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Promo spots – Father’s day opportunities

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we’re proud to be offering you exciting promotional opportunities to help get your products in front of our audience during this special time of year.

In the month leading up to Fathers Day, we expect more than 2.5 million shoppers to visit our site in search of savings for interesting and unique gift ideas Dad will love. 

We are pleased to announce the relaunch of our popular gift card placement available in time for Father’s Day. 

We have available one placement for each retail vertical so speak to your account manager now and secure your booking.

If you want to complement your existing listings with a direct mail campaign, we also have a few spots available in our Solus email blast to 155,000 Getprice subscribers.

The first five retailers who book a campaign will get 20% off the rate card price so get in quick! 

For more information on our gift card placement and other special Father’s Day promotional opportunities, please click HERE.


Tips & Tricks - How to maximise your Getprice listing

At Getprice we are committed to helping retailers consistently evaluate and optimise their feed to maximise the return on investment. Here are top five tips on how to best maximise your Getprice listing:

1. Consistently update your product feed with new features

We recently updated our feed specification links and updated the visibility and flexibility around shipping. Retailers can now place a shipping cost at a product level, along with more generic shipping or free shipping text. The new specs can be found here. You can also contact the team for more information. 

2. Run reports regularly to gauge which channels and strategies are working best for your products.

Our retailer reporting now has added functionality with the product clicks now broken into category allowing you to see which product group is performing for you and where your exposure is coming from, on a category level.

3. Categorise your products in your feed 

The categorisation of products in your feed is a very important component or listing successfully on the Getprice site, and helps to increase the speed and visibility of your products being added to our database. The Getprice taxonomy can be found here

4. Get consumers talking about your store

Trust builds conversion so we suggest integrating the Getprice store review button in your shopping cart. This will enable users to leave feedback about your store which gets published directly onto your store and products page on Getprice. Your store rating grows with the number of reviews listed against your store, so by allowing your customers to review your store the more chance you have in securing a five star rating! You can access the store review code from your merchant account.

5. Track your products

The free Google Analytics tracking we provide via your merchant account is an effective tool that allows retailers to track sales generated from the Getprice site. To do this, simply place the sales tracking code into your confirmation page. It’s that easy!


Case Study: Bing Lee

Bing Lee, a long time key partner of Getprice, began running a highly targeted advertising campaign in April 2011 to compliment the product listings already live on the site.

E-Web Marketing, the retailer's awards winning digital marketing agency, planned and executed Bing Lee strategy. The plan focused on four top TV’s with unique Getprice only pricing and promoted these throughout the Television category as a medium rectangle placement (screenshot below). Not only did the campaign achieve fantastic click through rates, the extra advertising contributed to a 26% increase in sales from the product listings for the months when the banner advertising was live. The campaign highlighted just how successful Getprice can be as an advertising platform in driving brand awareness and direct sales!