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  1. Running a bar is perceived by many outside the hospitality industry to be a relatively simple vocation. But to those whose job it is to make sure that their customers have an outstanding outing, the employees don't disappear with the take, and the owners maintain a steadily rising profit margin,…

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  2. Cleanse and detox books are very popular (Cleansing is hot!)Explain all colon cleansing methods including hydrotherapy, oxygen based cleansers, enemas, herbal cleansers and moreAuthor is an expert on colon cleansing and runs one of the most popular colon cleansing website

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  3. Is your child struggling at school? To Read? To Write? To Remember? To Learn? Helping Children With Dyslexia shows you how to ensure your child's success at school. You will find out: How to tell if your child is dyslexic and what to do next. The secret to stopping your child's tears and tantrums…

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  4. In the current economic climate many Australians are on a suddenly limited budget. In SAVING MONEY IS EASY, Cath gives us a month-by-month guide to organising your finances in hard times and shows how the average family can save literally thousands of dollars by taking charge of their money, budget…

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  5. More than 600 scientists from 72 countries have called for a moratorium on the environmental release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This book represents the research and concerns of many of these scientists. The evidence they have compiled makes a strong case for a worldwide ban on GM…

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  6. In today's high-tech business world, few issues are more important than how companies can gain competitive advantage from using new technology, especially information technology (IT). In 'In Search of Business Value', Microsoft vice president Robert McDowell and best-selling business author William…

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  7. In today's climate of multi-professional working, this book examines how children from the ages of 3 to 11 are educated, in the educational and social context of the Every Child Matters (ECM) agenda. There are chapters dedicated to the five outcomes of Every Child Matters (which are: being healthy;…

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  8. 'This is a stimulating and well-researched book that will interest anyone who cares about how our schools should evolve' - Matters Arising'What are schools for? What happens when school walls come tumbling down, and school and community become inextricably linked, offering a range of extended…

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  9. This updated guide helps youassess your chances for derailment and offers practical strategies for promotion or retention.

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  10. This text equips nurses with the decision making skills to ensure that medication dosages are calculated correctly and administered safely. The book integrates critical thinking and decision making into the dosage calculation process and uses a realistic case study approach, with photos of nurses,…

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  11. Every child wants a pet from the moment they first lay eyes on a furry little kitten or puppy, they probably want one for themselves and yet the process of getting and teaching your child how to raise that pet can be quite complex. However, the experience can be enormously useful in teaching them…

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  12. The BiblioGov Project is an effort to expand awareness of the public documents and records of the U.S. Government via print publications. In broadening the public understanding of government and its work, an enlightened democracy can grow and prosper. Ranging from historic Congressional Bills to…

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  13. There are many books on project management and many on embedded systems, but few address the project management of embedded products from concept to production. Project Management of Complex and Embedded Systems: Ensuring Product Integrity and Program Quality uses proven Project Management methods…

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  14. Looks forward to the completion of the ISS, possibility of return to the moon, manned flights to Mars, and the prospect of safety and rescue far beyond.Describes the role of Mission Control and recovery forces in ensuring the support from the ground to the crew in space.Provides a unique range of…

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  15. Organizations that don't take steps to address future talent needs at all levels will face certain disruptions, and even disasters, when key employees leave. The most comprehensive book on the subject, Effective Succession Planning helps readers: Identify competencies and clarify organizational…

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  16. Feeding a baby is a parent's earliest and most important task. Feeding is also essential to the parents' well-being; if a baby doesn't thrive or if the process is unsatisfying, parents can become anxious and distressed. Breastfeeding is the natural way to fee an infant, but many mothers choose to…

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