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N3vrf41l My First Trainz Set



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The Trainz Simulator franchise “Trainz” has been developed over 10 years and has sold millions of copies world wide! Based on that fantastic product, N3V Games has created a brand new game called “Tiny Trainz" targeted at a younger audience. Tiny Trainz allows the user to drive and assortment of trains around household environments. Tiny Trainz comes with entertaining default courses, but the user can also design their own landscape using the movable objects in each room and then build track on anything they want utilising Tiny Trainz’ simplified track-laying system. These locations consist of 4 common household areas: a child’s bedroom, the lounge room, the garage and the kitchen. Tiny Trainz starts off with the room selection “Where do you want to play?”, presenting them with the 4 rooms using a colourful, kid-friendly menu interface. Once a route has been selected, the user can then choose to drive the route or change its layout. This means that the user can modify the setup of their room and track over and over again for a unique Tiny Trainz experience. FEATURES: -Four unique virtual playrooms to explore -Nine, detailed and distinct trains to choose from -Simple object rearrangement and track placement controls -Easy to use menu and user interface -Ability to pick up toy soldiers and deliver them to other stations

Type Game Simulation