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Motorola XPRT MB612



Motorola XPRT MB612 Mobile Phone

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MOTOROLA XPRT is like an office that's fun to visit. Edit documents, access your work directory, schedule appointments — all on the go — then use the blazing web browsing with Adobe® Flash® 10 to plan the rest of your evening. It's the best of business casual. More of better, faster: With its speedy 1 GHz processor and Adobe Flash 10, MOTOROLA XPRT lets you browse more rich web content with the ease of a PC. Capture that embarrassing moment with the 5 MP camera — your boss has to promote you now! From Tokyo to Timbuktu: MOTOROLA XPRT allows you to hit the road, and then keep on going. Make calls from more than 200 countries. Or, back in the United States, use your phone as a 3G mobile hotspot*, connecting up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices. Now you're in business! Don't ask, don't tell: Top secret? Not a problem. You've got the highest out-of-the-box security options available on a Sprint Android smartphone. Sleep easy, with PIN and password protection; local and remote data wipe; phone and SD card encryption; and, more than 30 other security-driven features. Talk long and prosper: Go ahead. Call mom. The MOTOROLA XPRT gives you up to nine hours of talk time out of the box, with a best-in-class 1860 mAh battery. Now that's a conversation starter.

Data Capabilities GPRS, Bluetooth, Wi Fi
Features Email, Camera, HTML Browser
Colour MP3 player, Video Recorder
Phone Type Candy Bar, Touchscreen
Storage GB 2
Operating System GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900