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  1. The author of the bestselling Darwin Spitfires casts a forensic eye over the role that Allied air forces played - or failed to play - in crucial World War II campaigns in New Guinea.This is the story of the early battles of the South West Pacific theatre - the Coral Sea, Kokoda, Milne Bay,…

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  2. The largest, swiftest, highest-leaping and most migratory fishes on the planet all live in the open ocean. Beautifully adapted to their world, they range from tiny drift fishes and slow plankton-straining whale sharks to high-energy, streamlined predators such as tunas and marlin. The…

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  3. Collect as many sock pairs as possible in this unique take on the popular children’s 'Go Fish' card game. Each card is shaped like a sock, featuring a playful pattern and color. Whoever ends up with the most pairs of socks wins!

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  4. From the farm, to the shop, to your plate. Learn about where our food comes from and how it helps our bodies when we eat it. The activities in Eat Smart encourage young readers to think about food variety, and what they need to put into their...

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  5. Three fishing mates. Ten epic adventures. Charlie, Jay and the Blowfish are three obsessive fishing buddies, each with their own area of expertise. Hatching plans for the weirdest, most extreme fishing trips imaginable, they head to ten fantastic...

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  6. In this book, two great tales of Pushkin Tale of the Priest and his Worker Balda and Golden Fish. In the book, a lot of brightly colored pictures. Large font. These tales written Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin (in 1799 - 1837) - the greatest Russian poet and writer, novelist, playwright, essayist,…

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  7. With his unique combination of hilarious stories, zany pictures and riotous rhymes, Dr. Seuss has been delighting young children and helping them learn to read for over fifty years.

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  8. In this completely revised, updated and re-designed edition including brand new recipes of his classic seafood, Rick Stein offers comprehensive and inspirational how-to's for choosing, cooking and enjoying fish, shellfish and more.Rick Stein's lifelong passion for cooking fish and shellfish has…

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  9. Take your knowledge of fishes to the next level Fishes of the World, Fifth Edition is the only modern, phylogenetically based classification of the world's fishes. The updated text offers new phylogenetic diagrams that clarify the relationships among fish groups, as well as cutting-edge global…

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  10. When it comes to fishing, nobody knows more than the writers and editors at Field & Stream magazine--unless it's the local guides, prizewinners, and other experts they interviewed for this book . The Total Fishing Manual is chock full of 317 field-tested tools, techniques and tactics, collected and…

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  11. Twelve-year-old Kari grew up along the banks of the Kusumi River, east of the village of Kokoda. His father taught him the traditional ways of his people, and Sister Mary taught him English at the mission schoolhouse. One day Kari s peaceful world is shattered when a bomb rips through the village…

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  12. Angels of Kokoda is a riveting young adult factional novel written around Australian battles along the Kokoda Trail during World War II. The story centres around the intertwined lives of Derek, the son of Australian missionaries at the Gona Mission, and Morso, a native Papuan. When all women and…

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  13. If one person 'made' the Kokoda Track, that man was Bert Kienzle. Part Samoan and German/English, born in Fiji and raised in Germany and Australia, he was managing a rubber plantation and gold mine in Papua New Guinea at the outbreak of World War II. He surveyed and established the Track, and spent…

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  14. Interest in the Kokoda Trail is growing rapidly among many Australians, both for its attraction as a hiking destination and for its historical significance. Kokoda for Dummies offers a fast track tool for learning everything you need to know about this unique thoroughfare, in one concise volume.…

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  15. In his diary, Archie records his own battles at home, against the local bully Beefy; how Townsville copes as it becomes a base for the Pacific campaign; and the Australian east coast reels under Japanese bombs. Archie's two brothers are fighting in the battlefield of World War II. There is nothing…

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  16. The 1942 Kokoda campaign was only four months long, yet it is a battle that has left a lasting impression in Australian history. Find out what it was really like on the KokodaTrack and how the Australian troops fought their way through mud and mayhem to victory. The Heroes of the Kokoda Track will…

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  17. Colonel Ian Hutchison was a revered soldier and one of the great figures in Australian military history. As Commanding Officer of the 2/3 Australian Infantry Battalion in the Battle of Eora Creek on the Kokoda Trail, he was thrust unexpectedly into command yet inspired his men to a smashing victory…

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  18. For the first time ever, the compelling story of the infamous Kokoda Track campaign has been told from both sides of the conflict. In a unique and balanced portrayal, renowned journalist Paul Ham recounts both the Australian and Japanese...

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  19. For Australians, Kokoda is the iconic battle of World War II, yet few people know just what happened - and just what our troops achieved. Now, bestselling author Peter FitzSimons tells the Kokoda story in a gripping, moving story for all Australians.Conditions on the track were hellish - rain was…

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