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  1. The ultimate performance guide to the rotary engines built by Mazda from 1978 to the present. Includes: Engine history and identification ? Rotary engine fundamentals ? Component selection and modifications ? Housings and porting ? Rotors, seals, and internals ? Intake and fuel systems ? Exhaust Systems ? Engine management and ignition ? Oil and lubrication systems ? Forced induction ? Nitrous, water and alcohol injection
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    The Baumr-AG 1050W Rotary Jackhammer is a full commercial grade rotary hammer drill that utilises a high spec motor combined with a high tensile gearset. The unit can be used as a Jackhammer or Hammer Drill, making this machine one of the most versatile on the market - a truly fantastic machine!The Baumr-AG 1050W Rotary Jackhammer is packed with features such as ball bearing construction, toughened crank and most of all, a HUGE 1050 watt commercial grade motor.PLUS! This outstanding package includes 4 BONUS attachments as well as a Diamond Brick Saw which makes split system installation and brick work fast and easy.The 1050W Pro-Series is the perfect trade tool for drilling, chipping brick work, tile work, dynabolt setting or as the ultimate companion while on site. And when it comes to getting the job done fast, there's nothing like having the best equipment at hand. Make an investment in quality tools for your business - BUY NOW.
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    • Stainless steel rotary food mill• Ideal for preparing fresh purees, sauces, soups and more• 2 Litre capacity
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    Description: 140pcs Rotary Tool Accessories Set Polishing Kit for Dremel Specification: Quantity: 140pcs Suitable For: Mutilation, carving, drilling, grinding, polishing, milling, engraving, grinding, brushing. Item Quantity Polished Stone 1 Wheel ring link 1 Diamond grinding 2 Wool grinding conical 4 Wool cylindrical grinding (large) 6 Cylindrical grinding wool (small) 20 Cut resin sheet (red) 34 Cut resin sheet (black) 24 Sandpaper circle 12 Conical grinding wheel 3 Cylindrical grinding wheel (large) 3 Cylindrical grinding wheel (small) 3 Cylindrical grinding wheel (flat) 3 Connecting rod 2 Sandpaper round louver 3 Wire brush (large) 6 Wire brush (small) 5 Wire brush (large) 3 Wire brush (small) 3 Copper chuck 2 Package Included: 140 x Rotary Tool Accessories More Details:
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    Rotary 6 Bottle Stand Drinks Optics Dispenser in Spirits Wine Steel Bar ButlerNoteThis item is an authentic parallel-import and items will be shipped from our suppliers warehouse and may take 1 to 3 days processing after payment confirmation. Parcel will be sent out by Internationagistered Post Courier Service and may take 4 to 10 working days for delivery. Please click Dpex if 12 character or UBI if 21 character to track
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    Rotary Corner Brown Office Computer Desk W/ White Bookshelf
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    Rowin LEF-3801 Rotary Speaker Simulator Pedal The Rowin Roto Engine is a pedal that produces a huge variety of space bending sound effects that belies its compact size. A true signal modulation pedal, the Roto Engine creates similar effects to that of a rotary speaker (such as a Leslie) without the hassle or expense of owning such a piece of equipment. Easy to use with a toggle switch to select the effect, an intensity knob, an effect level volume control and a dial to adjust the speed of modulation, the Roto Engine is complete with a range of features rearely found on such a small pedal. Three Modulation Effects in One Pedal There is 3 selectable effects on the Roto Engine Pedal, being phaser, vibe and chorus. Using the specific dials, various modulations of each effect can be created, from the most traditional of sounding chorus effects (low intenseity, low speed) to the completely mindbening, super intense, super fast phaser and vibrato that will send most people spinning. A perfect pedal both for those into the insane sounds of space rock, or the gentle chorused tones of some mellower pop chord progressions. Compact / Miniature Case Size Advances in circuitry design have made is possible for guitar effect pedals to be built in compact enclosures that literally fit in the palm of the hand. The mini design allows more pedals to fit on a pedalboard and helps reduce the overall weight, making them an ideal solution for the traveling guitarist. True Bypass Circuitry The compact inner circuitry is designed with a 3PDT true bypass switch ensuring an unaltered tone when the pedal is not engaged. A true bypass switch has the ability perform a true bypass of the internal hardware circuit of the pedal, meaning the signal goes straight from the IN to the OUT. Features and Specifications : Zinc Alloy Shell Multiple Effects: Phaser, Vibe and Chorus 3 type Modulation Toggle Switch Selector Speed, Intesnity, and Level controls True Bypass 3DPT Switch Power Supply: 9V DC (Negative Centre) - (Not Included) Current Draw: 100mA Input Impedance: 470K Ohms Output Impedance: 100 Ohms Dimensions: L95mm x W44mm x H53mm (incl. switch) Weight: 0.2kg (209grams) Manual
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    Description: 103pcs Rotary Tool Accessories Bit Set Polishing Kits Jade Carving Tool for Dremel Specification: Shank diameter: 3mm Size of box: 193x130x34mm Quantity: 103pcs Type Size Quantity Drum Sander Mandrel 3.1mm 2pcs 180# Drum Sander 7.5mm 20pcs 320# Drum Sander 7.5mm 20pcs Buffing Wheel 3x25x35mm 2pcs Cloth Polishing wheel 3x25x35mm 2pcs Thread wheel 3x25x35mm 2pcs Wool polishing head 25mm 2pcs Wool polishing head 12mm 5pcs Wool polishing wheel 25x3mm 1pcs Polishing wheel 10x3mm 1pcs Cone polishing wheel 10x3mm 1pcs Cowhide Grinding Wheel 3x(12/12/8/4)mm 4pcs Rubber wheel 22x3mm/10x3mm 8pcs Rubber wheel head 22mm 2pcs Brush wheel 25x3mm 1pcs Brush wheel 5x3mm 1pcs Bristle cup brush 15x3mm 1pcs Cutting connected rod 3mm 3pcs Sandpaper connected rod 3mm 2pcs Wool polishing connected rod 3mm 1pcs Cutting disc 22mm 6pcs Grinding pin 2.3mm 8pcs Emery grinding head 3mm 6pcs Polishing paste 36x27mm 2pcs Features: Suitable for Dremel 3000, 200 and other rotary tool which clamping size is 3.2mm. Used for polishing, grinding, carving for many material, such as emerald, coral, white jade, agate, rose quartz,etc. Package Included: 103 x Rotary Tool Accessories 1 x Storage Box More Details:
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    NuX Roctary Force Rotary & Octave Guitar Pedal
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    If youre looking for the best deal for a portable and versatile jackhammer this is what youre looking for. Highly adaptable with changeable chisel heads for your different construction and demolition needs. Can be used against concrete steel and wooden materials with an 800 RPM power output. You can do more with an efficient cooling system and a copper motor core that provides a consistent power output.You can work on steel or concrete no matter what - from kitchen extension projects to providing final touches for your clients youre assured that you have the power and capability to finish it in no time. Designed with portability and ease-of-use you can bring this jackhammer anywhere you need it.Bring power and versatility wherever you go - whether its on the site or at your friends house you can rest easy - you have what you need to finish the job. Designed as a compact system that can be used as a drill jackhammer or hammer drill you know you can finish it before the day ends. Fitted with an adaptable SDS fastening you can use any SDS built chisel for your projects.
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    This is a clever little breakout board for both the RGB and R/G illuminated rotary encoders. On one side, it breaks out all of the RGB pins to standard, breadboard friendly, 0.1” headers. Turn it over and it has a footprint for the R/G version! Simply solder an encoder down to the board and you’re ready to add illuminated input to your next project. Documents: Schematic Eagle Files GitHub
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    Description: 200pcs Rotary Polishing Tool Accessory Set Polishing Sanding Kit for Crafting Specification: Material: steel,copper,sand,diamond,wool, etc Shank diameter: 3.175 (mm) Size: a variety of mesh Length: 38 (mm) Shape: round head/grinding head Outer diameter: 2 (mm) Specification: 200pcs a set Scope of application: polishing, grinding, cutting, drilling, etc Feature: 1.Full set of grinding and sanding wheels to shape, smooth and grind. 2.Assortment of cut-off wheels and fiberglass reinforced cutting discs. 3.Collection of cutter burrs, diamond burrs and drill bits. 4.Clean and polish with brass, nylon and stainless steel wheel brushes. 5.Use for cutting, carving, polishing and grinding. Package Included: 200pcs Rotary Accessory Tool Set Notice: 1. Please allow a bit error due to manual measurement. please make sure you do not mind before you bid. 2. The color may have different as the difference display, pls understand. More Details:
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    Curved bill shape Front 3d embroidery Contrast bill top stitch Contrast sandwich and under bill 97% Polyester / 3%spandex - Alpinestars Rotary Hat
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    Description: 105pcs Rotary Tool Accessories Kit Set for Polishing Specification: Item Quantity (pcs) 15/16 in. cut-off discs 37 Medium grit, 3/4 in. sanding discs 37 Fine grit, 1/2 in. sanding bands 4 Coarse grit, 1/2 in. sanding bands 4 Reinforced, 1-1/4 in. cut-off discs 3 Wire wheel brush 2 1/2 in. bristle cup brush 1 1/8 in. cutters 2 Felt polish wheels 5 Felt tip 1 1/8 in. mandrels 2 1/2 in. drum sander 1 Dressing Stone 1 Grinding stones 4 Polishing compounds 1 Features: - Multipurpose kit with different accessory pieces and additional brush heads and sanding bands. - For use with any electrical rotary tool that accepts an 1/8'' universal shank. - Ideal for cutting, carving, cleaning, grinding, sanding, and polishing. - Recommended speed: 35,000 RPM max. Package Included: 105 x Rotary Tool Accessories More Details:
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    If youre the kind of person who prefers to do it yourself when it comes to gardening and working around the yard then youll need this Shogun 4.0HP Gasoline Cultivator Tiller Rotary Hoe Rototiller This tiller and cultivator is perfect for digging up the ground before planting your crops. Its light weight compact and engineered for maneuverability and reliability. With 4.0HP its strong wheel drive forward. When looking for a garden tiller this is the perfect solution for you. Maybe your husband or wife has a green thumb and doesnt have all the equipment they need This is an excellent and unexpected gift that would be welcomed by anyone working in the outdoors both as a beginner or a seasoned professional. Order your 4.0HP Gasoline Cultivator Tiller Rotary Hoe Rototiller today and get your garden ready
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    Brilliant Lighting - Our universal dimmers are a compact, modular dimming mechanism rated at 350W, and designed for universal load compatibility. The unit utilises powerful and sophisticated dimming technology to provide full control of almost any type of load. Used to control loads such as LED, incandescent lamps, 240V halogen lamps, dichroic lamps and low voltage lighting that uses iron-core or electronic transformers.The Push Button model incorporates on/off switching and dimming control into one mechanism. The dimming performance is optimised to ensure smooth, linear dimming across the control range.Features:Colour: WhiteLoad: Minimum 5W and Maximum 350WVoltage: 240VDimming: 2% to 100%.Design & optimised for dimmable LED lamps & fittings.Fits into standard Clipsal® & HPM® branded wall plates.2 wire design - suitable for lamps & most standard wiring fittings.Suitable for most dimmable 240V, 12V lamp sources including GU10, MR16, GX54, G4 fittings.Also works with most magnetic or electronic transformers.Soft start for improved lamp life.Detects the load type and selects either leading or trailing edge as required.EMC CompatibleWarranty: 1 Year Warranty
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    Description: 70pcs Rotary Tool Accessories for Polishing Grinding Specification: Item Quantity (pcs) Pink Petiolate Millstone 4 Green Petiolate Millstone 4 Polishing Slate 4 Connecting Rod 6 Sheep's Wool Polishing Wheel 2 Cotton Polishing Wheel 2 Cutting Blade 10 Black Noloy Brush 2 White Nylon Brush 2 Copper Wire Brush 4 Diamond Card Grinding 4 Sandpaper Ring 24 Cross Screwdriver 1 Packing Box 1 Features: Diamond grinding -- suitable for carving. Resin cut-offs - - suitable for cutting metal, such as steel chassis. Sandpaper ring -- suitable for wood carving and it must be with the sandpaper ring connecting rod. Cleaning brush -- suitable for cleaning metal surface rust and so on. Polishing cotton -- suitable for wood carving and jade carving. Petiolate Millstone -- suitable for polishing grinding metal burr. Package Included: 70 x Rotary Tool Accessories More Details:
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    Description: 217pcs Rotary Tool Accessories Set Grinding Sanding Polishing Tool for Dremel Specification: Shank Diameter: 1/8Inch (3mm) Total quantity: 217pcs Item Quantity (pcs) 22mm Diamond Disc Wheel 2 22mm Saw Blade 2 22mm Diamond Cutting Disc 2 15/16 Red Flash Disc 12 15/16 Black Flash Disc 15 1-1/2 REINFORCED WHEELS CUT OFF DISCS 6 1/4 Sand Drum (80 grits/120Grit/240Grit ,Each Grit 10Pcs ) 30 1/2 Sand Drum (80 grits/120Grit/240Grit ,Each Grit 10Pcs ) 30 3/8 Sand Drum (80 grits/120Grit/240Grit ,Each Grit 10Pcs ) 30 Sanding Drum Mandrel(1/4 1/2 and 3/8,Each Size 1Pc) w/ 1/8 Shank 3 25mm Steel Wire Wheel 6 25mm Brass Wire Wheel 3 8mm Brass Pencil Brush 3 15mm Steel Wire Cup Brush 6 15mm Brass Wire Cup Brush 6 10mm Bullet Sharp Felt Wheel 2 10mm Cylinder Sharp Felt Wheel 1 Polishing Cone (3/8-inch tapered) 2 1 Inch Polishing Cone 10 1/2 Inch Polishing Cone 10 Rt-402 Screw Mandrel w/ 1/8 Shank 1 3mm Mandrel --3mm Shank For HSS saw blade 2 4.3mm Collet ,Size: 1mm/1.6mm/2.35mm/3.0mm/3.17mm 4 12mm 240# Flap Wheel 2 Hss Wood Router Cutting Bit 6 22mm Red Stone Wheel 1 22mm Green Stone Wheel 1 Blue Bullet Sharp Stone Head (Size:4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm ,Each Size Have 2Pcs) 12 Blue Cylinder Sharp Stone Head (Size:4mm,6mm,8mm Each Size Have 2Pcs) 6 5gram Diamond polishing lapping paste compound For Metal Polish 1 Features: 1. Durable and practical. 2. With small, good polishing effect, high efficiency, low cost. 3. Widely used in the micro- electronic devices, and other industries. 4. Fit for your polishing need,can use for metal and nonmetal materials. 5. Suitable for metal surface cleaning, derusting, grinding, dusting, deburring, polishing, stripping residue. Package Included: 217 x Rotary Tool Accessories More Details: { id : Specification title : [] data : []}
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    Rotary Encoder Module Brick Sensor Only $2.95 from Kogan
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    Free Delivery Worldwide : Judy Martin's Ultimate Rotary : Paperback : COLLECTOR BOOKS : 9780929589046 : 0929589041 : 01 Jun 1997
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    Even with a lightweight compact design this 2 Stroke 68cc 9000RPM Armor Bilt Tiller packs a punch in the performance department. Its superior motor is capable of tilling tough soil at a width of 300mm. On top of that you can also adjust its tilling depth to up to 150mm.Unlike your standard tiller this Armor Bilt tiller is designed to be easy and safe to operate. Equipped with a hand throttle and quick-release controls you can rest assured that you are in full charge of your work. After youre finished you can easily fold it up and store it away in the shed.With the Armor Bilt Tiller as your digging partner you can transform backbreaking work into a more effortless time making it easy to get the job done. This is possible with its mud wheels standout traction and hard drawn steel blades that grind the soil so efficiently.
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    The Baumr-AG 1800W SDS Plus-Series is a full commercial grade rotary hammer drill that utilises a high spec motor combined with a high tensile gearset. The unit can be used as a Jackhammer or Hammer Drill and Drill, making this machine one of the most versatile on the market - a truly fantastic machine!The Baumr-AG 1800W SDS Plus-Series is packed with features such as ball bearing construction, toughened crank and most of all, a HUGE 1800 watt commercial grade motor.PLUS! This outstanding package includes 6 BONUS attachments with quality SDS Carbide Bits and a Traditional SDS kitted Keyed Chuck.The 1800W SDS Series is the perfect trade tool for drilling, chipping brick work, tile work, dynabolt setting or as the ultimate companion while on site. And when it comes to getting the job done fast, there's nothing like having the best equipment at hand. Make an investment in quality tools for your business - BUY NOW.
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    Description: 150pcs Rotary Power Tool Accessory Bit Set Grinding Polishing Accessories for Dremel Features: --Complete 150 pcs rotary accessories kit is suitable for most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, castings, welded joints, rivets, rust, stone, glass, ceramics and porcelain. --Ideal for grinding, cutting, polishing, drilling, engraving. --It is easy to cut or slot bolts,screws, sheet mental, thin wood, and plastic with the cut-off wheels. Sanding drums for rough shaping and smoothing wood and fiberglass. Accessories for fine detail work on jade, ceramic, glass, wood, hardened steel, cast iron, stainless steel, ceramics, soft steel, soft metals, plastics, fiberglass and wood. Cut off wheels for slicing and cutting most non ferrous metals, wood and plastic. Bristle brush for light deburring, cleaning and polishing of silverware and jewelery. Accessories for removing rust, corrosion, and for polishing metals and cleaning electrical components. Great for all types of detail work in both hard and delicate materials. Polishing wheels for polishing metals and plastics. Accessories for working in metals, plastics, fiberglass and wood. Shank Size: 1/8-inch Quantity: 30 Pcs 1/4 120 GritSand Drum 30 Pcs 1/2 120 Grit Sand Drum 40 Pcs 15/16 Cutting Wheel 20 Pcs 3/4 180 Grits Sanding Disc 20 Pcs 3/4 240 Grits Sanding Disc 2pcs Rt-402 Screw Mandrel 1/8 Shank 1pc 1/4 Sanding Drum Mandrel 1/8 Shank 1pc 1/2 Sanding Drum Mandrel 1/8 Shank 3pcs Assorted Brass Polish Brush /Wheel 3pcs Assorted Nylon Polish Brush / Wheel Note: --Do not try to sand or cut curved holes with the cut-off wheels. --Please follow the instructions, please wear safety glasses when you are working. Packaged Included: 1x Set (150pcs) Rotary Power Tool Set More Details:
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    Features: Three speed wall control Specifically designed for ceiling fans These remote and wall controls will suit all applications Specially matched speed capacitors ensure fan spins at the optimum speed Minimising energy consumption, maximising air movement Light switch and wall plate
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