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  1. The bestselling love story behind the massive Hollywood film starring James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan.They were teenage sweethearts from opposite sides of the tracks - with a passion that would change their lives for ever. But life would force them apart. Years later, the lines they had drawn between past and present are about to slip . . . Called back to their hometown for the funeral of the mentor who once gave them shelter when they needed it most, they are faced with each other once again, and forced to confront the paths they chose. Can true love ever rewrite the past?This is the new epic love story from the multi-million-copy bestselling author of The Notebook, The Lucky One and The Last Song. Nicholas Sparks is one of the world's most beloved authors.
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  2. The real-life cases behind TV's hit crime drama-including photosThe crimes, the suspects, the trials-as they really went down."True Stories of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" focuses on twenty-five of the scandalous true crimes that real detectives have grappled with- the facts behind the fictionalized stories on the phenomenally popular TV show. Beyond the actual crimes, the entire criminal process is covered-from investigation and arrest to trial and verdict. This book reveals in-depth accounts of some of the most monstrous offenses recreated on the hit series, including the gripping story of a teenage love triangle that led to the murder of a young girl and the deadly confrontation between the FBI and David Koresh's cult that made national headlines.Stopping these criminals is only the beginning. Confronting the deep psychological scars left on their victims is the real challenge. This collection offers fans of the show and those interested in crime-solving techniques a glimpse of the real stories and real people behind some of the most notable, notorious, and gut wrenching cases of sexually-based crimes in recent history.
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  3. 'Over the years I have learnt to worry less and to bake more . . . For me, baking is something that comes from the heart. It connects you with family and friends, as well as traditions – whether handed down, learned or new.'Baking is David Herbert's passion. So when he decided to write a book about baking, he wanted to communicate some of the knowledge he has accumulated along the way, and to share treasured recipes. The result is an easy-to-use collection of delicious and reliable recipes that will both inspire novices and challenge seasoned bakers.David Herbert's Best-ever Baking Recipes gathers over 200 of David's favourite and most sought-after recipes for cakes, muffins, scones, biscuits, slices and tarts.About the AuthorDavid Herbert has been obsessed with food since childhood. Growing up in a small seaside town, he spent his spare time fishing and thinking of new ways to cook his daily catch. David is the author of The Perfect Cookbook, More Perfect Recipes and Picnics. He writes for The Weekend Australian Magazine, is the food editor of Easy Living magazine in the UK, and is a regular contributor to numerous magazines both there and in Australia.David is currently living and working in Kent, surrounded by his kitchen treasures, cookbooks and copper saucepans.
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  4. ‘Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.’ Japanese proverb The best teachers inspire us with their advice, wisdom and friendship. This charming collection of quotations celebrates everything that’s great about the people who teach us, and will make every teacher see how much they are appreciated and valued.
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  5. A fresh twist on the wedding party gift book, “The Best Ever Ring Bearer” offers a sweet story and beautiful 4-color illustrations to help little boys understand what they should expect at a wedding. Brides will love the modern, giftable look and attractive price point, parents will appreciate the cues that guide kids on how to behave (no naughty antics!), and little boys will love the story of animal-lover Michael and how he saves the day at his uncle’s wedding. It is perfect for an evergreen audience that has bought more than 350,000 copies of wedding party gift books.
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  6. Storey Publishing-Workman Publishing: My Dog's The World's Best Dog. For every dog lover who delights at the touch of a cool wet nose, who is forgiven chewed-up rolls of stamps and proudly accepts the gift of an ancient corn cob dug up from the garden, here is an unabashed valentine. Because your dog is the world's best dog Author: Suzy Becker. Softcover. Published Year: 1995. ISBN 978-0- 7611-0105-5. Made in USA.
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  7. Gooseberry Patch-Best Ever Casseroles. Combining hand-drawn art with full color photos, this reissued best seller is now even better with 16 pages of mouth-watering pictures. Features delicious, comforting and fuss-free recipes plus lots of easy tips for serving it up with style. Try Baked Apple Pancakes, Zesty Sausage Burritos, Tangy Corn Casserole and Homestyle Pork Chops. Authors: Vickie and JoAnn. Spiral Bound, 240 pages. ISBN 978- 162093182-0. Imported.
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  8. 'This book is a record of the British upper classes - and a few others - at their best (sometimes their worst), displaying a sort of unhinged blitheness of manner that leads them to say and do strangely unexpected things. It is a quality of...
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  9. AC the cat is back! And his owner Kate Funk has come up with some even more hilarious, increasingly ridiculous costumes for him to model, from the Yes We Can! lady, to Max from Where the Wild Things Are, to Marty McFly. Kate also...
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  10. THE LONELY PLANET BOOK OF WORLD'S BEST SPICY FOOD If you know someone whose mouth waters at the suggestion of Sichuan, who dreams about dahl and constantly craves kimchi, then you've found just the right book for them!The people at Lonely Planet have sailed the seven seas and scoured the globe for the best super-hot foods, collating them into one convenient paperback. It includes the origins, recipes and serving suggestions for 100 tongue-burning hot dishes, from Thai Som Tom to Peruvian Ceviche to Caribbean curries and everything in between. Flavours are varied, but always spicy: mustard, horseradish, cinnamon, paprika, mace, piccalilli, and black, white, pink, and Sichuan peppers all feature.Accompanied by full colour photographs of each dish, and tasting notes so you know the way to eat the dish the way the locals do, this is a book that can't be missed. A must-have for spice aficionados!FEATURES Authentic spicy recipes from around the world 100 recipes with tasting notes & Origins sections The ultimate recipe book for hot food lovers! Full colour photographs SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 14.5 x 18 cms Pages: 208 Format: Paperback
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  11. Best Of Adam Sharp
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  12. Lonely Planet&Number 39;S The World&Number 39;S Best Street Food Where To Find It & How To Make It!Br/Br/A Little Known Culinary Secret Is That The World&Number 39;S Best Sandwich Isn&Number 39;T Found In Rome, Copenhagen Or Even New York, But Rather, On The Streets Of Vietnam! The Street Is Where You&Number 39;Ll Find The Heart Of A Cuisine And Its Culture Somewhere Among The Taco Carts And Noodle Stalls, The Scent Of Wood Fires And The Hubbub Of Fellow Diners. Bring The World&Number 39;S Greatest Street Foods To Your Home With This Compendium Of Classic Recipes!
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  13. This is a super-fun keepsake journal for best friends. It is suitable for children aged 9 to 12. Tweens know: everything is better when you do it with your BFF! That's why this super-fun keepsake journal will become their favourite. It's got an awesome question-and-answer format specially created for best friends to fill out together, plus loads of drawing prompts and activities just meant for two.
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  14. This package contains the following products: -9781920994990 Lewis Health Assessment in Nursing Australia and New Zealand, 2e -9781496350992 Hill Fundamentals of Nursing and Midwifery, 3e
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  15. An introduction to the work of the greatest German sociologist and a key figure in the development of present-day sociological thought.
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  16. A mammoth volume (over 250,000 words) of the many facets of one of science fiction's most popular talents. Here are treecats, starships, dragons, alternate history, self-aware Bolo supertanks, wizards, sailing ships, ironclads—and, of course, Weber's fantastically popular starship commander, Honor Harrington. For nearly two decades, David Weber has been taking enthralled readers to destinations strange and fantastical, from his best-selling Honor Harrington novels and short stories to the heroic fantasy of Bahzell of the Hrandai, and the shared universe stories set in worlds of his own creation, and those of others, such as Eric Flint's best-selling Ring of Fire series, the popular Bolo series of Keith Laumer and more.Visit 17th-century Magdeburg for the creation of the United States Navy a hundred and fifty years early, and go with John Paul Jones as he wins the Revolutionary War—For George III. Fight dragons and demons with U.S. Marines in a most unexpected campaign, find out how humans and treecats first met and share Honor Harrington's very first battle. But once you step into the worlds of Weber, you may not want to go home again.""
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  17. The most complete DIY reference for owners of the world-renowned side-draft carburetors. Leading automotive how-to author Des Hammill guides readers through the ins and outs of such topics as stripping, rebuilding and choosing the best choke for the engine. Expanded features include updated information on off-road applications and recommended settings for various engines and applications, including the Toyota MR2 and Jaguar XK.
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  18. This book is the distillation of many years experience of working with Weber carburetors. These celebrated carburetors have been fitted to some of the most exciting and memorable cars and have been more widely used by tuners and modifiers, both for road and competition machinery, than any alternative. The mysteries of why and how they work so well and the practicalities of getting the best from them in any application are explained at length. Setting the carburetor to suit a particular engine, fault-finding on an existing installation, and the maintenance and repair of older carburetors are all topics which receive detailed attention. Anyone maintaining or restoring a classic Weber-equipped car, or contemplating a Weber-based conversion, or simply interested in the science of engine performance and tuning, will learn something from these pages.
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  19. The first major look at the renowned industrial designer and architect, who helped to shape the look of American modernism from the 1920s through the early 1950s For German-born Kem Weber (1889-1963), design was not about finding a new expression; it was about responding to "structural, economic, and social requirements ...characteristic of our daily routine of living." He sought to ensure that each design he produced-whether a piece of furniture or a building or an interior-was an improvement that responded to modern needs and modern life. Weber was a leading figure of modernism on the West Coast from the 1920s through the early 1950s, and his work greatly influenced the California style of the time. His most iconic designs were his Bentlock line, the Air Line chair, the interiors for the Bixby House, and his tubular-steel furniture for Lloyd. This book, a result of significant new primary research in the Weber family's archives, represents the first major study of the life and career of this important designer.Christopher Long details the full range of Weber's contributions, focusing particularly on the part he played in the advancement of American modernism, and his role in heralding a new way of making and living.
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  20. This study is a defence of Max Weber's sociology against the criticisms of academic sociology made by Marxists such as Althusser. It rejects the view that Weber's sociology is bourgeois, subjectivist and individualistic. An examination is made of a major theme in Weber's historical sociology, namely the unintended consequences (fate) of social action. This theme (derived from Nietzsche's critical enquiry into the condition of modern society) is illustrated in a series of chapters on: religion, medicine, law, feudalism, the family and the capitalist economy. A survey of the strengths and weaknesses of the major sociological approaches in the post-war period is also provided. This edition includes a new preface which reviews the scholarship on Weber since 1981, covering topics such as the fall of communism, the demise of Marxist theory and postmodernism.
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