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DC PAM inverter An inverter system has a number of advantages over a constant speed system. It's variable speed compressor outputs can ensure quick cooling or heating after start up and attains a set temperature more quickly. The air-conditioner can slow down the compressor speed to save energy whilst keeping comfortable conditions. The compressor is DC motor driven so it provides higher performance. New Inverter Control (Vector control) New Inverter Control has applied the new advanced technology of Vector control enabling:- Smooth operation from low to high speed Smooth Sine Voltage Wave form is achieved Energy efficiency has improved in low speed range Wide Operation Range Heating and cooling operations are possible at an outdoor temperature as low as -15°C. Aircraft technology was used in the design of the air-conditioner's airflow system Jet Air Scroll Long Reach and Silent Air Flow This system enables a large volume of air to be blown with a minimum amount of power consumption. The air flow is uniform, quiet and reaches a long distance from the indoor unit. Long Reach Air Flow The jet technology enables powerful airflow ideal for large living areas and commercial premises, increasing your comfort.
Type Split System
Heating Capacity Watt 9000
Cooling Capacity Watt 8000