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  1. The keel of the Titanic was laid on 31st March 1909 and fitted out to the highest levels of elegance and luxury for the period. It would sail in the White Star Line's prestigious transatlantic service. On Sunday 14th April, the look-out bell rang out iceberg warnings. The ship brushed an iceberg and sank two hours and forty minutes after the collision in the icy waters of the Atlantic.
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  2. The fourth of five mobile suits built by the Newtype Paptimus Scirocco on the Jupitris, the PMX-003 The-O is Scirocco’s personal mobile suit, and perhaps the most powerful. It has an independently developed control system to take advantage of his rare spatial recognition abilities, and is specifically tuned for his use, making the The-O impossible to pilot except by Scirocco himself.
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  3. 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Wire Ring Keychain
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  4. These weighted lap bags are used in many home, clinical, school and work environments for those living with (but not limited to): Sensory Processing Disorder Autism ADHD, ADD Anxiety Restless Leg SyndromeThey can be very helpful for the child who is unable to sit still in their chair, constantly fidgeting/squirming as they are seated, easily distracted, unable to focus on the task they have been set or to sit quietly and listen to the subject being discussed.Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS) can stimulate the release of serotonin in the brain, in turn helping children and adults to be calm, relaxed, concentrate on a task and moderate their sensory input. In a practical sense, Weighted Lap Bags can be placed on the child/adults lap at times when they are required to focus on a task and/or for a longer time than they can generally tolerate. For example; sitting at a restaurant, during seated classroom activities, doing their homework on a computer, travelling on public transport/car as well as in the workplace or home computer for adults. They may also be used as part of a 'Sensory Diet' as prescribed by an Occupational Therapist at times for the child to self regulate their sensory input if they are over stimulated and need to calm down before attempting a task which requires focus (ie: coming in from outside, running in the playground to sitting at a table and chair listening quietly to the teacher).They are made in boy/girl/unisex prints and filled with non-toxic poly pellets (the same that are used in some teddy bears and soft toys). The pellets are separated into 10 sections to ensure balanced weight distribution. The shape of these Weighted Lap Bags allows them 'mould' to the shape of a child's legs in the seated position. There are 2 rows of 5 sections, with the centre sections sitting inbetween their legs to make a more 'snug' or 'moulded' fitting over their legs.The standard size of the weighted lap bags are approx 45cm x 28cm. These Weighted Lap Bags ar
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  5. Brand new Disney Britto Mickey Wrapped In Flowers Figurine (Red) 4049696. All figurines come with a low price guarantee and Australia wide delivery. Size: 15cm
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  6. Brand new Betty Boop By Britto Standing On A Heart Figurine 4049702. All figurines come with a low price guarantee and Australia wide delivery. Size: Height 19cm
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  7. Mould & paint adorable plaster fridge magnets and badges. They are great gifts for friends and familyAge 5 years and upBox Size (cm, H/W/L): 12 x 5 x 18Includes: Mould with 6 designs, Plaster powder, Magnet, Pins, 6x Colour paint strip with glow paint, Paint brush & detailed instructions.Contents sufficient for 6 space figurines.
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  8. FunKo Spider-Man: Homecoming - Spider-Man in Homemade Suit Pocket Pop! Vinyl Keychain - Toy Free Shipping Only from The Nile
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  9. Cast Bronze Lady in The Field Frame Table Mirror
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  10. AUTOart 1:18 Porsche 914-6 (Silver Metallic) Diecast Model Only from Mighty Ape
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  11. 1/35 WWI German, French, British Infantry - Model Set Only from Mighty Ape
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  12. ELEPHANT JUMBO 3-IN-1 HANDY HOME HELPERThis little elephant will do his best to help make your home happier. The first handy service he offers is as a practical cutlery drainer. Place your dripping silverware in the elephant holder and the water will drain out of his trunk into the sink. If you’re all sorted on the dirty dishes front, he doubles as a handsome flower pot. Or he could simply sit on your desk and help out by keeping all your pens and knick-knacks safe.FEATURES Drainage hole in trunk allows for excess water run off Cream coloured Ele looks at home with any décor Angular design makes for a modern, minimalistic feel SPECIFICATIONS Elephant is made of plastic Dimensions: 12cm (W) x 16cm (H) x 10cm (D)
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  13. HOW TO TRAUMATIZE YOUR CHILDREN Are you about to become a parent? Well if that is the case, congratulations! Maybe you have a friend who is pregnant, a sister or maybe a brother?Regardless, the matter at hand is that their is a lovely innocent child being born into the world. So, have you thought about how you will raise (stuff up..) this child? We don't want to sound gloom and doom, but one way or another, along the way, you're most likely going to traumatize your children. Why not traumatize them with 7 proven methods? Instead of asking yourself one day, 'How did this happen?', or 'What did I do wrong?', know exactly what it takes to make things go terribly wrong and screw up your kids. This is not to be laughed at, screwing up your child takes skill, time, and deliberate action.This book on How To Traumatize Your Children will: Determine your natural traumatizing "type" Cultivate your children's resentment Give your children enough material to write a memoir someday Defend your choices against others who've opted to traumatize their children differently Don't wait any longer, because the longer you wait, the higher the likelihood that you will traumatize your children in the same way your parents traumatized you, and no one wants that! FEATURES 7 Proven Methods Coloured headings, graphics for 100% comprehension Fun novelty gift Not intended to coach parents on parenting (...unless nothing else could go wrong)
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  14. The 1/4 scale action figure features the likeness of actor Danny DeVito whose memorable performance as the twisted Oswald Cobblepot in the 1992 movie still defines the character. The fully poseable figure stands 15" tall and features synthetic hair and a movie-authentic sculpt. Penguin comes with an all-new removable fabric coat removable top hat "Cobblepot for Mayor" mini-poster monocle cigarette in holder and half-eaten fish accessories.Loaded with extraordinary detail this figure is a must-have for Batman fans!
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  15. When mom's away this Cat in the Hat will play! This Cat in the Hat essentials kit includes a hat gloves and bow tie. Officially licensed by Dr. Seuss Enterprises.Materials: Knit fabric Tricot paper lining
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  16. Batman IRO52857 v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Armored Batman 1:10 Statue
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  17. Guardians FUN5104 of the Galaxy - Dancing Groot Pop! Vinyl Figure (Avail: In Stock )
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  18. This plastic white collection bucket is perfect for collecting money for charity and fundraising events. With a solid recessed lid and a large money slot, lots of money can be quickly and securely collected. Made from molded polypropane plastic,
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  19. This plastic white collection bucket is perfect for collecting money for charity and fundraising events. With a solid recessed lid and a large money slot, lots of money can be quickly and securely collected. Made from molded polypropane plastic, each bucket comes includes a lid, a lid label and two cable ties. Featuring two holes on top of the bucket, these self-tightening plastic ties can fasten the lid to the bucket, ensuring the security of your collection bucket. You can choose the colour of your collection buckets from nine fantastic colours. If this bucket isn't quite the right fit for your needs, have a look at our range of charity collecting boxes. Dimensions: Height - 20cm Lid diameter - 23.2cm Base diameter - 16.5cm Capacity - 5.7 litres
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  20. 3-IN-1 RESCUE TOOL WHISTLE + SEAT BELT CUTTER + WINDOW BREAK KEYCHAIN FEATURES A small versatile tool that can save your life in case of emergency Lightweight with key chain and easy to carrying, especially suitable for water use SOS Whistle: Asking for help with high decibels sounds in emergency Seat Belt Cutter: The safety blade can be used to cut the seat belt in case of emergency Window Break: In case of emergency, you can use the tool to break the window glass,remove the cap of the tool,press the trigger of firing pin against the window until it clicks Material: ABS Plastic + Alloy Size: 77mm x 35mm x 16mm Colours: Red, Blue, Orange, Green PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 x 3-in-1 Rescue Tool Whistle + Seat Belt Cutter + Window Break Keychain
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