxury if you’ve already got your basics covered, but you really shouldn’t be looking at those until you’ve already got a capable regular oven and microwave. Most regular ovens, either gas or electric, will come with a main cavity as well as a grilling door, or sometimes even a double compartment for preparing multiple meals at once. Typically you should go for some of the more trusted brands, like Bosch, Ilve or AEG, as you’ll be wanting this kind of component to last you longer than your average appliance, and the money spent on a premium brand is saved down the line when you don’t have to replace or repair it.